How to Utilize Social Media Demographics

Marketing today is harder than it has ever been. We are straying away from traditional television advertising and heading towards complete digital interaction. Social media and social media demographics has become the epicenter for marketing specialists and the main platform for marketing strategies.

As always, businesses must identify their target audience and create the right segmentation. Sounds easy right? Actually, it isn’t when you consider the different types of social media websites and their demographics. Different websites require different content and creativity, and depending on your product, some websites will be better/worse for your product. For example, your target audience can be on Facebook and Instagram but require different approaches since they both have different demographics.

An easy way to solve this is to look at a website’s demographics and create a strategy from there. A social media marketing agency like Bright Age is perfect for creating your social media campaign. Here are the main social media demographics and how your business can take advantage of them!

Social Media in General

Needless to say, social media is full of endless marketing opportunities. Here are the general social media demographics that you should be aware of.

  • 8 billion social media users worldwide
  • 37% global penetration
  • 22% increase in last year


As of today, Facebook contains the highest number of users at an astonishing 1.9 billion monthly inhabitants. These users are predominately female, yielding at 83% online female users while 75% online male users. As for reach, Facebook is the best place to reach Millennials and Generation X (ages 18 – 49).

LENDELEDE, BELGIUM - MAY 24TH 2016: hand holding iphone6 mobile phone which displays the Facebook app on the touch screen

Facebook is a great place to have a detailed and aesthetic digital representation of your brand. Here, you can provide the fine details on why your business is so great while providing attractive picture/text content. Think of this as your business page, but with the ability to reach millions of people at any given time. Once you drive traffic to your Facebook page; make sure your business location, product details, and general info are appealing and easy to spot. And of course, take into careful consideration of the social media demographics we provided above!


YouTube is a pretty popular site and has been around for quite a while. Coming in at 1 billion users, it just might be better than TV with more opportunities of exposure. YouTube is predominately male, with 55% of users being male with respect to its 45% female users. Per minute, there are about 2 million videos watched a day!

This site has been around for a long time and doesn’t really hold a grab on a specific demographic. Young to old and from culture to culture, when looking for a video YouTube is the world’s first choice. With that, YouTube is perfect for anytime you want a create a timeless video on your product. It’s a good way for consumers to learn about your product/business in even greater detail. And if you get really big, you can even generate some ad revenue from YouTube!


Instagram is quite impressive in its own right, they’ve grown exponentially and at a rate higher than any other social media site.  They currently hold 600 million monthly users with 90% of them being under 35.


Obviously, Instagram appeals more to the younger generation. It is incredibly important to keep this in mind when creating a post and text content. Include relevant trends, fads, and make sure your hashtags are catchy! Also, it is important to note that 53% of users follow brands. This a great opportunity to keep your followers updated and engaged.


Twitter is an in-the-moment and live way to keep followers engaged and informed about your brand. It has 317 Million monthly users being predominately male around the ages of 18-29. Only 47% of users post updates and spend an average of 2.7 minutes daily on Twitter.


Since twitter predominately holds a younger audience content must be create that caters towards this demographic. When you effectively engage, you are creating the opportunity to gain more followers, more engagement, and more traffic towards your website.


To date, this is the most evergreen social media site around. It has 317 million monthly users, which consists of around 75% female. As for the age demographic, they are evenly distributed between 18-64.

What is important to note, is that 10% people referred to Pinterest are more likely to purchase on e-commerce. Use this opportunity to showcase your product as aesthetically as possible to make it more visually appealing. Text content is not as important on Pinterest, but be sure to provide links that will showcase your product in more detail.

Even though all of these sites have different demographics and require different content. The main goal is to combine the necessary platforms for your brand so that you can create an effective social media campaign. Having the right combination and content between all these social media sites will create the interaction and exposure your brand needs to stay relevant in the market. Our social media marketing agency will help you to create the right combination for your social media campaign!

7 Tips for Marketing Your Business This Spring

Whether you’re starting a social media campaign or doing some spring cleaning, your business can always use some useful social media marketing tips. A Los Angeles social media agency such as Bright Age is perfect for getting your business on the right track. With our social media marketing tips, your campaign will reach your target market, move in the right direction, and create a presence that will solidify you from your competitors. Here are our 7 social media marketing tips for getting your business going this Spring!

