Developing KPI’s For Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

The first step to starting a social media campaign for your brand, is to define your business goals that will help in developing your strategy. Commonly used goals within a social media campaign are increases in engagement, increases in brand awareness, or increases in customers. But how do we measure if these goals have been achieved? A carefully developed set of KPI’s will aid in giving you the answers you seek.

KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, are tools that can help measure your success in achieving your social media objectives. By optimizing and regularly monitoring these KPI’s, you can set your brand on the right path in further reaching your goals. Here are some KPI ideas to help start you off on measuring the performance of your brand’s social media strategy.


Using impressions as a KPI defines the success of your strategy’s reach by quantifying how many people have seen your social media content. Though a singular person can generate multiple impressions, for example, on a Facebook post, higher numbers of impressions over time generally implies that viewers are being exposed to, and are more likely to trust and interact with your brand later on.



Engagement on your social media is driven over time by the number of clicks, likes, tags, positive comments, retweets, or shares on your social media pages. Using engagements as a KPI focuses on measuring your brand’s noticeability. For instance, a repost or tag on Instagram indicates that your viewer is interacting not only with your brand but with their own community as well. In other words, how much do your viewers like your branded content? The more your viewers react and engage, the more likely they are to notice and remember your brand in the future.


Click-through Rates/ Website Traffic

Engagement, however, must translate into an actionable decision on your viewer’s part to buy into your brand. A KPI to help measure the success of this transfer is by click-through-rate and/or website traffic.

A click is an actionable move made by your viewer, and a click-through rate deciphers whether or not if you’ve successfully redirected your viewers from social media campaign to website page. Once there, they can have the opportunity to purchase your product or service. This KPI demonstrates how your social media strategy has possibly generated more customers for your brand. If social media engagement is high, but website traffic shows little improvement, then this might be a sign to improve your content or call to action.

Sales Revenue

As a business, one of your objectives is most likely to increase your sales revenue. As a KPI, sales revenue determines success by looking at the conversion rate of how many of your customers found your brand through social media.

Customer Service

Because social media is one of the easiest ways to interact and connect with your consumers, it also becomes a channel through which your brand can provide superb customer service. Using this as a KPI, you can track the number of issues your brand has resolved through social media and can see how well your company is doing through the eyes of your consumers.

Share of Voice

Share of Voice is reflective of how much of a leader your brand is within its industry. As a KPI, share of voice asks how you to analyze how much buzz you are generating compared to your competitors. Measuring this can be done through tracking the messages being shared about your brand, filtered by a specific keyword or hashtag, and then comparing it to those of your competitors. If share of voice is low, looking at your competitor’s campaigns and seeing what they’re implementing may help you decide on the next steps to improve your own social media strategy.

The Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Social Media Agency

Social media marketing has become such a big part of growing brands and businesses. When it comes to starting social media marketing, many people do not know where to begin because there are so many ways of going about it. Social media agencies can be a crucial help to ensure your digital marketing is up to par. Check out these top 5 benefits of working with a social media agency.

social media agency

Social Media Knowledge

Social Media Agencies have a lot of experience when it comes to social media, as it is their specialty. They can help you find the target audience that is most suitable for your brand, the best social media platform to reach your target audience, and can then monitor it to make sure you are getting the best results. They can do A/B testing to target different audiences along with different posts, and see which posts will help you reach your goals. Social media agencies are also experienced with search engine optimization, so they can maneuver your website to be in the top of the SEO rankings. The more people  that view and see your website, the more traffic and recognition your brand is going to get. This will contribute to the growth of your brand in the long run.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

A very important goal of a social media agency is to create quality content to post on your brand’s social media platforms. Social media agencies can monitor and decide which social media platforms will get your brand optimum results and reach the highest amount of people. If you have quality posts on multiple platforms that interest your audience, you are more likely to bring more traffic to your website. More traffic means you may have more leads and conversions. By driving traffic your website, a social media agency can help you grow your customer base.

Quality Work

If you pick the right agency for you, you will be able to tell that they want to grow with you and your brand. They will put their full potential into creating the best posts, reports, campaigns, and websites that align with your goals. You should never have to worry that their work will be subpar, because you know that they produce quality content and genuinely care about the content they create for you. They will ask for your input on the content they make, and will only post it with your absolute approval.  Social media agencies try to schedule weekly or monthly meetings to talk about the content and to check in on your new goals. They are willing to listen to your input, and will respond immediately to questions, problems, or thoughts that you may have.

