Move over Google Adwords Here Comes Facebook Advertising

Facebook will now be using the free demographic information that its customer base gives away in order to begin competing with the heretofore untouchable Google AdWords program. In many ways, the Facebook advertising program actually has the ability to outstrip Google. Because Facebook has much more access to the direct information of customers, it is able to provide a much better platform for businesses. Discover a  just a few of the ways in which Facebook advertising is actually better than advertising with Google.

Why is Facebook Advertising better?

First, the precision targeting that is available through Facebook is completely unmatched even by Google. Because Facebook keeps up with all of the information that its customers give through posts, likes, shares and app downloads, it has a much more complete profile of every person inside its database. Google has been trying to catch up by requiring mandatory use of the Google plus platform with Youtube; however, Facebook has one billion users as compared to Google plus’ 250 million users. In large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, the Los Angeles social media marketing that you can get from Facebook is unmatched.

Second, advertising on Facebook is at present much cheaper than advertising with Google. This may change in the future, but for right now, Facebook has advertising packages that are much more cost-effective than Google. This is a great step forward for small and medium-size businesses who do not have the budget that enterprise-level companies may have.

Third, remarketing is much better on Facebook. As one of the most effective new marketing and analysis tools, remarketing has the ability to save a marketer great deal of money. This can save a great deal of money on social media marketing Los Angeles based efforts.

In short, remarketing is a tracker that keeps up with customers who visit your website. On Facebook, you do not have to pay for this remarketing service. Once a customer visits your website and is captured by the tracker, then they will automatically receive remarketing ads without any more money coming out of your pocket. This is definitely not the case with Google advertising, and Google has no plans to change this in the near future.

Fourth, Facebook has a much bigger user base. People may use Google more often, but Facebook has more stickiness and better retention. It is therefore able to get better information from its customers. With this information, it can provide you with a better long-term service than Google can. You will be able to precisely target the people that you are looking for and keep up with them through their various travels on the Internet.

Los Angeles Social Media Marketing

Los Angeles social media marketing is a special case. If you are in a large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, then you need the utmost in marketing precision in order to compete.

The social media marketing Los Angeles trusts will definitely be faced with in the near future because the social media marketing Los Angeles needs is precise and to the point. If you are doing business in a city like this, then you would definitely help yourself to try Facebook instead of believing that you have to use Google for everything.

Why Babies, Animals and Food Work Well With Facebook Advertsing

You may have noticed the prevalence of Facebook advertising. This new method of reaching an audience is quickly growing, but particularly among certain groups: restaurants, baby suppliers, and animal groups. Why is this? The answer is rather simple.

Facebook provides low cost, easy to understand advertising, and a market so large that organizations can reach nearly anyone in the world. Because so many of the groups using Facebook have only limited budgets for their marketing efforts, they try to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way. Facebook fills that niche and gives them what they need. However, that doesn’t explain why it’s as popular as it is. Facebook users tend to do so in their leisure time. When they’re at home and relaxed or kicked back in a coffee shop somewhere, users are more at ease – which makes them more receptive to soothing topics such as food, babies, and animals. When their friends are posting half dozen pictures of their kids every hour anyway, another advertisement won’t bother anyone.

Food groups and restaurants, particularly start ups, are flocking to Facebook because of the low barriers to entry. They are able to reach their target demographic quickly and easily without the hassle of going through a proper marketing group and save money doing so. An additional reason is the community mindset that surrounds 20-somethings in this day and age; they all like to get in on the newest and most hip establishments, and supporting them through Facebook is a great way to grow exposure. Companies that appeal to this demographic take advantage of that fact. The same concept applies to babies. Facebook is a haven for new mothers’ every day you see tons of pictures of babies posted all over your newsfeed. Mothers are more than excited to show off their spawn into the world, and companies that produce products for babies target these new mothers and their enthusiasm. A rainbow-polka-dot onesie with a built in bottle holder? Don’t mind if I do! Animal groups, like the other two, target those with an interest in the topic. Facebook is used primarily by college students, many of which are activists taking part in preservation efforts and similar endeavors. Because animal protection groups typically struggle with finances and have very limited budgets, they are able to operate on Facebook without spending money, making it the best platform for them to use. Because a large part of their potential audience is already there, it’s not a far step for them to reach out to those groups.