Choose and Build the Right Campaign

This first step is the most crucial in starting or maintaining your campaign. Set reasonable goals and establish the tools necessary to reach them.

Different campaigns give different results – Choose a social media platform that will get you to your goals. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn all have different capabilities and reach. Creating the right combination and content between these platforms is an essential first step.

Choose an SEO and Social Media Analytics Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a deciding factor on whether your business will make it or break it. No matter how great your product is, without your market being properly informed it is practically useless. Having an SEO engine will assist you in getting your brand some good exposure.

Use a social media analytics service – Services such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite will let you know how effective your social media posts are. You’ll see which posts created the most buzz, which demographic it appealed to, how many impressions it made, and ultimately if it was successful or not.

Reply/Engage with Your Fans

Do your best to build a lasting relationship with your fans on a personal level. Like and comment on their photos to build favorable attitudes towards your brand. Additionally, do the same on potential customers posts for brand exposure. Doing this helps humanizes your brand and increases your social prescence.

Look at Your Top Three Competitors

Take a look at who you’re competing against, especially the top 3 competitors in the market. Compare your strategy with theirs and see what puts them at the top of the market. See what flaws they have in their strategy and build upon your own. Our Los Angeles social media agency are experts in identifying and analyzing competitors for you!

Do a Quick Brand Check

At this point, you’ve established yourself and are almost at your goals. Brand consistency is key and a good cleanup task for this Spring.

Build trust, credibility, and awareness by answering yes to these 3 questions.

  • Is your profile or avatar the same on every photo?
  • Is your header or cover image consistent?
  • Are your bios, descriptions, and URL identical?

Measure and Analyze Your Campaigns Success

As you begin to wrap up your campaign, assess the progress made on your original goals. Measure both quantitative and qualitative results. By analyzing your campaign, you may discover some new information – such as how customers are using your products post-purchase, etc. You’ll see which tactics provided the most reward and which ones were unsuccessful. This is where your social media analytics service will come into play.

Create New Goals

As this campaign comes to an end, it is time to look onto the next season and establish new goals. If you met your goals with these last 6 steps, take those strategies and translate them into monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

See where you want to be in a year, 5 years, and even 10 years. Having goals and metrics appear on paper creates accountability and the drive to complete them. Our Los Angeles social media Agency is perfect for reaching your short-term and long-term goals!

Facebook Best Practices on Demographic Targeting

Many people do not fully utilize the customizable features in the creation of Facebook Ads. This is essential for receiving the full value of your ad dollars. Are you properly targeting your demographic with Facebook Ads to reach your intended audience? If not, we have you covered. In this article we’ve compiled a few tips on Facebook best practices when targeting your demographic.

Identify Key Audience Segments

Properly identifying your audience segments is one of the key principles of marketing. This allows you to create specific content that will resonate with your audience. Once you know exactly who you would like to market to, the rest of our Facebook best practices become a breeze.

Understand the “Detailed Targeting” When Creating an Ad

The second step to our Facebook best practices is to understand “detailed targeting” when creating an ad. Have you ever noticed the “detailed targeting” section while creating an ad, yet did not know how to use that feature? In this section one can specify demographics, interests or behaviors to ensure the right audience is reached.

1.) Demographics

Once you specify your audience, add their demographics to your campaign. Make sure to be specific as possible because Facebook allows you to be.  A few demographic options include education and income

2.) Interests

What interests is your product or service intended for? Whether it be cooking, shopping, outdoor activities or B2B marketing, Facebook has an interest for every industry there is.

3.) Behavior

If you are a Facebook marketing agency, you may want to find people who have recently purchased business marketing related services. By understanding their purchasing behavior, you can customize your ads better than before.

By utilizing the demographics, interests and behaviors sections in Facebook Ads manager, you ultimately waste less ad dollars on people who have no interest in your product or service.