Customer Service

We have already been over the fact that social media agencies will manage your social media accounts for you and monitor them closely. This will help increase your customer service exponentially. When agencies check your accounts constantly, they can look out for reviews, questions, direct messages, or comments from your consumers. The agency can either respond back to them quickly if they know the answer, or forward the message to you if they are unsure. Having this efficient system to connecting with customers boosts  your company’s customer service and shows that you care about them. If word of mouth spreads, people will be more willing to try your brand because they know they will be looked after.

social media agency

Saves You Time

If you are the business owner, or an executive of a company, we all know you do not have the time to log onto several social media platforms, check reports, interact with followers, and respond to clients. Social media agencies can help take these worries away, and do the work for you. They can focus on the social media aspect of your company and you can focus on your job! Leave the social media to the experts, and you focus on what you must do. Then, watch your company grow!

How to Design a Paid Social Campaign

We all have been on Facebook and seen the paid Facebook ads that are present to the right of our newsfeed. Today, advertising on social channels has grown significantly, and companies are using algorithms to ensure that people are seeing ads that are relevant to them and their interests. If you want to be successful with your social media marketing, it is critical to complement your organic posts with paid promotion to gain the highest level of reach. If you need help, contact your closest social media advertising agency and read on to see 5 crucial steps you must take to create a great paid social campaign.

social media advertising agency

What are your Goals?

Before you start any marketing campaign, you must have your goals set up. If you understand the goals you are trying to achieve, you will be able to find the best strategy and focus on the specific performance metrics that will measure that goal. You may want to acquire more customers, increase brand awareness, increase engagement, or increase leads. Based on your goals for your campaign, you can then decide on the best strategy of promotion that will make your campaign most successful.

Identify Your Audience

Now that you have your goals in mind, who are the people that you are trying to reach with these paid social ads? If you want your campaign to the most successful, you need to take advantage of the targeting options that these social media platforms put forth. Your company may already know the audience that they are trying to target, or a social media advertising agency may help, so use that audience to make the most out of your social media campaign.

Pick the Right Channel and Content

With all the different social media platforms, you audiences may be the same, or may vary from platform to platform. If this is the case, you may want to tailor each post depending on which audience is on each platform. Do not assume that every post will work the same for each type of social media platform. A paid ad on LinkedIn may have a completely different audience then one on Facebook. Do some research before you post, and look at each audience on each social media platform as a separate group. If they tend to have similar characteristics then go ahead and use the same post. If they do not, then it may be the right move to create another post with a different audience in mind.

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Select Targeting Options

Social media platforms are great because you can select people who you want to target, and even exclude the people who you do not want to see your ads.  This will help ensure the money being spent on your ad is being used efficiently. Each platform has different targeting options, which allows you to target based on different characteristics or fields of interest. Lets take Facebook and LinkedIn for example. On Facebook you may want to target your audience based on age, interests, behavior, and degree. On the other hand, LinkedIn, a more professional site,  you may want to target your audience based on job title, company, industry, and skill set.  Really focus on targeting, because this is the most important step in getting your campaign out to the people it will be most useful to.

Create and Measure Your Campaign

Once you have all the above done, it is now time to create your campaign. If you are introducing a new product or service, start broad with your campaign and targeting, and then go into more detail as you see which people are responding. If your products are well established, many say to create multiple campaigns for different products and services. This allows you to see which ones do the best and which one you should be putting your time, money, and effort into. It also makes it easier to identify which audience responds best to each product or service. When it comes to measuring your campaign, marketing automation platforms can track your stats and revenue generation and can tell you which ads are costing the most per click, and which ones are costing the least. If an ad seems to be relatively expensive compared to others, and does not seem to be reaching people, turn off the ad and keep your cheaper ads on. When it comes to creating a campaign, you want to try and keep your cost per click relatively low, while increasing impressions and engagement in the long term.