We are a Los Angeles social media marketing company focusing on helping those in the local area improve their online marketing efforts. As a result, we spend an extraordinary amount of time studying what works, and more importantly, why it works. When our customers come to us for help with their Facebook advertising, we like to be able to explain exactly why we take the steps we do.We strive to provide social media marketing Los Angeles residents can trust. We understand the need for inexpensive ways of building an audience. When it comes to finding a Los Angeles social media marketing company, you can turn to us. We’ll be happy to get you and running and give you advice on establishing any sort of social media marketing Los Angeles needs.

The Best Times of the Day to Post on Social Media

Most people post on their social media accounts spontaneously and without thought. There is an increasingly efficient way of posting updates and all you have to do is post at the right time of the day. There are times of the day when more people are on their social media accounts and that is when you want to post an update on your account in order to allow it to be seen by as much traffic as possible.

Different social media websites have different times when traffic is at its highest. The information below shows the best and worst times to post on various social media accounts. This can be used as a general guide even though all users are different.

Here are the best possible times of the day to post on all of your social media accounts!

Pinterest: Saturday from 2p.m.-4p.m. and 8p.m.-11p.m.

Twitter: Weekends from 1p.m.-3p.m.

Facebook: Weekdays from 6a.m.-8a.m. and 2p.m.-5p.m.

Google+:  9a.m.-11a.m.

LinkedIn: 7a.m.-8:30a.m. and 5p.m.-6p.m.

Blog: Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11a.m.

In addition to best times, here are the worst times to post on your social media accounts!

Pinterest: 5p.m.-7p.m. and 1a.m.-7a.m.

Twitter: 8p.m.-8a.m.

Facebook: Weekends and 10p.m.-4a.m.

Google+:  6p.m.-7a.m.

LinkedIn: Monday and Friday, 9a.m.-5p.m.

Blog: 11p.m.-8a.m.

Look below to see detailed graphs showing the best and worst times of the day to post on various social media websites!









The Power of Integrating Cause Marketing Into Your Facebook Campaign

Facebook provides many opportunities to gain exposure for your business. Yet coming up with an effective Facebook campaign strategy can be challenging. One reason for this is that the field has become extremely competitive. With millions of Facebook pages, how do you set yours apart? One way to do this is by implementing cause marketing. If you’re looking for an effective social media marketing Los Angeles strategy, this is something you might want to consider.

What is Cause Marketing?

A cause can be a charity, event or movement that is intended to achieve some beneficial outcome. Money raised for a cause is not merely for profit, but is meant to help an individual or group achieve something meaningful. It’s also possible to incorporate a cause into a for-profit business model.

This is something that’s done quite frequently. For example, when a musical artist promises to donate a certain percentage of the profits from a concert to a certain charity, this can be considered cause marketing. While the motive may be genuinely altruistic, it can also help the business sell more products. Customers who want to support the cause are more likely to make a purchase when they know they’re supporting something they believe in.

How Causes Can Help You Market on Facebook

Many causes are active on Facebook. All kinds of charities and non-profit organizations have their own pages. So do millions of businesses. A business can also raise money for a cause, and this can be an effective Facebook campaign strategy. It gives people a good reason to become a fan of your page, share your content and purchase your products.

While you can set up such Facebook campaigns on your own, this can be a little complicated and confusing if you’re not experienced with this type of task. You will have to choose a cause, contact an organization that you want to support and figure out how you will raise money for it. There are some good social media marketing Los Angeles agencies that can manage this type of campaign for you.

Benefits of Incorporating Causes Into Your Facebook Marketing

Many large corporations integrate cause marketing into their marketing efforts. An example of this was Kohl’s holiday marketing campaign, where the store donated $500,000 to Toys for Tots and Feeding America while promoting a contest to win gift cards. Kohl’s Facebook fans were invited to submit uplifting photos and stories while voting for the entries submitted by others. Although this campaign wasn’t directly selling anything, it generated lots of good publicity for the company and gave fans a reason to promote Kohls’ Facebook page.

Another example was Johnson’s Mother’s Day Campaign. They posted Mother’s Day cards on their Facebook page and donated a dollar to Save the Children for every like or share on one of these cards. This was a simple yet very effective campaign that motivated people to share the company’s content.

While not everyone can copy the exact Facebook campaign strategy of a multinational corporation, it’s possible for anyone to implement this approach on a smaller scale. This is a way to increase brand awareness while supporting a worthy cause. Find the approach to social media marketing Los Angeles can be challenging, but cause marketing is an innovative way to generate good publicity for your business.

