social media content creation

The Importance of High Quality Social Media Content Creation

Social media platforms such as Facebook are constantly looking for ways to improve satisfaction for their users. It is critical that your social media content creation process contains high quality, creative and authentic content. Without these three elements, making your social media presence successful is not possible.

To begin with, humans are simple. We enjoy content that can resonate with us. Self- promotional spam or boring media is not as appealing. This has to be taken into consideration during your social media content creation process.

One simple way to differentiate between quality content and self-promotion is to ask, “Why should others care or share my post?” In this context quality means to “add or give value” to your intended audience. What value can you ultimately give to others that would make them want your product or service?

In saying this, people share more authentic content as opposed to promotions. Your marketed value should not stem from a sale or special being offered. Instead it should originate from articles or quality photos. Non engaging posts can turn people away from the building of your customer base.

Platforms such as Facebook constantly improve their algorithms to weed out “click-bait” or heavily advertisement based posts. Content such as this typically gets sent to the bottom of an individual’s news feed, or simply does not appear as often. Keep this in mind during the creation of your social media content.

A few tips to remember when creating high quality content include:

1.) Use high resolution photography that pertains to your aesthetic

2.) Post consistent content that can engage your audience

3.) Create content that people want to share. Be sure to stay on top of current events and web trends

4.) Readability is a must! Create posts with short sentences that get your point across.

When creating amusing articles or beautiful posts, one can never go wrong with authentic and promotion-less content. Working with a social media management agency such as Bright Age can help your business create the best social media content possible.