Developing KPI’s For Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

The first step to starting a social media campaign for your brand, is to define your business goals that will help in developing your strategy. Commonly used goals within a social media campaign are increases in engagement, increases in brand awareness, or increases in customers. But how do we measure if these goals have been achieved? A carefully developed set of KPI’s will aid in giving you the answers you seek.

KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, are tools that can help measure your success in achieving your social media objectives. By optimizing and regularly monitoring these KPI’s, you can set your brand on the right path in further reaching your goals. Here are some KPI ideas to help start you off on measuring the performance of your brand’s social media strategy.


Using impressions as a KPI defines the success of your strategy’s reach by quantifying how many people have seen your social media content. Though a singular person can generate multiple impressions, for example, on a Facebook post, higher numbers of impressions over time generally implies that viewers are being exposed to, and are more likely to trust and interact with your brand later on.



Engagement on your social media is driven over time by the number of clicks, likes, tags, positive comments, retweets, or shares on your social media pages. Using engagements as a KPI focuses on measuring your brand’s noticeability. For instance, a repost or tag on Instagram indicates that your viewer is interacting not only with your brand but with their own community as well. In other words, how much do your viewers like your branded content? The more your viewers react and engage, the more likely they are to notice and remember your brand in the future.


Click-through Rates/ Website Traffic

Engagement, however, must translate into an actionable decision on your viewer’s part to buy into your brand. A KPI to help measure the success of this transfer is by click-through-rate and/or website traffic.

A click is an actionable move made by your viewer, and a click-through rate deciphers whether or not if you’ve successfully redirected your viewers from social media campaign to website page. Once there, they can have the opportunity to purchase your product or service. This KPI demonstrates how your social media strategy has possibly generated more customers for your brand. If social media engagement is high, but website traffic shows little improvement, then this might be a sign to improve your content or call to action.

Sales Revenue

As a business, one of your objectives is most likely to increase your sales revenue. As a KPI, sales revenue determines success by looking at the conversion rate of how many of your customers found your brand through social media.

Customer Service

Because social media is one of the easiest ways to interact and connect with your consumers, it also becomes a channel through which your brand can provide superb customer service. Using this as a KPI, you can track the number of issues your brand has resolved through social media and can see how well your company is doing through the eyes of your consumers.

Share of Voice

Share of Voice is reflective of how much of a leader your brand is within its industry. As a KPI, share of voice asks how you to analyze how much buzz you are generating compared to your competitors. Measuring this can be done through tracking the messages being shared about your brand, filtered by a specific keyword or hashtag, and then comparing it to those of your competitors. If share of voice is low, looking at your competitor’s campaigns and seeing what they’re implementing may help you decide on the next steps to improve your own social media strategy.

7 Tips for Marketing Your Business This Spring

Whether you’re starting a social media campaign or doing some spring cleaning, your business can always use some useful social media marketing tips. A Los Angeles social media agency such as Bright Age is perfect for getting your business on the right track. With our social media marketing tips, your campaign will reach your target market, move in the right direction, and create a presence that will solidify you from your competitors. Here are our 7 social media marketing tips for getting your business going this Spring!

Choose and Build the Right Campaign

This first step is the most crucial in starting or maintaining your campaign. Set reasonable goals and establish the tools necessary to reach them.

Different campaigns give different results – Choose a social media platform that will get you to your goals. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn all have different capabilities and reach. Creating the right combination and content between these platforms is an essential first step.

Choose an SEO and Social Media Analytics Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a deciding factor on whether your business will make it or break it. No matter how great your product is, without your market being properly informed it is practically useless. Having an SEO engine will assist you in getting your brand some good exposure.

Use a social media analytics service – Services such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite will let you know how effective your social media posts are. You’ll see which posts created the most buzz, which demographic it appealed to, how many impressions it made, and ultimately if it was successful or not.

Reply/Engage with Your Fans

Do your best to build a lasting relationship with your fans on a personal level. Like and comment on their photos to build favorable attitudes towards your brand. Additionally, do the same on potential customers posts for brand exposure. Doing this helps humanizes your brand and increases your social prescence.

