Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

More and more companies have had to change their approach to advertising with the growth of social media and e-commerce. Many social media sites have literally exploded to having millions of users, not just in the United States but worldwide. It is now possible to target audiences all over the world or just locally with the type of advertising that you utilize through social media campaigns. Bright Age Digital Marketing is a one stop shop to help educate you, streamline and develop your marketing plan, show you how to gain audience and turn that audience into buyers.

No matter how much traffic you drive to your website or get to “like” a fan page, unless they are actually spending money and becoming ‘converted’ consumers of your brands, then you are wasting your time and your dollars. Digital marketing Los Angeles is a competitive market and unless you fully understand how the social media experience works, then you are blindly trudging through the mire and probably losing time and money. You are busy running your business and this means that you probably don’t have time to become a marketing genius. That is what you hire the professionals for, so they can help you Los Angeles based business grow.

There are many sites out there to use and they can show you how to utilize all of them to the best capabilities. They can explain SEO to you and why it is important to use it (search engine optimization) to help search engines categorize your site and help consumers find you when they are searching for specific items and use certain keywords. This takes analyzing of your most searched keyword terms and using those to create content on your site that will be optimal for creating and bringing traffic to you.

Taking things one step further, they can assist with website development that will not only have them at your site but engaged actively in the experience of shopping on your website. Now that you have them there, the goal is to keep them there and get them shopping. Bright Age Digital Marketing understands all of this and can show you how they will approach building you business and your brand. An important piece of this puzzle not to miss is making sure that your website is designed for mobile marketing as well. With more and more people using Iphones, Android phones and tablet devices, websites have to designed with this in mind. They will help you with all these solutions so that you are available to all users.

LinkedIn The Largest Professional Network

LinkedIn, The Largest Professional Network -Digital Marketing

Linkedin provides the perfect Digital Marketing tool for businesses in Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles.

Anyone who is in business is aware of the power and importance of networking with like minded people. Facebook and other Social Media sites are great for people to keep in touch and join groups associated with their particular hobbies and interests. Professional people now have their own particular social media site and it is called Linkedin.

Linkedin provides the perfect platform to both network and find business partners. Lets assume that you are involved in Digital Marketing and live in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. If you want to meet up with other professionals in this area, you can go to Linkedin and check out the profiles of other members that match your criteria. You can then interact with them and exchange ideas and perhaps team up with them.

If you are involved in another field of business, it may well be that you are looking to engage the services of someone in Digital Marketing that is based in Woodland Hills,Los Angeles. You can then contact them through Linkedin and see if they match the profile that you are looking for.

In the past people exchanged Business cards and hoped to network in this way. However, with the advent of Linkedin, you can now network worldwide without having to leave your office. The Power of Linkedin means that you can have access to the largest professional network in the world by simply accessing the internet.

When you are looking for any sort of Digital Marketing in Woodland Hills,Los Angelesyou can find it with ease. Previously, you may have found the website of a company that you liked and would have contacted them formally. With Linkedin, you can check out the profile of the main players and contact them in a more informal relaxed way before you decide if you want to work with them.

The power of Linkedin gives you access to almost free advertising for your company or services. As long as you get your profile right and can get your key message across, you can pick up a lot of business and useful contacts. By Harnessing the power of Linkedin in this way, your business can expand in ways that you never thought possible.


Whether you operate in Woodland Hills,Los Angeles or any other part of the modern world, you really need to avail yourself of the power of Linkedin.

Using Foursquare and Check-Ins to Market Your Business

Getting your business to be recognized and stand out from the competition can be a very difficult thing to do. There are just so many resources out there, how do you know which ones are the best to attract the most customers? Getting onto as many online social services can be a great way to expand your businesses’ reach. Los Angeles based companies have found that the more social networking sites that your business is part of, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and FourSquare, the more potential reach you have to attract as many customers as you can. When utilizing a resource like FourSquare, having companies be able to reach you, know where you are, and see what kind of people visit your establishment, it is more likely to attract other customers and immerses you in the social activities that thrive on the internet. And in Woodland Hills, this is just as important as anywhere else. Here, you’ll find some of the best tips for using FourSquare and Check-Ins to market your business.

