The Best Times of the Day to Post on Social Media

Most people post on their social media accounts spontaneously and without thought. There is an increasingly efficient way of posting updates and all you have to do is post at the right time of the day. There are times of the day when more people are on their social media accounts and that is when you want to post an update on your account in order to allow it to be seen by as much traffic as possible.

Different social media websites have different times when traffic is at its highest. The information below shows the best and worst times to post on various social media accounts. This can be used as a general guide even though all users are different.

Here are the best possible times of the day to post on all of your social media accounts!

Pinterest: Saturday from 2p.m.-4p.m. and 8p.m.-11p.m.

Twitter: Weekends from 1p.m.-3p.m.

Facebook: Weekdays from 6a.m.-8a.m. and 2p.m.-5p.m.

Google+:  9a.m.-11a.m.

LinkedIn: 7a.m.-8:30a.m. and 5p.m.-6p.m.

Blog: Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11a.m.

In addition to best times, here are the worst times to post on your social media accounts!

Pinterest: 5p.m.-7p.m. and 1a.m.-7a.m.

Twitter: 8p.m.-8a.m.

Facebook: Weekends and 10p.m.-4a.m.

Google+:  6p.m.-7a.m.

LinkedIn: Monday and Friday, 9a.m.-5p.m.

Blog: 11p.m.-8a.m.

Look below to see detailed graphs showing the best and worst times of the day to post on various social media websites!









Marketing to Millennials This Holiday Season with Social Media Campaigns

When marketing to millennials this holiday season with social media campaigns, don’t take this demographic for granted. Our Los Angeles social media marketing team has what it takes to reach this group without trying too hard.

We Know Millennials “Don’t Just Tweet at Home”

Referring to millennial marketing, Ryan Donegan from the Huffington Host says, “We don’t just Tweet at home.”

They always have somewhere to go and always have someone to see. Bright Age Digital Marketing Agency understands this, and uses it to a company’s advantage when promoting brands.

Donegan also states, “We appreciate clever viral ads as much as the next guy, but if it doesn’t contribute any new information that we can discuss, then it dies on the social wall of the first millennial in a circle of friends to share it.”

Bright Age Los Angeles social media marketing professionals know how to create a conversation that trends for days. We even keep the online interaction going when people have to reply from their smartphone, tablet or netbook.

Do Not Disquise Ads

When marketing to millennials this holiday season with social media campaigns, we keep in mind they know what our clients are trying to do — advertise. Therefore, we always clearly say what we have to say on behalf of any seller and never disguise our ads.

Although we don’t try to fool millennials into thinking we’re just trying to entertain them, we still put on a good show. However, we provide the perfect balance between that and introducing products, services, brands and websites to them. This is how we stay relevant when representing businesses who hope to make a profit.

Never Insult Anyone’s Intelligence

“Lackluster, rushed special offers and overpriced products won’t work like they used to,” says Donagen. He also states that “we’re quite possibly the most informed consumer generation ever to face marketing professionals.” Likewise, he says that his group of friends will have done their research and spoke with their friends before buying a product.

When marketing to millennials this holiday season with social media campaigns, we never assume that Generation Y knows nothing. In fact, were one of the only Los angeles social media marketing agencies that realizes how much they do know. Therefore, all of our digital content reflects that.


Los Angeles Social Media Contests: Grow Your Brand’s Community & Engagement

It is easy to forget how much the web has changed in a very short time. Many of the people who foresaw the importance of social media ended up very rich, even though most people saw it as a passing fad until it hit the tipping point. At this stage in the game, a presence on social media has become essential for any business, large or small.

While companies use these new tools in a variety of different ways, social media contests can help get a business more recognition in a fun, engaging way. People love sharing what they love, which is the most powerful driver behind Los Angeles social media contests. However, getting a contest right can make a huge difference when it comes to completing the objectives set out at the beginning. A social media management service can keep businesses up to date about changes in international, national or Los Angeles social media contests.