Improving the Copy of Your Social Media Posts

When making social media posts, many people place too much emphasis on the image and not enough with the copy that accompanies it. While the visual element is the first thing a user pays attention to, the next element they look at is the accompanying text. Having clear, concise, yet persuasive text is incredibly important for driving engagement, increasing traffic, driving sales, etc. Many businesses seek out social media management companies, like Bright Age, to create, edit and manage the copy of their posts in order to stand out among competitors.

social media management companieThe Audience

What you are writing cannot possibly appeal to every person, so get to know your specific audience.  Write as if you are directing the posts at one person who would fit well into your brand. Once you have identified the type of person you are targeting, you can write copy that is best suited for those people. While you may think having a generic tone may appeal to more people, having a tone consistent with your target audience will appeal to the right people.

The Wrap-Up

Never leave your text unfinished. Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end, so why should your social posts be any different? End with a call to action to direct your audience in the way you want them to go. Social posts are constricted with text, especially when using Twitter, so being direct with your audience is the best way to get the point across in such a limited amount of characters.  By reinforcing your point at the end of your copy, you leave the reader with a final note that will last in their head.


What is almost more important than the text itself is the editing of the text. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a grammar mistake or a sentence that confuses the reader. Proofreading and editing your copy multiple times is the key to preventing these problems. Read each post to yourself, out loud, and let others on your team proofread before you post. Social media management companies, like Bright Age, often have each member of the team proofread every post before it is sent to a client to ensure the copy is perfect.  In addition to making sure everything is grammatically correct, also make sure your statements are factual and you would be able to back them up. A failure to proofread a post can result in a loss of credibility for your company, so why risk that due to such a minor mistake?

social media management companie

Writing copy for your social media posts can be easy, as long as you know how to do it. By following these tips, you can ensure the best text for your posts that will keep readers engaged and responsive. You do not have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author to write great copy; you just have to pay attention to the small things.

Create Engagement with 6 Social Media Posts

All companies now a day are relying on some sort of social media platform to grow their business. Companies are striving to find the posts that will work best to increase their engagement and grow their customer base. With the proper social media management and creative posts, you can keep your current follower’s attention and gain new ones. Read on to learn 6 types of post to help generate engagement.

social media management
Ask Questions: Simple or Open Ended
We all know we have our own opinions on topics and that we love to use social media to share them. When creating social media posts, ask questions for your followers to answer to. They can either be open ended questions to get your followers thinking, or just a simple question that can be answered in a few words. Followers love to have their voices heard, and will be very willing to respond. Make sure you respond or interact back with them to grow your relationships and establish phenomenal customer service.

Introduce Surveys

Surveys are an amazing way to make social media management very easy and to find out more information on your audience and their preferences. You can monitor if you audience shares the same beliefs, of if it tends to be split. Once you know, you can start to alter your social media posts to match their preferences and to post things that they seem to like. This will keep their attention and boost engagement. Followers are more likely to interact with posts that catch their attention and that they can relate to.

User Generated Content
As previously said, if you know your followers and audience’s preferences, it is quite easy to make posts specifically tailored towards them. It may be wise investigate a little about each customer to see how every person is important to your business. If you know a little bit of personal information, and show them that you know and care, this will immensely help your company to grow. Ensure your posts contain some information that pertains to something they all like. If you show them you care for each customer, they are more willing to spread good reviews about your company to family, friends, and co-workers.
social media management
Use Photo Based Content and Videos
It has been proven that photo and video content get more click throughs than regular text-based posts. Photos and videos let your followers use their imagination and get creative. Media should help to increase engagement as long as it is relatable to your company, brand, or customers. Also make sure your media contains a caption that catches their attention, and that it is scheduled around a time when everyone is on social media. Scheduling is key to getting the most engagement, because you want people to be online when you post it.

Don’t we all enjoy looking back at posts and pictures from back in the day and seeing how far we’ve come? Add some nostalgia to your posts and share old contents or old posts. It looks great to show customers how far your company has grown, or even how long you have been around to add some credibility . It may even help to bring back some old customers that had been lost over the years.

Free is Fun
Promotions and giveaway posts are an amazing way to create engagement and catch attention of new followers. Many tops companies and brands today have giveaways and promotions very often, which helps to further grow their customer base. You can gain new followers by creating posts that allow them to entire the giveaway if the give your company a follow and like a post. From this, engagement grows and a new loyal customer base is formed. Anyways, who could say no to an opportunity for some new free goodies? Click on this link to learn more on how to create a giveaway that will capture your follower’s attention.