  1. Adding Your Business on The Service – First things first; adding your business is an instrumental first step in being active and social on the Foursquare network. This allows for people to find your business when they utilize the app. Not having your business on the registrar will eliminate your entire presence on the network! So get yourself signed up and then you’ll have the ability to be able to start being social.
  2. Become Social/Add Friends – There is only one way to spread the word about yourself, and that’s by adding friends to your network, then having them check-in and spread the word about your business. It’s important to try to get friends with a large network themselves, so that your potential reach is that much greater. Also, don’t forget those who regularly check in at your establishment; those are the people who you got into business for in the first place!
  3. Get Active – Make it known that your work at your establishment; check in there.  Maintain the account for your establishment and add in all of the discounts and perks that you are able to share with your followers. These are key to attracting many new people and keeping them happy about your services.
  4. Spread It – Be as frivolous as possible with all of the new things that you are doing with your company. Telling as many people as possible about it can be the best way to share whatever events or promotions you may be planning. Having a band play next weekend? Have a flyer circulating around the internet, along with a street team promotion. Having a Valentine’s Day Sale? Promote it through email blasts, paper pamphlets, and with every check-in you do leading up to the big day.
  5. Think Outside The Box – Offer exclusives and other incentives through your check ins and the FourSquare platform as a whole. Not only will this undoubtedly attract customers, it will make them feel special and privileged.  Be creative and have fun with everything that you do for your Foursquare digital marketing campaign.

Using Yelp to Market Your Business

Finding an appropriate way to market your business online can be difficult for some to thoroughly grasp. There are many factors that can cause a business to go from great to not so great, and just as many ways to go from a large online presence to a minimal, unsuccessful one. One of the best ways that many businesses have found to market their business online is through the use of many different social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Pinterest. All of these sources are great ways to connect with customers in a way that is sure to open a lot more possible doors. There are a range of methods that any business can use in order to attract more customers; here, you’ll find some of the best ways to use Yelp to market your business online.

For many Los Angeles based businesses, it’s important to be able to market your online business so that they can reach as many customers as possible. There is a large customer pool that can be attracted simply by coming up with the right marketing methods. Using online services such as Yelp!, a site that is dedicated to the social aspect of finding things to do in your city, can be as influential and necessary as starting the business itself. For many Woodland Hills business using Yelp, it is extremely beneficial to be able to use the web service in aspect like posting comments and reviews on similar businesses. This not only makes your business more accessible, but also will attract customers on the profiles that you post on. After adding your business on Yelp’s business site ( you can also post discounts and announcements for your establishment. Keeping your customers engaged and interested on what you’re doing, recent promotions, and special deals will have them anxiously lining up to be a part of whatever your establishment is doing. Engaging your Yelp customers by actively asking for reviews and feedback is another way to connect to your customers in a way that is mutually beneficial; not only will new customers look and see what your establishment has to offer, but you will also find out what you may need to improve upon in order to keep some other customers. All of this works to build your network around your establishment and become a great, profitable business.

Not only is making a profitable business difficult without your customers, it may just be downright impossible. One way to attract many customers is by using great online methods such as Yelp, making a way that new customers can easily find your business and find out what your business is all about. This is a great way to spread the word about your Woodland Hills business, all while making an effective digital marketing campaign. With the right tools at your disposal, you can go from a relatively unknown company that is still looking for customers, to a company that is reaching and bringing in new customer each and every day.

Bright Age is a Los Angeles based full-service digital creative agency with professional experience in online and social media marketing.

Use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business

The internet has without a doubt opened up a myriad of opportunities for both small and large scale businesses. It has proved to b a reliable platform where business can reach their target groups in the fastest and most cost efficient ways through the use of social networks. Recently Pinterest has become very popular and its users have increased significantly in the short period since its launch.

Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that gives users the freedom to create and manage image collections that are centered on specific themes for events, hobbies, interests and other things. Through this concept businesses have decided to take advantage of the capabilities that putting the photos and videos of their companies on the site have from a marketing point of view.

One of the reasons that it is extremely popular as a marketing tool is the number of people who use the social network. It has millions of registered users from all over the world. The target group is diversified and falls in the age group that most businesses want to communicate to.

According to recent statistics the age groups that favor the social network are the people aged between 25 and 54. This makes it possible for a business to target both the young and old people in the society. When it comes to gender there are more women who use the site as compared to men but the ratio is slowly narrowing.

The site can greatly enhance the content discoverability of a company. This will translate to more traffic for a website and will eventually lead to increased sales. This is because more people will get to know about a company.

It can be used to understand the customers well. It has been used by companies from all over the US in such cities such as Los Angeles to effectively engage with the customers and at the same time to give a brand a human touch. It can also be used to tell a story, communicate the values of the business or convey different messages that are important and will aid in the facilitation of direct sales.

There are certain tools that are used to track traffic that are extremely beneficial. A tool like Google Analytics can be used to aid in making the marketing strategy of a company more effective. They can be used to monitor what time of day a company gets the most traffic from the website, and then a business can use this information to come up with strategies that will fully utilize this data.

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