The Viral Power of Los Angeles Social Media Contests

A social media marketing agency will generally employ a variety of tactics to get people excited about a campaign. Social media contests thrive when customers not only click and enter themselves, but when they also share their passion with others. Suddenly, from a simple fun activity for existing customers, a company has a viral campaign that spreads the word on its own. This offers the obvious benefit of saving extra money on marketing. It also means that the offer and, by extension, the product promotion, takes on a life of its own.

Viral Success Through Brand-Specific Contests

The key to viral success lies in product and customer knowledge and combining that with an idea that reflects something essential about the brand. Many a social media management service has made the mistake of offering up a free prize that has nothing to do with the core values and associations with the brand being promoted. This might result in some quick clicks, but those quick clicks will also be quickly forgotten.

Rather, companies should aim at getting all customers, new and returning, to come back and interact with the concept and the brand itself. This encourages a deeper relationship between customer and brand. With this in mind, any promotional offer, reward or prize should reflect an intrinsic aspect of the brand and how it relates to people’s lives. People love free stuff, but a social media agency Los Angeles or any other major market hosts has to develop contest incentives appropriate for each brand.

Los Angeles social media contests have impacted several companies and industries. The contest put on for this document company is a great example of some of the elements a social media agency Los Angeles embraces can achieve. The company carefully selected a prize that was valuable and rare, as the production may not come again to the city. It also picked a production that reflected the tastes of its customers and its broader demographic base of educated, savvy professionals with a particular comedic sensibility.

Los Angeles Social Media Contest Example

Drawing in New Customers

Of course, the ultimate goal for a brand during social media contests is attracting new people to discover it. As posts on social media often appear visible even to third parties who don’t know the original poster, an online sensation can bring in people who have never used or even heard of the brand. A social media marketing agency can help ensure that all the various stops on the web have been covered, which results in more opportunities for a wide variety of people to access the contest.

A final benefit of these contests can be easily overlooked by a social media management service. After the conclusion of the contest, a thorough analysis of how customers interacted and participated during the contest can prove as beneficial as the process itself. Whether internally or in conjunction with a social media management service, Los Angeles-based companies can get to know what makes their customers perk up and pay attention by evaluating each aspect and stage of the process. This data will serve to focus future campaigns online.

Using a Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media contests come in all shapes and sizes and each one should be approached with the brand and its customers in mind during the entire process. While companies often rush to get anything online just to have a presence, a close look at the objectives, means and results of a contest will greatly improve the likelihood of success. We know online marketing and can create stellar contests for businesses of any size looking to make a splash in social media.

The Marketing Power Of Pinterest: A Complete Guide

Pinterest has rapidly become one of the biggest social media sites of all. This is largely due to the fact that the internet is increasingly ruled by images. People like content that they can take in quickly and, if it appeals to them, easily share. That’s where the marketing power of Pinterest is so great. If you can post the right content, it has the potential to go viral. Let’s look at some tips to help you make the most of Pinterest.

Create Boards

If your business isn’t yet using Pinterest, now is a good time to start. If you don’t have the time or expertise to handle the task yourself, you might outsource it to a reliable Los Angeles digital marketing company. A social media firm in Los Angeles can manage your Pinterest campaigns. Either way, it’s not hard to start seeing results from this hot social network.

The first thing you have to do is start one or more boards. You can then begin pinning relevant items to your boards. For marketing purposes, you will naturally want to choose a topic that’s associated with your business or website. The great thing about Pinterest boards is that you can start as many of them as you like for free. You might create a few specialty boards for different aspects of your business.

Make Your Pins Interesting

The key to benefiting from the marketing power of Pinterest is to pin items that your audience is going to like. Ideally, you want them to share as many of your pins as possible. This is where you can get a viral effect and reach a wider and wider audience.