Marketing to Millennials This Holiday Season with Social Media Campaigns

When marketing to millennials this holiday season with social media campaigns, don’t take this demographic for granted. Our Los Angeles social media marketing team has what it takes to reach this group without trying too hard.

We Know Millennials “Don’t Just Tweet at Home”

Referring to millennial marketing, Ryan Donegan from the Huffington Host says, “We don’t just Tweet at home.”

They always have somewhere to go and always have someone to see. Bright Age Digital Marketing Agency understands this, and uses it to a company’s advantage when promoting brands.

Donegan also states, “We appreciate clever viral ads as much as the next guy, but if it doesn’t contribute any new information that we can discuss, then it dies on the social wall of the first millennial in a circle of friends to share it.”

Bright Age Los Angeles social media marketing professionals know how to create a conversation that trends for days. We even keep the online interaction going when people have to reply from their smartphone, tablet or netbook.

Do Not Disquise Ads

When marketing to millennials this holiday season with social media campaigns, we keep in mind they know what our clients are trying to do — advertise. Therefore, we always clearly say what we have to say on behalf of any seller and never disguise our ads.

Although we don’t try to fool millennials into thinking we’re just trying to entertain them, we still put on a good show. However, we provide the perfect balance between that and introducing products, services, brands and websites to them. This is how we stay relevant when representing businesses who hope to make a profit.

Never Insult Anyone’s Intelligence

“Lackluster, rushed special offers and overpriced products won’t work like they used to,” says Donagen. He also states that “we’re quite possibly the most informed consumer generation ever to face marketing professionals.” Likewise, he says that his group of friends will have done their research and spoke with their friends before buying a product.

When marketing to millennials this holiday season with social media campaigns, we never assume that Generation Y knows nothing. In fact, were one of the only Los angeles social media marketing agencies that realizes how much they do know. Therefore, all of our digital content reflects that.


Los Angeles Social Media Contests: Grow Your Brand’s Community & Engagement

It is easy to forget how much the web has changed in a very short time. Many of the people who foresaw the importance of social media ended up very rich, even though most people saw it as a passing fad until it hit the tipping point. At this stage in the game, a presence on social media has become essential for any business, large or small.

While companies use these new tools in a variety of different ways, social media contests can help get a business more recognition in a fun, engaging way. People love sharing what they love, which is the most powerful driver behind Los Angeles social media contests. However, getting a contest right can make a huge difference when it comes to completing the objectives set out at the beginning. A social media management service can keep businesses up to date about changes in international, national or Los Angeles social media contests.

The Viral Power of Los Angeles Social Media Contests

A social media marketing agency will generally employ a variety of tactics to get people excited about a campaign. Social media contests thrive when customers not only click and enter themselves, but when they also share their passion with others. Suddenly, from a simple fun activity for existing customers, a company has a viral campaign that spreads the word on its own. This offers the obvious benefit of saving extra money on marketing. It also means that the offer and, by extension, the product promotion, takes on a life of its own.

Viral Success Through Brand-Specific Contests

The key to viral success lies in product and customer knowledge and combining that with an idea that reflects something essential about the brand. Many a social media management service has made the mistake of offering up a free prize that has nothing to do with the core values and associations with the brand being promoted. This might result in some quick clicks, but those quick clicks will also be quickly forgotten.

Rather, companies should aim at getting all customers, new and returning, to come back and interact with the concept and the brand itself. This encourages a deeper relationship between customer and brand. With this in mind, any promotional offer, reward or prize should reflect an intrinsic aspect of the brand and how it relates to people’s lives. People love free stuff, but a social media agency Los Angeles or any other major market hosts has to develop contest incentives appropriate for each brand.

Los Angeles social media contests have impacted several companies and industries. The contest put on for this document company is a great example of some of the elements a social media agency Los Angeles embraces can achieve. The company carefully selected a prize that was valuable and rare, as the production may not come again to the city. It also picked a production that reflected the tastes of its customers and its broader demographic base of educated, savvy professionals with a particular comedic sensibility.

Los Angeles Social Media Contest Example

Drawing in New Customers

Of course, the ultimate goal for a brand during social media contests is attracting new people to discover it. As posts on social media often appear visible even to third parties who don’t know the original poster, an online sensation can bring in people who have never used or even heard of the brand. A social media marketing agency can help ensure that all the various stops on the web have been covered, which results in more opportunities for a wide variety of people to access the contest.