Utilize the “Connections” Feature

The third step to our Facebook best practices is to properly utilize the “connections” feature in the Ad manager. Under this feature, one can dictate the ad to target people or friends who like your page. People who like your page can even be excluded from seeing the ad. The same principles apply to events or apps created by your business.

Facebook ads can be quite profitable when they are set up correctly and are as targeted as possible. Working with a professional Facebook marketing agency such as Bright Age can ensure the best quality and targeted ads for your business.

Determining the Best Facebook Advertising Objectives for Your Business

Facebook marketing is a highly rewarding way to expand your brand’s potential.  While its relevance should not be overlooked, fully taking advantage of what Facebook has to offer can be a daunting task.  An efficient Facebook advertising agency will help you use the social media platform to properly achieve your set conversion goals.  Below we’ve listed advice for successfully getting the most out of your Facebook marketing experience.

Choose an Objective

First things first, before you can begin creating your ad on Facebook, you need to select one of the available objectives.  There are currently 13 objectives to choose from, each having a slightly different function.  The overarching goal of your Facebook marketing campaign should determine the objective that you select.  Whether you are focused on brand awareness, clicks to website, or even conversions, being specific in your selection is extremely important.  Once you have chosen the perfect objective for you campaign, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Facebook optimizes your advertisements based around this selection.  This process is critical in achieving the best possible results and should be thoroughly considered.

Determine Ad Type

After your objective has been decided on, you then need to pick a specific ad type.  One of the most popular ad strategies offered by Facebook is that of the boosted posts.  Boosted posts are optimized towards achieving maximum engagements with your brand, such as likes, comments, and shares.  Remember that the popularity of a specific ad type does not necessarily guarantee its success for your specific brand.  Putting into play another ad type might be an option to consider if your brand is focused on more towards conversions than engagements.  The ad type selected should change to properly accommodate the previously decided on objective.

Adobe and Thermo Fisher Scientific ran a recent test to compare different ad types. A newsfeed ad versus a boosted post and a newsfeed ad versus a carousel ad were compared.  The end goal was to see which type worked better for reach and engagement.  Using the same image, copy, target audience, and spend, each simple advertisement ran for a period of one week.

The first test resulted in a surprising 101% more reach from the newsfeed ad than the boosted post.  Results came back similarly with impressions, showing almost 200% more on the newsfeed ad.  When it came to likes, comments, and shares, the boosted post outperformed the newsfeed ad by 80%.  This came as no shock, though, considering these style posts are aimed towards the goal of engagement.  This goes to show that your ad type plays a significant role in helping achieve your objective, and ultimately handing your brand its desired success.

A Facebook marketing agency, such as Bright Age, can help you focus on running the best possible ad campaign.  Selecting the right objective followed by the most suiting ad type can be challenging, but ultimately this is what will make or break your online success.

The Art of the Image: Making Engaging Images for Social Media


The image is the central unit of communication for online media today, not text. We are definitely in a visual society, and when text oriented sites such as Twitter and Facebook both say that they are switching to an image and video based publication platform, then the world had better follow suit or be left behind.

Images that are meant for social public consumption can mean the difference between a successful social media campaign and a stagnant one. Here are some of the best ways to create good images that have the ability to go viral and will definitely bring across your message on the platform.

Give the users unique content.

Do not overuse memes that have already been used. Once they get to you on social media, they are likely running out of steam in the first place. Original content gets the most juice, especially if you are trying to solidify a brand or an image online.

Use high quality stuff

There is no excuse for using low quality or grainy images. This is the same to a social media user as a sentence with nothing but misspelled words and bad grammar. Invest in a prosumer camera in order to take great HD pictures with no large out of pocket expense. The investment can last you for years! Not a photographer? There are sites such as Big Stock and Shutterstock where you can purchase photography and graphics to use for your images.

Make a statement.

Everyone loves a few words of wisdom, and pictures with witty sayings are actually more likely to receive positive social feedback in the forms of likes and reposts on all social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Give a unique look.

If you are doing social media management Los Angeles level work, then you are giving a unique brand to all of your content. This keeps people from stealing it and using it in their own campaigns as well as branding your business so that people will begin to recognize the style and look for your products on the open market.

 Make your content exclusive.

