A Guide to Online Reputation Management

Social media has taken off over the last few years and businesses must maintain their social media accounts for online reputation management. Consumers expect companies to use various social media platforms and businesses that do not have a presence on social media lose a large audience. Businesses that engage with their customers are more likely to boost their sales and have better relationships with their clients. Online reputation management is important for your business and working with a social media agency can create a smooth, consistent, and effective reputation management process. These three tips can help you better manage your social media accounts.

Have a strategy

Businesses need to have a strategy and establish guidelines when posting on social media. Companies must decide what is appropriate for their brand and how to target the correct audience. Being able to come up with a strategy and establish guidelines is important for online reputation management because many times, employees are the ones posting and interacting on social media. Employees must know what is expected of them before they post on social media because one wrong post can be detrimental to your reputation.


Millions of people are on social media every day and business should take advantage of the amount of people they can reach by posting and engaging with their followers. Monitoring your social media accounts is important because there are people sharing, liking, and commenting on social media platforms at all times of the day. Businesses must monitor their social media to keep consumers engaged and content.

Response Time

Customers use social media as a platform to rate a company. Upset customers will post reviews and complaints on social media. Customers’ comments can harm a company’s reputation because others will see it and react. Businesses must be active on their social media accounts and respond quickly to customers. The customer is always right so businesses have to realize that in order to salvage customer relations, they must respond quickly and be apologetic.

Dog Haus is a restaurant franchise Bright Age has been working with. Bright Age started with Dog Haus in Canoga Park and worked with this company to open twelve more restaurants nationwide. Since Bright Age, Dog Haus saw a 1,636{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} increase in likes on their Facebook page prior to opening day. Bright Age has helped maintain the positive reputation Dog Haus has received by managing their social media accounts. Bright Age managed to turn one star Yelp reviews to five stars by providing a customized apology letters and coupons for the restaurant. This important gesture created loyal customers for Dog Haus.

Reputation management on social media plays an important role for the success of any business and managing various social media platforms can be overwhelming. Maintaining a positive reputation online can be difficult when balancing multiple tasks because of the time and effort it takes to create an online reputation. Here at Bright Age, we take away the stress of social media management by overseeing all social media platforms while interacting with consumers.


Author: Alyssa Perel

Alyssa is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies with a minor in Marketing at San Diego State University. Her interest in social media and marketing has grown vastly over the years and she enjoys discovering new things about this field every day. You can connect with Alyssa via Facebook and Instagram @aperel.