If you are working with a Los Angeles digital marketing firm, make sure you let them know what type of fan or customer you are seeking. This may include factors such as interests, geographical location, age, gender or other demographics. Overall, the audience for Pinterest tends to be younger and primarily female. This, however, is likely to change as the site expands.

Whether you are doing your own pinning or a social media firm in Los Angeles is doing it on your behalf, the idea should be to make your pins as compelling and relevant as possible. Trendy topics are always good, so you should make sure that your boards are staying current with the latest news and trends.

Make Use of Pinterest Analytics

The marketing power of Pinterest can be enhanced by taking advantage of Pinterest Analytics. This is a relatively new option that is available to users of the site. It can be used to measure important metrics, such as how many visitors your website is getting from Pinterest and which of your pins are most often clicked on and repined.

There are also helpful third party sites that can help you track your Pinterest statistics. One of these is Piqora, which used to be called Pinfuencer. This service tracks analytics from sites such as Instagram and Tumblr in addition to Pinterest.

Whether you use Pinterest’s own analytics tools or those provided by others, it’s important to keep track of your results. This is another area where a Los Angeles digital marketing firm can help you if you don’t have the time to learn how to use such tools yourself.

Getting the Most Out of Pinterest

The marketing potential of Pinterest is immense, and in the future it’s likely to only get bigger. If you haven’t yet begun to explore this form of marketing, it’s certainly not too late to get started, as it’s still early in the game. You can either learn as much as you can about leveraging this site or you can enlist the help of a social media agency in Los Angeles. The important thing is that you start benefiting from the power of this fast growing social media site!

Contact Bright Age a Los Angeles digital marketing agency today to learn more about our Pinterest Management Services.

Discover The Benefits of Social Media Contests

Contests and giveaways are some of the most effective ways to increase social statistics including the number of followers. The challenge is getting the visitors to return to the page after they’ve visited once for the contest. The benefits of social media contests are numerous, but there is a social media firm in Los Angeles that can help with these efforts. Social media management in Los Angeles or a social media firm in Los Angeles will help you to discover the benefits of social media contests in your organization.

1. Devise a Goal

Social media contests must have a goal that is clearly defined. This requires social media management in Los Angeles. Otherwise, the contest will not have any value to the organization. Most marketers will set a goal to increase the number of followers by a certain amount, but most experts recommend that companies do not make this the end-goal of the competition. A better strategy is to determine who will have interest in the product after the prize is awarded. You need to determine what your return on investment (ROI) will be by measuring the number of leads and conversions that you may have.

2. Determine Your Target Goal 

You should determine what the target audience is to maximize the number of loyal customers you can have over a period of time. If the customer-base only cares about the prize, they will not commit to buying the product over a long period of time. The target market should be chosen to avoid people losing money by promoting a contest to people who have no intention of buying.

Volusion has tools for helping entrepreneurs with this process. Many people have gained loyal clients by simply losing the tools on this website. Consider the tools in addition to Los Angeles digital marketing as a part of your strategy for determining your target goal.

3. Select the Proper Prize for the Contest

The proper prize will attract the best customers. The marketers in Los Angeles digital marketing will decide upon the prize that people will want to sign up for the most. Whether you offer a tablet, vacation, or cash, you will attract people because the products are something almost everyone needs or wants. For instance, one contest required people to issue the photographs of singers in various singers and recording environments. Then, submit them to a website for a chance to win an iPad.

If you want to discover the benefits of social media contests, you should consider these tips. They will help to improve the longevity of the business and also to increase sales conversions. Consider how social media management in Los Angeles can improve your process. Any social media firm in Los Angeles can help. Los Angeles digital marketing is one of the best ways to improve sales conversions.