Everyone loves to think that they are on the cutting edge of something big. When you create your images, give the impression that you are telling a story that will come to fruition if the user clicks through to the website or further explores the history of images that you have on the major online media sites.

The success of social media management Los Angeles campaigns relies on the use of good images. Make sure that you follow the tips above for the best chance at creating an engaging campaign that will last for many years after its initial publication! Constantly creating content for your company or project can be a huge endeavor. Luckily, Bright Age, a social media management company located in Los Angeles is here to help. Bright Age creates, manages and posts content on all different social media platforms, making sure that your content is unique and true to your story. Contact us if you have any questions!


Bright Age Agency Partners with The Good Seed To Aid Los Angeles Youth

It’s estimated that there are about 4,000 homeless young men at any given time in the streets of Los Angeles. Most of these male youth come from poverty stricken families struggling to make ends meet. They are too old to qualify for social services aimed at children, and too young to have adequate means to support themselves. These factors can cause a lack of a sense of direction which can lead to hopelessness, drug use, crime and homelessness.

The Good Seed Shelter is a non-profit organization that provides social services and transitional housing to the underprivileged youth of northern and southern California. It’s centermost in a program that was started by the Good Seed Church. The shelter provides a host of services to Transition Age Youth (TAY) from the ages of 18 to 25. These young men are provided with basic human needs like food, clothing and a warm bed in a secure, homelike environment.

The shelter is committed to alleviating the painful issues associated with poverty and homelessness by providing counseling aimed at addressing substance abuse, learning life management skills, job training and independent living. Many of these young men are in need of mental health and medical services, and The Good Seed assists them in obtaining these. The Good Seed has partnered with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health in order to conduct intensive case management assessments to determine the individual needs of these underprivileged young men. This helps secure permanent housing, ongoing counseling and social services to further their stability and success after leaving the shelter. They are also given referrals to additional programs and resources they might need in the future.

Bright Age Digital Creative Agency is a well-established company that specializes in web design, graphic design and internet marketing techniques which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook advertising and social media management. The Good Seed asked them to design and produce ads aimed at grabbing the attention of homeless youth to lead them to the shelter. They were kind and caring enough to offer their services for free. The result of this partnership is a creative, well-designed ad that will be posted in 1,200 buses across Los Angeles. Homeless young men will often ride the bus continually through the late night hours in desperate attempts to find warmth and shelter, so these ads couldn’t be placed in a better location.

The professionals at Bright Age Digital Creative Agency are excited about this opportunity to help their community. These ads will help The Good Seed and Bright Age reach a large number of desperate young males and make a huge impact on the Los Angeles community. Bright Age has produced multiple versions of these ads in order to adapt to these young men’s different demographics. The ads are written in Spanish as well as English to reach Los Angeles’s large male Hispanic population.

This partnership between The Good Seed and Bright Age should stand as a shining example of what can be accomplished when organizations work together to better their communities.

latino youth english

Creative Ways to Utilize Social Media Management for Grand Openings

Launching a new storefront or restaurant in the online world is a way to maximize the potential growth of a company while expanding the target market and audience you are able to reach. Understanding social media management and online marketing today is a way to ensure you are capable of reaching any goals you have set for your business and the future you foresee.

1. Introduce Your Brand to New Audience With a Targeted Campaign

Using social media is a way to introduce your brand and what you have to offer to an entirely new audience with a targeted campaign in place. Whether you are promoting a local clothing store or a family restaurant in different cities, social media provides you the option of launching paid ad campaigns to begin promotion to any target market you have in mind.

2. Tease and Involve Consumers to Spark Questions

Whenever you are sharing the launch of a new company it is important to get as many followers and fans excited about the grand opening! Get followers excited by teasing with graphics, videos and imagery in addition to asking questions to keep them involved with staying current with your brand’s updates online.

3. Create a Countdown Prior to the Weeks and Days Leading to Your Grand Opening

A social media management tip that helps attract new followers and individuals to become more interested in your business is to create a countdown prior to the weeks and days leading up to your launch. Sharing countdown dates is a way to integrate social media advertising with any campaigns you have for your business currently.

