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How to Create a Consistent Brand Using Social Media

Branding helps to give companies a personality, as well as an identity. Having a consistent brand can give your company a leg up over the millions of other businesses that exist. Consumers want a brand they can trust and what better way to build trust than being consistent? To achieve brand loyalty from the most devoted of customers, a company must obtain certain attributes in order to build a brand that is different from the rest.  Using these tips, social media branding agencies can create reliable and identifiable brands, just by being consistent with their content.


The Audience

Understanding who your brand is targeting is one osocial media branding agenciesf the keys to success. Identifying the audience will drive higher engagement because those who are interested in the content are more likely to participate in the conversation. For example, if you are a young women’s clothing brand, you aren’t going to have much luck running Facebook or Instagram ads to elderly men.  However, if you have identified your audience as women, ages 18-30, your ad campaigns will reach a much more appropriate audience. Additionally, identifying the audience will help social media branding agencies save money because it greatly narrows the pool of uninterested consumers.  It is also important to identify the audience when following users from each social media platform. Follow those users who identify with and embody your brand because those people are more likely to follow back and engage with your content.


The Design

Consistency can be achieved through the design of a page. By keeping colors, logos, and themes the same across all platforms, it gives the viewer of the page a feeling of unity. In addition, consistency can be very visually appealing to the consumer. It minimizes confusion of what the product or service is because all the visual elements fall under the same design. An example of a company who utilizes design to their advantage is Target. Target has capitalized on its use of everything red, the bull’s-eye logo, and the white dog. Because they are consistent across all of their social pages, customers are able to easily recognize a Target product or advertisement because they have built up an identity for themselves. Target is a brand name that you know and trust, partially accredited to their consistent designs.


The Message

In addition to consistent visual images, having consistent message content is vital in creating a brand. Having a distinct voice in your posts will keep the audience engaged. Conflicting messages can negatively hurt a brand because it strips away at the credibility of the company. Whsocial media branding agenciesatever your goal is, there is a voice that can achieve the message. Coca-Cola executes their message in every post they release. Their goal is to create a feeling of nostalgia and for the customer to equate happiness with Coca-Cola products. Through the use of an upbeat tone and references to positive memories from the past, Coca-Cola’s message is clear and consistent. Social media branding agencies should set a goal for each brand’s identity to create a consistent message that the audience can believe and connect with.