How to Increase Online Sales With Social Media

While ecommerce has become a major money-maker for businesses, many consumers do not like being bombarded with advertisements pressuring them to spend. However, when presented with alternative and innovative posts, the consumer feels encouraged to buy a product, rather than coerced. Consumers want to sell themselves on a product, rather than being sold it, so let your posts speak for themselves. Digital marketing agencies strive to assist businesses in finding the balance between trying to make a sale and overwhelming the consumer. By pairing these social media tips with your existing advertisements, you can greatly improve your online sales.

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 Provide the Best Service

It is vital to see what people are saying about your company on social media. As a form of customer service, you should monitor all of your social media channels daily to make sure your customers are happy. If there is a complaint, privately message the person to resolve the issue and move it off of social. If there is a compliment, respond and thank the person for their support. People want to feel like a company cares about them, so adding this personal touch can make consumers want to purchase, and more importantly, become repeat customers if they are provided with good service online.

Encourage Customers to Share

For many customers, they care more about what others are saying about a company than what the company is saying about itself. We value our peers opinions, so encourage those who are already customers to leave reviews, comment on posts, share their favorite items, and let everyone know what they think on their social channels. About 1 in 3 Facebook users made a purchase after sharing, favoriting, or commenting on a product. Would you buy a product that had no reviews from previous customers? Most people wouldn’t, so these minor details can help increase sales, in addition to building up followers and interaction.

Make it Easy to Purchase

The major perk of ecommerce is how easy it is for the consumer to purchase online; they don’t even have to leave their home. Your company should encourage this benefit by ensuring that the process is as easy and hassle-free as it can be. Make sure your website is user friendly, has a simple check out process, and can handle a multitude of purchases. Utilize social media features like “Facebook buy button,” or “Pinterest buyable pins.” These features are built into the platform and exist to help the user buy something quickly through the social media page. Utilizing features like these can grow sales because they take people scrolling through social media and direct them straight to an item on your site.

Holiday and Event Content

digital marketing agenciesWhile it is easy to promote Black Friday or Back to School sales, you may find your company lost in the shuffle. If you want to increase sales, be unique and creative on what holiday posts you make. Of course advertisements for those big holidays are effective, but digital marketing agencies recommend thinking out of the box with some social media holidays. For example, “National Ice Cream Day” or “National Selfie Day” will be trending on social media platforms like Twitter and can be utilized for posts that stand out amongst the rest. These posts are fun, creative, and interactive, driving traffic to your pages and ultimately resulting in greater online sales.

The 5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media is becoming a great marketing tool for businesses. Statistics have shown that social media marketing has helped people grow their business and increase traffic to their sites. If you are still on the edge of thinking whether social media is right for you and your business, read on to see the 5 benefits of social media marketing, and see how these social media services can be a useful tool for you to use.

social media services

Increased Brand Recognition and Loyalty

To grow your brand, people need to see and know about it. Social media is a great channel to post content about your brand out through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The more social media channels you are on, the better. People will tend to familiarize themselves with your brand, and recognize it if they see it often.  It also makes it easier for your current customers to stay connected with your brand, and for new customers to access your brand. There have also been reports showing that businesses with numerous social media channels have more loyal customers. In this case, social media provides a place for the companies to stay connected with customers and build strong relationships.

More Opportunity Leads to Higher Conversion Rates

When you use social media to market your brand, each post created counts as an opportunity for conversion. Social media allows you the opportunity to interact with all your current clients and potential customers. Although each interaction may not lead to a conversion, it will increase your chances that they may come back later and check out your website. There tends to be a higher chance of conversion when people feel as if a company wants to build a relationship with their clientele, rather than just treating them as a business partner. People prefer to do business with people who care about them, and put in the effort. Also keep in mind, that if you have a higher number of followers, conversion rates may be higher because your brand tends to look very reliable and popular.

Brand Authority in the Market

Interacting with your customers over social media is a great way to show new customers that you care and look after your customers. Nowadays, when people have anything to say about a product or brand, whether it be good or positive, they turn to social media. They may either post a review on the brands page, or even post about it on their own social media handle. The more talked about brands and products seem to appear on the top of the market. Use social media services to get your brand’s name out there and have others talk about it. Your brands reach increases each time a customer talks about it, as their followers see and hear about it.