4. Offer Special Exclusive Deals to Customers During the Grand Opening

Social media advertising includes the ability to offer special deals and discounts to loyal customers, fans and followers for the actual grand opening of your business and company. Giving customers exclusive deals is one of the best online marketing tactics to utilize.

5. Interact With Your Online Community

Any time you want to put social media to use for a grand opening of a company or local business it is imperative to communicate frequently with online followers and future potential customers. Interacting with your online community is not only a way to increase brand validity but it is also helpful with maintaining a positive reputation in your industry.

6. Offer Prizes for Those Who Check-In on Social Media at Your Place of Business

Offering prizes for individuals who check-in to your place of business on social media can keep them coming back for more and referring additional business to you from their own family members and friends.

Implementing a few creative methods of utilizing social media for grand openings allows you to draw the right crowd and attention to your place of business, regardless of whether you are working in retail or promoting a new local restaurant. Integrating social media at all times with new business launches allows you to build a name and reputation for yourself in any market or industry.

5 Ways to Stay Creative in Social Media Marketing

When social media first sprang onto the internet scene, there weren’t many marketers or entrepreneurs who put much stock into it. Social media began almost entirely as a platform for personal use. However, over the years, social networking brands have begun offering commercial entities opportunities to use their services for improving business and marketing. If you’re looking to get the best out of social media marketing but aren’t sure where to begin, these are five ways in which you can jump-start your creativity.

1. Find out what interests your audience. Most people utilize social media as a form of self expression and casual communication with peers. The sad truth is that most people in your target audience won’t immediately be interested in what you have to offer. This is why it’s your job to listen and find out what is important to your audience.

Based on what your audience already posts or follows, develop content that you know they will respond to. This takes a bit of research, but the insight is well worth it.

2. Make sure your content is “share-able.” Right now, the trends in social media sharing are list articles (for example, “21 Fluffy Cats That Will Put a Smile on Your Face”) and memes. People like sharing these types of posts because they are extremely relatable. Use these trends to your advantage by creating similar content that’s also relevant to your product or service.

3. Engage your audience. Even if you’re posting content that is attracting attention and followers, your job doesn’t end there. You should also be engaging your followers. If you make a habit out of posting content or advertisements that fail to evoke discussion, your followers are going to get bored extremely quickly. In turn, they could get annoyed with seeing your posts in general and eventually unfollow you.

Ask your followers questions on a regular basis, and don’t hesitate to jump into the discussion from time to time. Your audience will love the interaction on a personal, casual level.

4. Schedule your posts and use analytics. Rather than living in a state of mystery and wondering what your next post will be, take some time away to plan out your social media content all at once. This way, once your content is scheduled to post, you can use the downtime between them to analyze their performance rather than brainstorm new ideas for future posts. Analytics alone are great tools for determining whether your social media marketing strategy is worth developing further, or not worth the time at all.

5. Lastly, don’t focus your social media marketing strategy entirely on your business or product. Keep in mind that your content doesn’t have to be strictly about your business or product 100% of the time. Mix your content up with unrelated posts to keep things interesting and casual. You can easily find out what else you should be posting by, once again, checking out what else your target audience is interested in. The object is to speak to your followers on a personal, relatable level so that the bond of trust can be tightened even more.

Why Video in Social Media Marketing is a Smart Strategy for 2015

The rapid amount of communication that social networking allows is one of its greatest strengths, but it’s also one of the its greatest obstacles. People tend to jump from one thing to the next as soon as they have finished consuming that content.

This creates a unique challenge. Effective communications must involve information that is not only easy to digest, but also able to grab the audience’s attention.

Video in social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. It can keep a person’s attention while facilitating the proper mental processes to make sales and build relationships with consumers.

How Does Video Work With Social Media Marketing?

Video allows for content to be delivered to an audience in a format that’s easily digestible while retaining an individual’s attention. The best part is that video is often easier and faster to consume than plain text content or images, which means that it is more accessible to the busiest and most desirable of consumers.

The idea behind video in social media marketing is relatively simple. You integrate it just like you would traditional content that you would post on social media platforms, except that you can publish it in multiple places for a greater reach than what most other types of content would acquire.

