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We specialize in developing innovative social media and online marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and drive targeted website traffic. To accomplish this we develop quality post text, provide professional graphic design and increase page engagement though hyper targeted social media marketing campaigns.

There are over 2 Billion users on Facebook, and over 2/3 of them consider Facebook a trustworthy source for receiving product and service recommendations. We are experts in creating credible and engaging content that will lead social media users to make purchasing decisions. Learn more about our capabilities and how we can help your business by contacting us today.

Discover Our Social Media Process

Audit, Industry, and Competitive Review

We will conduct an assessment of your current performance and communications practices, and compare them with industry best practices. To better understand your company’s precise needs, we will ask questions that will help us build a brand guide tailored towards your objectives. Bright Age believes continuous planning is fundamental to achieving campaign success.

Goals, Platforms, and Strategy

We identify which social media channels it is essential for your business to have a presence on. Our process includes developing a brand guide, messaging strategy, and interaction best practices. We will also present a paid monetization strategy. We will understand your target audience by identifying key demographic, interest, and behavioral characteristics.

Create and Revise

Bright Age will develop original social media content following brand guidelines, including custom graphic design, unique copy-written text, and innovative posting styles. Rest assured, no content will be posted without your approval. We are dedicated to ensuring that you love every post on your brand’s channels.

Post and Engage

Utilizing scheduling insights, your content will be posted at the optimal time that your audience is most likely to be online and interact. We will build personal relationships with your audience by being prompt, authentic, and understanding.

Monitor and Respond

We will provide timely responses to all social media comments, questions, and concerns addressed by customers. Following our predefined interaction guide we will promptly respond to community inquiries, but we won’t hesitate to email you about specific or unique questions. Your followers will know that your brand cares and is always available if needed.

Monthly Reporting and Optimization

Bright Age will present a comprehensive report summarizing your campaign’s performance each month. Our reports consist of a breakdown of audience insights, impressions, engagement, and additional growth metrics. We will conclude by identifying monthly key learnings and objectives moving forward.

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Social Media Marketing Strategically Designed, Implemented and Managed

We develop customized social media solutions based on our clients’ unique needs. We identify a diverse set of unique targeting to reach your target audience through digital marketing based on browsing behavior, interests, behaviors and demographics. By creating multiple ads and target audiences we are able to see which ad set is converting best and amplify that particular ad and optimize other ad sets.

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