Mobile Marketing Grows with Drastic Increase in Mobile Users

Smartphones are changing the marketing game. Desktops are becoming less and less popular in today’s society and mobile now represents 65 percent of the time people spend on digital media. More people own desktops than mobile devices however, that is expected to change by the end of this year. Utilizing a mobile marketing agency can put you ahead of other businesses because most businesses have not made the switch to being mobile friendly. Mobile marketing is a huge market that has the potential to reach millions that you could not reach by desktops.

Many businesses today do not recognize the importance of utilizing a mobile marketing campaign. The majority of businesses still treat desktops as the number one form of marketing. However, if they continue to pursue desktops, they will fall behind. Since 2013, desktops have gone down by 12 percent and mobile has increased. People spend an average of three hours per day on their mobile devices, so businesses that neglect those people are missing out on opportunities that could increase traffic to their business.

In today’s society people respond to convenience and speed which is exactly what mobile devices do. Smartphones lets users have everything at their fingertips. Whether it’s on a social media app, communicating with their friends, or searching the web, mobile devices can do it all. Big companies made the switch to being mobile friendly which has greatly increased their usage. Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are the top three digital properties in the United States. These companies are the most successful in being mobile friendly.

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Millennials play a huge role in mobile advertising. Millennials are changing the way businesses market themselves because of the presence they have on social media and smartphones. Millennials make up a large portion of consumers today and the best way to reach them is through social media. In addition, most millennials have their phones on them at all times. Making your business mobile friendly will allow millennials to be able to access your product or service anytime and anywhere. However, it is not just millennials that use their mobile phones. Studies show that adults have also become accustomed to  the latest technologies.

Many companies are beginning to see more traffic from mobile devices and they must adjust to keep their business thriving. Smart phones are relatively new but they are growing at a very fast rate. New updates continue to dominate the market and in order to keep up with the latest trends, businesses have to continue to adjust their business marketing strategies.


Author: Alyssa Perel

Alyssa is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies with a minor in Marketing at San Diego State University. Her interest in social media and marketing has grown vastly over the years and she enjoys discovering new things about this field every day. You can connect with Alyssa via Facebook and Instagram @aperel.