A final benefit of these contests can be easily overlooked by a social media management service. After the conclusion of the contest, a thorough analysis of how customers interacted and participated during the contest can prove as beneficial as the process itself. Whether internally or in conjunction with a social media management service, Los Angeles-based companies can get to know what makes their customers perk up and pay attention by evaluating each aspect and stage of the process. This data will serve to focus future campaigns online.

Using a Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media contests come in all shapes and sizes and each one should be approached with the brand and its customers in mind during the entire process. While companies often rush to get anything online just to have a presence, a close look at the objectives, means and results of a contest will greatly improve the likelihood of success. We know online marketing and can create stellar contests for businesses of any size looking to make a splash in social media.

Los Angeles Social Media Contests: A Complete Guide

If you are living in the city of Los Angeles and you want to grow your online presence or boost the reputation you have with your business online, there are plenty of ways to go about doing so with the implementation of social media. Putting social media to use is possible by hosting contests to attract new customers while keeping your current loyal followers coming back for more. Understanding the benefits of social media contests and how to get started will help you to ensure you experience success with any campaign you are launching for your brand or entire business. Working with Los Angeles digital marketing professionals is highly recommended when you are getting involved with Los Angeles social media contests for yourself.

What is a Social Media Contest?

A social media contest uses communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and even LinkedIn to promote brands and individuals professionally to engage audiences, make sales and gain loyal followers over time. Using social media in Los Angeles to host a contest is ideal if you are promoting a new brand that you are building from the ground up or if you are trying to bring awareness to a brand and business that is already established and successful.

Creating Your  Own Social Media Contest

Once you are familiar with what a social media contest is and you want to get started, it is important to determine the audience and demographic you want to appeal to as well as the budget you have for the contest prizes you plan to give away.

You must then determine how you want to reach your audience and the message you want to convey. Creating visually-appealing graphics and materials is also highly recommended to get even more exposure when you begin to launch a social media contest campaign. Updating frequently and communicating openly with your online followers as much as possible with attract more individuals to become interested in your brand.

You can also work together with a Los Angeles digital marketing company that can provide professional services and teach you how to implement social media as effectively as possible, regardless of the type of audience you want to reach.

How to Seek Professional Assistance

You can find all of the professional help you need with social media in Los Angeles with Bright Age Digital Marketing Agency, a company that provides professionals who can help you gain insight into your company while promoting it properly through the use of social media itself. Working together with the Bright Age Digital Marketing Agency is a way to host Los Angeles social media contests without learning all about your demographic and the frequency you should update your followers on your own.

Knowing how to properly implement social media contests is an effective way to market and advertise anything from products and services to content you share on a blog. The more you get involved with social media contests you hold the easier it is to build an audience of individuals who are genuinely interested in your brand.

Tips For Effective Social Media Integration

Social media is one of the finest ways to promote your business. With the increasing popularity of social media it has become easy to get the best outcomes for your business. Some of the very popular platforms for connecting with people are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. which are definitely the best and useful to a great extent. There are lots of business owners who finally understand the benefits of social media and finding it a great tool to expand their business and ensure proper branding. A planned approach is very necessary or else you will not get expected results.

In order to utilize social media to the best level, here are a few tips and tricks that can prove useful for you.

  • Understand your audience – The most important part of planning your promotion is to get familiar with your audience. If you are promoting cosmetics then it is obvious that women will be more interested in such services. This means that your target audience is women and you need to focus on them. That is why it is necessary to get in touch with your people and promote your services accordingly.
  • Plan your goals – If you want to get top class results, it is essential that you have a goal in mind. Once you have planned for your goal, it becomes quite easy to reach the target. Make sure that your campaigns are fully prepared and to make them successful you have to put in lots of efforts. Try different techniques which not only serve the purpose but prove valuable for your business as well.
  • Take help from professionals – In order to get the best outcomes, you can also take the help of the professionals as they are familiar with the various techniques. They can guide you with the right approaches and the ways in which you can concentrate on better promotion techniques. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, you can employ any of the mediums for the top notch results.
  • Determine your success – Just planning the marketing techniques is not enough but it is necessary to measure the amount of success obtained. It ensures that you are moving in the right direction and what kinds of changes that can be made to get more refined results. That is why it is considered a good option to measure the success at regular intervals.

So with the help of the planned approach, you will be able to utilize the interesting features of social media. If you are looking for social media marketing  in Los Angeles, please contact us.

