Create Engagement with 6 Social Media Posts

All companies now a day are relying on some sort of social media platform to grow their business. Companies are striving to find the posts that will work best to increase their engagement and grow their customer base. With the proper social media management and creative posts, you can keep your current follower’s attention and gain new ones. Read on to learn 6 types of post to help generate engagement.

social media management
Ask Questions: Simple or Open Ended
We all know we have our own opinions on topics and that we love to use social media to share them. When creating social media posts, ask questions for your followers to answer to. They can either be open ended questions to get your followers thinking, or just a simple question that can be answered in a few words. Followers love to have their voices heard, and will be very willing to respond. Make sure you respond or interact back with them to grow your relationships and establish phenomenal customer service.

Introduce Surveys

Surveys are an amazing way to make social media management very easy and to find out more information on your audience and their preferences. You can monitor if you audience shares the same beliefs, of if it tends to be split. Once you know, you can start to alter your social media posts to match their preferences and to post things that they seem to like. This will keep their attention and boost engagement. Followers are more likely to interact with posts that catch their attention and that they can relate to.

User Generated Content
As previously said, if you know your followers and audience’s preferences, it is quite easy to make posts specifically tailored towards them. It may be wise investigate a little about each customer to see how every person is important to your business. If you know a little bit of personal information, and show them that you know and care, this will immensely help your company to grow. Ensure your posts contain some information that pertains to something they all like. If you show them you care for each customer, they are more willing to spread good reviews about your company to family, friends, and co-workers.
social media management
Use Photo Based Content and Videos
It has been proven that photo and video content get more click throughs than regular text-based posts. Photos and videos let your followers use their imagination and get creative. Media should help to increase engagement as long as it is relatable to your company, brand, or customers. Also make sure your media contains a caption that catches their attention, and that it is scheduled around a time when everyone is on social media. Scheduling is key to getting the most engagement, because you want people to be online when you post it.

Don’t we all enjoy looking back at posts and pictures from back in the day and seeing how far we’ve come? Add some nostalgia to your posts and share old contents or old posts. It looks great to show customers how far your company has grown, or even how long you have been around to add some credibility . It may even help to bring back some old customers that had been lost over the years.

Free is Fun
Promotions and giveaway posts are an amazing way to create engagement and catch attention of new followers. Many tops companies and brands today have giveaways and promotions very often, which helps to further grow their customer base. You can gain new followers by creating posts that allow them to entire the giveaway if the give your company a follow and like a post. From this, engagement grows and a new loyal customer base is formed. Anyways, who could say no to an opportunity for some new free goodies? Click on this link to learn more on how to create a giveaway that will capture your follower’s attention.