Better Search Engine Ranking

As a brand wanting to grow, you want to be at the top of the google search links. Many people think that blogs, tags, keywords, and meta descriptions are the main factors when it comes to SEO. Little do they know, google may be starting to incorporate social media presence into this equation for high SEO rankings.  It seems to be a fact that strong brands always use social media services, so this “brand signal” helps google to ensure that your brand is legitimate, trustworthy, and popular. If you are more interested in understanding SEO and how your social media may play into it, click this link here.

Increases Customer Experience and Gives You Customer Insights

Social media gives you the perfect gateway to communicate and interact with customers easily. You are given the opportunity to interact with customers first hand, and to show your customers that you care. Make sure you respond to all customers whether it’s positive review, negative complaint, or probing question. Go to whatever means you can to help them, and make sure that other people can see your efforts. It will only help you, as other customers will assume that you will take care of them also if a problem ever occurs.  Social media is also a great way for you to investigate your customers. You can see what type of audience your customer base is, how they interact, and what their interests are. This is a great opportunity for you to base your content off their interests and make content that will grab their attention.  You are given the opportunity to tailor all your posts exactly to what your audience will react to, and create posts that increase interaction between you and consumers.

How to Organically Increase Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

While buying followers or running paid ads can result in more exposure for your company, it can begin to rack up a hefty sum of money.  In order to achieve organic growth across all social channels, it is important for digital marketing agencies, like Bright Age, to understand how to appeal to users and keep them engaged, while avoiding overspending. The overarching goal is to create better content in order to gain more quality followers, which will result in higher levels of engagement.  By following these four tips, you can organically grow your user base and create more engagement on your posts organically, without breaking the bank.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)digital marketing agencies

Every company wants their site to be one of the first you see when you perform a Google search. By using SEO marketing, you can drive traffic to your site, therefore increasing impressions, sales, exposure, or whatever your companies’ goal is. By using keywords and making sure your websites are SEO compatible, you can ensure that your pages will be seen by a great audience. Many digital marketing agencies, like Bright Age, offer assistance in SEO strategies.


If you are seeking greater interaction on your social platforms, you must encourage people to want to interact. There are many different tactics you can use that are all going to result in organic growth. You can share others’ posts that are relevant to your social channels in the hopes of them returning the favor. Join groups of people you think would be interested in your product or service. Respond to people who comment on your posts, even if it is just a simple “thank you!” Asks questions to your audience or even introduce a contest or giveaway. Tag important people in the field or a celebrity/influencer you think may be interested. Most importantly, digital marketing agencies recommended to USE HASHTAGS. Hashtags are the easiest way for someone to search for something they are interested in. Stay up to date on trending hashtags and participate in those conversations.

Promote Across All Accounts

Organic growth stems from within, so what better way to achieve that growth than self-promotion? If your company has more than one social platform (which it should!), you have the opportunity to share across all platforms. What you’re posting on Facebook should also be posted on your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  Make sure your social channels are linked to your website to encourage traffic. In addition to sharing content across all platforms, you can even send email newsletters that detail what is new in the company and new on your social networking channels, for those users who are not as active on social media. Sharing across all platforms is simple to do and will result in more exposure.

Quality over Quantity

It is not about having the most followers, but having the best followers. One interactive follower is better than 10 unengaged, ghost followers. Those who interact with your accounts are the ones who are likely to buy your product, use your service, etc. Seek followers who have characteristics that fit with your brand because they are the one’s who will interact with your content. Organically gaining followers is more beneficial than buying followers because they may be fewer in number, but they will generate more buzz.

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The Growing Trends of the Top Social Media Platforms

In the world of technology, we have become accustomed to the dynamic nature that exists within our products and services. Consumers are always searching for the next best thing or awaiting the newest update.  Just as style and fashion have their ever-changing trends; social media too has its trends that are constantly altering with its users. For social media companies, like Bright Age, it becomes vital to stay up to date with these trends in order to use each platform to its full potential.