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing With Facebook Apps

Facebook is a potential marketing resource that is often underutilized. Most people log into their Facebook accounts at least once every day. This means that a business that is smart enough to have an engaging online presence can make itself known to consumers on a daily basis. Many businesses struggle with even the most basic online marketing techniques. The first step in a solid digital marketing agency Los Angeles plan is to launch a Facebook fan page for one’s business, but it is hard to know where to go from there. Restaurants should post status updates featuring their daily specials. Businesses should offer exclusive discounts to people who like their pages. Discounts should be offered to patrons who check-in when they arrive at stores or who tag the company in a status update. These marketing techniques utilize the most basic functions of Facebook. Here is how to improve your digital marketing with Facebook apps.

Social media marketing in Woodland Hills advises all restaurant owners to start using Heyo. This app uses mobile widgets that allow patrons to redeem coupons on their smart phones while they are sitting at their tables. North Social allows restaurants to launch new limited-time promotions every day, which helps to promote one-off specials and new menu items. The app includes a trivia game, which engages customers and encourages them to share information about the restaurant with their friends. North Social’s trivia feature would be especially beneficial for a bar that has a trivia night. It would encourage Facebook users to associate trivia with that one bar.

All local retailers should begin using Woobox immediately. It gives small stores several options when it comes to contests and fan interactions. The app’s biggest draw is the photo contest feature. It allows customers to post their own pictures and let other fans vote for a winner. A clothing store could encourage its fans to model the latest merchandise for a prize or a significant discount. The app also creates a tab that features the store’s Pinterest page. Pinterest gives users freedom when it comes to layout and background designs, so a business’ Pinterest page might be more representative of its merchandise and clientele than its Facebook page is. In any case, it is always wise from a digital marketing agency Los Angeles standpoint to have all of one’s social networking pages linked together. However, having a Pinterest page is not an excuse to stop uploading pictures to Facebook. A local business should be constantly posting photo albums of new arrivals and crowded store aisles. This will give fans the impression that the business is trendy and popular.

A professional services provider that is wondering how to improve your digital marketing with Facebook apps should use FaceItPages. Since a business of this nature is selling neither items nor experiences, it is important to inject a little bit of individuality and excitement into its marketing approach. FaceItPages creates targeted ads that only show up to people who might have a need for the services being promoted. Companies that plaster cheap ads everywhere garner bad reputations very quickly. FaceItPages is careful about how the ads are presented to potential clients.

Social media marketing in Woodland Hills emphasizes customer interaction, or at least the appearance of it. These apps give people ways to connect with a business in ways that do not require much time or effort on the owner’s part. Fostering that kind of connection is the best way to cultivate customer loyalty.

Four Best Practices for Your Fall Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing campaigns are always changing, and, and times, it can be a little daunting to keep up. At the core, though, for a successful marketing campaign, if marketers follow these four social media strategies, their companies will get more exposure than ever. Discover four best practices for your Fall marketing strategy, for your Los Angeles social media marketing campaigns.

Step 1:  Become Active on Google Plus – Google Plus might not be up to the same level of popularity as Facebook or even Twitter, but that doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. If anything, Google Plus should become your best friend for social media marketing Los Angeles. Because Google’s search engine is the most visited, it has a lot of stature, and their algorithms to decide what is displayed first in a search engine can be tricky to figure out. To encourage more Google Plus activity, Google often displays companies with a Google Plus account first in a search over one that does not. This means if you want to have a more prominent and SEO-friendly web presence, you need to make a Google Plus account and use it often.

Step 2: Create a Facebook Contest For Your Company – People love contests, and they especially love them even more if a prize is offered. To make your digital marketing agency Los Angeles shine — and to bring in more Facebook likes — offer a contest that fits the needs of your clients and consumers. Find out what people’s interests are, and then meet them accordingly. To have a digital marketing agency Los Angeles, you need to be on your toes both online, and when you create this Facebook contest, do not just make it something people will not be interested in. As for the Facebook contest itself, for Facebook users to enter the contest and win the prize, make sure they like your page and share it. This will not only increase your likes, but it will also increase your exposure to people who may not have known about your agency.