Promote Your Brand on Twitter Using Hashtags

Twitter is one of the hottest social media marketing sites out there today, and when it comes to plain old social media strategy, well, there’s quite a bit that you can work through and use to expand your business and profile online. In fact, there are a few simple ways that you can use Twitter – and specifically, hashtags – to promote yourself and your business and brand in time online.

Here are just a few of the things and ideas that you can take away as solid social media strategy components when it comes to using Twitter hashtags properly:

First, what are hashtags?

Great question! Hashtags are those words on Twitter that are preceded by the pound (“#”) sign in every tweet. You can click on hashtags and search organically for things without having to type in or find manually any sort of information, and hashtags can quite often be a simple and straightforward way to categorize and use information.

Ideal for breaking news and other serious and speedy events, hashtags are also effectively used by communities looking to get the most out of their business brands, as they can help promote major issues and more when it comes to having users find information rapidly, and follow information easily.

Create your own and pump it out!

You can create your own hashtag that reflects your business, whether it’s about a specific product name, or something else. These hashtags can allow people to discuss your brand, your business, your products, or anything else on Twitter while providing a forum for people to see and understand how important and how effective your brand and products are.

Because hashtags are publicly searchable, too, it’s easy to promote yourself with them, as well as track others who use the hashtag to follow up on their experiences with your brand. Hashtags are an ideal way in this manner to start conversations with followers of your brand, and for that reason need to be an ideal and significant part of your social media marketing strategy across the board.

Jump on other hashtags and make it relevant

Instead of just creating your own hashtags, though, it is possible for you to jump on others’ hashtags, too. You need to be careful about this – if you use other more popular hashtags as part of your social media strategy, it’s important to see to it that they are relevant topics and in good taste for your brand – but piggybacking on another hashtag can allow you some popularity without having to slowly and methodically build a brand on your own over a much longer period of time.

Hashtags are one of the things that separates Twitter from a variety of other social media sites, including Facebook – and for that reason, is one of the reasons why Twitter is so effective when it comes to being used professional and in a worthwhile manner. Check out hashtags the next time you are on Twitter, and make them a part of your own social media strategy!

Discover The New Pinterest Analytics Platform

Pinterest has recently rolled out a brand new analytics platform – and it’s about time! Obviously, Pinterest was the social media darling in 2012, and while some of its valuations may have been a little bit overhyped at the time, it’s clearly a force to be reckoned with for individuals, bloggers, brands, and businesses looking to get into the creative and visual spaces and make an impact with their products.

The analytics platform, like all other analytics platforms, tracks sales and conversions in the sense that you can begin to understand what resonates, and which content drives traffic. But what do you need to know about the platform itself? And how can you use it to your advantage to drive more content, traffic, and discussion over your pin boards and your business in general?

Pinterest is an incredibly important part of strategies surrounding digital marketing in Los Angeles and elsewhere, and when it comes to social media marketing in general, there are a few things to be made aware of regarding this platform’s analytics space:

Accessing your Analytics

First and foremost, you must have a business account to get the analytics platform – which can be done by signing up for a business account in the first place, or converting a personal account into one on the site. From there, you can catch your unique data in their “Analytics” menu.

Analytics on Pinterest

The data itself is a literal gold mine, allowing you to track all sorts of numbers, including: what pieces of content are being pinned from your website, unique visitors coming to your site from content, which pins of you are being repinned, unique visitors who are repinning your pins, unique visitors you received to pins on a certain date, how many visitors have ever visited your website directly from Pinterest, how many times a visitor clicks on your website, and a longitudinal analysis of whether or not your statistics are increasing or decreasing over time.

Bright Age Pinterest Analytics

Fine tuning Pinterest information

The great thing about Pinterest’s analytics platform is that you can not only fine tune your data in terms of time period and other important information, but you can also export data into a CSV file to keep and use for your company needs as you please. It’s similar to Google Analytics in a way, in that you can find out exactly what sort of content is resonating and what is truly working on your platform, and with your customers, in order to truly get the most out of your Pinterest time and investment and ensure that you customers enjoy what they see, keep coming back for more, and keep growing your business socially.

Pinterest and Your Brand

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s more important now than ever before to not only be involved in the space, but be smart about why and how you are going to achieve results. For digital marketing in Los Angeles and other areas, there are few sources to turn to in order to help with this process – but Los Angeles social media experts do exist to get you the most out of a Pinterest account and ensure you receive top dollar analysis for your investment.