Improving the Copy of Your Social Media Posts

When making social media posts, many people place too much emphasis on the image and not enough with the copy that accompanies it. While the visual element is the first thing a user pays attention to, the next element they look at is the accompanying text. Having clear, concise, yet persuasive text is incredibly important for driving engagement, increasing traffic, driving sales, etc. Many businesses seek out social media management companies, like Bright Age, to create, edit and manage the copy of their posts in order to stand out among competitors.

social media management companieThe Audience

What you are writing cannot possibly appeal to every person, so get to know your specific audience.  Write as if you are directing the posts at one person who would fit well into your brand. Once you have identified the type of person you are targeting, you can write copy that is best suited for those people. While you may think having a generic tone may appeal to more people, having a tone consistent with your target audience will appeal to the right people.

The Wrap-Up

Never leave your text unfinished. Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end, so why should your social posts be any different? End with a call to action to direct your audience in the way you want them to go. Social posts are constricted with text, especially when using Twitter, so being direct with your audience is the best way to get the point across in such a limited amount of characters.  By reinforcing your point at the end of your copy, you leave the reader with a final note that will last in their head.


What is almost more important than the text itself is the editing of the text. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a grammar mistake or a sentence that confuses the reader. Proofreading and editing your copy multiple times is the key to preventing these problems. Read each post to yourself, out loud, and let others on your team proofread before you post. Social media management companies, like Bright Age, often have each member of the team proofread every post before it is sent to a client to ensure the copy is perfect.  In addition to making sure everything is grammatically correct, also make sure your statements are factual and you would be able to back them up. A failure to proofread a post can result in a loss of credibility for your company, so why risk that due to such a minor mistake?

social media management companie

Writing copy for your social media posts can be easy, as long as you know how to do it. By following these tips, you can ensure the best text for your posts that will keep readers engaged and responsive. You do not have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author to write great copy; you just have to pay attention to the small things.