Facebook as the Most Popular

 It comes as no surprise to learn that Facebook is ranked the most popular social media platform for marketers, considering it is the largest of the platforms and therefore has the most reach. While Facebook is a great tool for social media companies to utilize and should remain a priority, many marketers report being interested in experimenting with other, less popular marketing platforms like Snapchat.  Of marketers who spend at least 40 hours per week on social media, about one quarter report using Snapchat for marketing purposes, while only 3{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of people who use social media only 1-5 hours per week use the app for marketing. The more time a company devotes to the use of social media, the more likely they are to stray from a sole focus on Facebook and experiment with other non-traditional methods of marketing, like Snapchat.

The Emerging Platforms

While many social media companies plan to maintain or increase their Facebook marketing practices, many other platforms are gaining prominence among the marketing community. This year, one of the biggest contenders to Facebook has been Instagram. This may be due to the fact that consumers are more attracted to visual posts than text posts. Apps like Instagram andsocial media compaines Snapchat are mainly visual platforms, so they can be used to appeal to viewers much more than a site like LinkedIn. Video and the newer live video features are becoming increasingly popular as a marketing strategy, with blogging beginning to trail behind. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 63{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of respondents plan to post more content onto Instagram in the coming year. Additionally, 23{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} plan to increase activity on Snapchat, which has almost doubled in the past year. However, while 55{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of respondents say they will increase Twitter usage in the upcoming year, this number is down from past years, showing the rising prominence of the visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Paid Trends

In terms of paid advertising, Facebook is the dominating platform. With 90{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of respondents saying they use Facebook ads for their companies, Facebook has multiplied its revenue per user by six times in in the past few years, averaging about $20 per user. For advertising, Facebook will continue to maintain its place as companies claim they will up their paid social media use with the site. Although Facebook is leading the pack for social media cosocial media companiesmpanies, Instagram has doubled its amount of advertisements from last year. We are seeing huge growth with Instagram this year and a decrease in ad spend with Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Although Facebook has remained the strongest of the platforms for some years now, trends are showing that it may soon have a big competitor—Instagram.

4 Tips to Standout When Using Instagram

Over the last couple years, Instagram has grown into one of the most powerful social media platforms.  With numerous users on Instagram, Instagram engagement is a perfect way to connect with consumers of your current or newly created brand. Read along to learn the 4 tips to make sure your brand stands out on Instagram.

instagram engagementKnow Your Niche

When it comes to any social media account, you need to understand who your audience is. If you have any trouble determining your audience, contact a social media agency to help. Once you know your audience, you can determine what type of visual content they want to see on Instagram and what type of posts will reach them most effectively. Instagram is a great platform for audiences that are international, within the age group 18-29, and who spend a greater amount of time on social media. Research has shown that Instagram users tend to spend an average of 21 minutes on Instagram, which is relatively high for a network focused on images only. If you would like to see more Instagram key demographics, check out Buffer Social.

Crowdsourcing Content is OK

We live in a day and age where people tend to base their brand popularity off the highest number of followers, likes, and comments. Brands are looking for places and ways to get their content and their name out to the masses. Instagram may be a great way get your crowd talking and your brand’s name out. The Social Media Examiner suggests to use this platform to ask your consumers for feedback, to create contests and giveaways to spread your brand name, and to create polls and surveys for your brand because customers love to have their voices heard. In the right situation, you may want to ask permission to share a picture that one of your followers posted. In the end, it is a win-win situation: your brand is being shared by them, and their work is being shown. Consumers love interaction and for their work to go noticed.


Although hashtags originated on twitter, Instagram users rely on them immensely to find relevant content they are looking for. Use these hashtags on Instagram to your advantage. Most importantly, create a brand hashtag for your own page, and then do some research and find hashtags that tend to lead you to similar pages. If done correctly, this will send those followers to your page, which will expand your exposure, followers, and engagement. Hashtags may be tricky because you can very easily use them against you. A social media agency may help determine which hashtags are suitable for your brand, but if all else fails, read the Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags.

Engagement is Key

You’re on a social media platform for a reason, to grow your Instagram engagement with consumers.  According to Invespcro, “64{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social media marketing strategy”. If you want your brand to grow, use your Instagram to talk with your consumers and show them that you care. Take a couple minutes each day to respond to your consumers with genuine and unique answers, and give each one attention. These unique answers will get you far, and will help you to obtain organic and loyal followers. If you put in the effort, the results will follow, and your brand will grow.