Look at Your Top Three Competitors

Take a look at who you’re competing against, especially the top 3 competitors in the market. Compare your strategy with theirs and see what puts them at the top of the market. See what flaws they have in their strategy and build upon your own. Our Los Angeles social media agency are experts in identifying and analyzing competitors for you!

Do a Quick Brand Check

At this point, you’ve established yourself and are almost at your goals. Brand consistency is key and a good cleanup task for this Spring.

Build trust, credibility, and awareness by answering yes to these 3 questions.

  • Is your profile or avatar the same on every photo?
  • Is your header or cover image consistent?
  • Are your bios, descriptions, and URL identical?

Measure and Analyze Your Campaigns Success

As you begin to wrap up your campaign, assess the progress made on your original goals. Measure both quantitative and qualitative results. By analyzing your campaign, you may discover some new information – such as how customers are using your products post-purchase, etc. You’ll see which tactics provided the most reward and which ones were unsuccessful. This is where your social media analytics service will come into play.

Create New Goals

As this campaign comes to an end, it is time to look onto the next season and establish new goals. If you met your goals with these last 6 steps, take those strategies and translate them into monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

See where you want to be in a year, 5 years, and even 10 years. Having goals and metrics appear on paper creates accountability and the drive to complete them. Our Los Angeles social media Agency is perfect for reaching your short-term and long-term goals!

Top 3 Reasons to Work with a Social Media Marketing Agency

Top 3 Reasons to Work with a Social Media Marketing Agency:

When a business enters into the social media world, they must first learn how to use social media. This goes far beyond just signing onto social media and retweeting articles, but knowing how to create enticing original content, when to publish content at the right time, and who to show the alluring posts to. As the internet grows every day, so does the amount of content and ads seen by online users. Consistently keeping a strong social media presence engages clients and connects with company partners to the next level. Even if a company considers itself technically intelligent, hiring a social media company is key to success! Here are three reasons why to work with a social media agency in Los Angeles:

Who? What? When? Where? Why?…The Internet

Have you ever wondered what people are saying about a certain company? Needed to know the closest location of a restaurant chain? Having trouble with a product or service after work hours? The first thing you probably do is search online, whether it is Googling a company or Tweeting a business about a specific issue, the internet usually solves all of your questions…and quickly!

Social Media presence is essential to keeping current customers and gaining new ones. During times of crisis, people turn to the internet for help, and your business needs to be able to stand firm and engage with the audience. Businesses are increasing digitally, increasing communication from bi-monthly postcard mailings to weekly email newsletters. As these digital trends evolve, it is essential to partner up with a social media company that can take care of all the online communications. Social media marketing agencies in Los Angeles specialize in knowing about the most important social trends online.

Constantly Consistent

With the help of a social media marketing company, businesses can increase awareness among consumers and hone their brand. Social media management teams specialize in personalizing posts for specific target markets while keeping a company’s image. Combine this expertise with social media platform proficiency and you have hit the jackpot! Instead of personally making sure every post holds the voice of your company, social media marketing companies often keep master sheets with tips and keys to success when speaking to your clientele. This is essential when diving deeper with your consumers and maintaining a positive relationship with them.

Additionally to keeping posts and interactions with customers consistent, social media companies help businesses post onto platforms constantly. Each social media is unique. Whether the platform only allows a certain amount of characters or is used primarily for starting a conversation, social media agencies in Los Angeles recognize the differences and leverage on them.

Concentrate on your bottom line

CEOs already have a lot on their plates. Overviewing VPs in management, marketing, human resources, and accounting is overwhelming in itself, but now add in the digital marketing world. Sure companies can combine social media marketing in their direct marketing department, but do the social media accounts receive as much attention as they take in? Does the company’s email marketing strategy execute well? How about increasing the SEO of your company while decreasing their website’s bounce rate? If the answers to these questions are no or I’m not sure, hiring a social media company in Los Angeles might be for you. These specialized companies understand that a business is juggling multiple departments at once. With the help of a social media agency, businesses are free to spend time increasing efficiency in other departments.

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