3. Beef Up Your Pinterest Page With Content – Pinterest can be used way beyond personal use. In fact, for social media marketing Los Angeles, it’s a perfect tool. Create different boards for different clients or services offered, and then direct Facebook or Twitter followers to the page. They will have a more visual approach as to what you offer, and they will also be more likely to visit the pages provided on the pins.

4. Create A Blogger Outreach Program – Having a blog for your company is great, but if no one is looking at it, it is useless. This is why you need to create exposure for your blog with a blogger outreach program. Contact other agencies or companies with blogs similar to yours, and offer to both mention one another. This is a symbiotic system that will give you a new level of exposure. Also, if marketers want to keep up their business, they have to keep up with the latest and greatest blog services and sharing methods offered. To keep in the know, follow technology and other marketing Twitters and blogs.

Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in Los Angeles

Discover some the best practices for social media marketing in Los Angeles. It is essential to define your target market and determine what engages them.

Target Market:

First things first! This may seem basic, but it is constantly glossed over. Know who your audience IS and who you WANT your audience to be. I can’t emphasize this enough. In a large urban area like Los Angeles people are constantly bombarded with marketing messages and the majority of those messages may not even apply to them. This has created a culture of people who tune out advertising. If you are trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos, you are failing, not to mention, probably wasting time and money. Be very clear about who you are marketing to and why before you even begin creating a marketing campaign. If you are planning to do social media marketing in Los Angeles, get even more specific and consider hiring a Los Angeles Marketing Agency. This is the only way to create real relationships with real clients.

Engage your Target Market:

This applies to social media marketing in Los Angeles or any large urban city for that matter.

It is no longer effective or acceptable to simply advertise at or to people. You must engage with people on a different level. Everything is interactive these days and demands an “experience” rather than just a message. This is where social media marketing comes into play. Everyone knows that this is essential to any business that wants to succeed in todays market. Businesses need awareness to survive! The companies that are good at social media marketing are the companies that thrive. You have your work cut out for you! Here are a few suggestions:

-Minimally you need to have a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile.

-If what you offer will benefit from beautiful visual marketing and photos consider Tumblr and Pinterest accounts as well.

-Make sure all of your web based social marketing is consistently well integrated with photos, logos and brand recognition. Make sure all of those files that are uploaded are the proper sizes. There is nothing more unprofessional looking than logos that don’t fit in specified parameters.

-Use the above sites to engage your current clients and recruit potential new clients by 1. constantly generating fresh and engaging content that your audience will relate to and want to share with others and 2. giving them reasons to engage such as contests, coupons and surveys. These are things that create brand loyalty and familiarity. Check out sites like Woobox and Survey Monkey to see how you can integrate them into your social media marketing in Los Angeles.

-Use the direct advertising services of these social media marketing platforms – On Facebook, LinkedIn and Google target customers by placing CPC (cost per click) ads in the sightline of your specified audience. You can appeal to people in a certain zip code radius and even get as specific as industry, education level, job title and favorite bands! To have the most cost effective ad campaign, know your target market!

-Consider mobile commerce and how it applies to your industry. Mobile commerce is currently growing exponentially. Perhaps there is some targeted app development in your future?

-Build smart contact lists and offer a newsletter and a blog. Again, offer ways to interact through coupons, contests surveys, fresh content and information. People today are information addicts. You must target and then retarget your audience with emotion. Ask for their opinion. Generic marketing no longer works. Knowing who your target audience is will make developing your fresh content much easier.

-Keep track of your data! Which add campaigns worked and which tanked? In order to evolve and grow your strategy you must constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your social media marketing techniques.

Remember, people want more than information, they want experiences. How can you give your audience an experience? If this all sounds like another full time job, that is because it is! Hire a professional. Especially in a big city like Los Angeles, it is absolutely necessary to have a professional Los Angeles Marketing Agency on your side who knows your target market and will manage the social media impact and image of your company accordingly.