The effect of video marketing is markedly different from other types of marketing. It creates an accessible connection that allows the person viewing it to quickly form an emotional connection, which in turn allows the story that the video tells to be more complete and compelling in a person’s mind.

The Versatility of Video

For example, say that you have a firm devoted to social media marketing Los Angeles publishing a video for a plumbing business. It details the common problems and preventative measures that owners can take to prevent their pipes from bursting in the cold months of the year.

This content can be published to the business’s website and to other places. It may be published on YouTube to gather interaction from people with Google Plus accounts, placed on Facebook, or published to another site that can host the video directly.

The link can the places where these videos can then be cross-promoted to Twitter and other platforms. It can even be posted to a company’s Google+ profile.

Unlike other forms of content, video does not suffer a penalty when it is posted to multiple places. This makes video versatile for spreading from one platform to the next.

The Interaction with Consumers

The spread of video is something that businesses like Cisco expect to expand quickly. They estimate that more than two-thirds of all consumer traffic will involve video by 2017.

The reason video in social media marketing is so much more powerful than regular content concerns how it can “pop out” to people whom view it. There’s no need to actively try to read words to interpret images, as moving pictures and audio can illustrate a story or present a problem and a solution that someone can view in just one sitting.

The real power of video for social media marketing Los Angeles resides in this unique quality. Video can give users a reason to pause through the rapid influx of messages that most social networks are inundated with so that the consumer hears only your message for a brief time.

This allows you to foster brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and establish things that will benefit your brand in the long run both digitally and in the real world.

Is 2015 the Year for Video Marketing?

The prevalence of video marketing is on the rise. More consumers will use it in their daily lives. Even mobile device users, which have been one of the most profitable demographics, are increasingly relying on video as broadband wireless connections become increasingly more affordable.

Video will become a part of social media marketing Los Angeles in 2015. While it may not be the dominant form of content for a few years, starting now is the only way to ensure that your customers will follow your brand’s messages.

The best part is that the results of video can be felt as soon as you begin using it.

This makes video marketing a sound investment now, and an even smarter idea for the future.

Five Ways to Engage Your Audience through Social Media Marketing

Social media nowadays is more than just the latest website teens flock to with stories of their lives. It is, instead, a means by which people can connect. By extension, it is a means by which companies can reach their customers while growing their audience. If implemented correctly, social media is an extremely powerful tool that can either make or break your success.

Know the Audience
Before you can even hope to come up with an engaging social media marketing campaign, you have to know who it is for. Different groups of consumers find vastly different things entertaining. In addition, what they find relevant to making a decision also varies widely. The better you know the group you are trying to appeal to, the better you can shape your image and your message. This alone allows you to focus in on the specifics, giving you the power to immediately veto anything that falls outside the realm of acceptable.

Know your Goals
What are you hoping to achieve with the campaign? Wanting to expand your brand requires a far different approach than wanting to maintain the loyalty of your current customers. Take the time to create an extensively detailed list of all of the goals you are hoping to achieve. Once written down, you can isolate the common theme and build from there. Audiences respond much better to organized social media marketing than they do to disjointed collections of shots in the dark.

Know your Customers
This is more than simply being aware of who usually buys your product. This is actually getting to know your customer base. Social media marketing has made it that much easier for people to reach out directly to companies they like or have a problem with. Scouring feeds and forums will yield extensive discussions on both important and not so important topics. Take out the gems and utilize them to make the company better than it currently is. If your customers know that you are listening to their desires, they will be much more inclined to stay.

Know the Metrics
The proof is in the results, but this is impossible if there are no results to pull from. Find a way to quantitatively measure how people respond to certain things. With this collection of data and graphs, you will be able to accurately predict how things will go in the future. Without it, you’re simply flying blind, hoping that what you do yields results.

Know the Value
People love good news no matter how much current media would not want you to believe this. Keep your community active by sharing with them the great things your company has been up to because of them. If they feel responsible for adding to great causes, they will have a much more vested interest in continuing their support of your business.

Customer engagement is far from a hard goal to strive for. Instead of seeing it as a challenging new outlet, look at it as an active collaboration of everyone who wants the best.