7 Tips for Marketing Your Business This Spring

Whether you’re starting a social media campaign or doing some spring cleaning, your business can always use some useful social media marketing tips. A Los Angeles social media agency such as Bright Age is perfect for getting your business on the right track. With our social media marketing tips, your campaign will reach your target market, move in the right direction, and create a presence that will solidify you from your competitors. Here are our 7 social media marketing tips for getting your business going this Spring!

Choose and Build the Right Campaign

This first step is the most crucial in starting or maintaining your campaign. Set reasonable goals and establish the tools necessary to reach them.

Different campaigns give different results – Choose a social media platform that will get you to your goals. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn all have different capabilities and reach. Creating the right combination and content between these platforms is an essential first step.

Choose an SEO and Social Media Analytics Service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a deciding factor on whether your business will make it or break it. No matter how great your product is, without your market being properly informed it is practically useless. Having an SEO engine will assist you in getting your brand some good exposure.

Use a social media analytics service – Services such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite will let you know how effective your social media posts are. You’ll see which posts created the most buzz, which demographic it appealed to, how many impressions it made, and ultimately if it was successful or not.

Reply/Engage with Your Fans

Do your best to build a lasting relationship with your fans on a personal level. Like and comment on their photos to build favorable attitudes towards your brand. Additionally, do the same on potential customers posts for brand exposure. Doing this helps humanizes your brand and increases your social prescence.

Look at Your Top Three Competitors

Take a look at who you’re competing against, especially the top 3 competitors in the market. Compare your strategy with theirs and see what puts them at the top of the market. See what flaws they have in their strategy and build upon your own. Our Los Angeles social media agency are experts in identifying and analyzing competitors for you!

Do a Quick Brand Check

At this point, you’ve established yourself and are almost at your goals. Brand consistency is key and a good cleanup task for this Spring.

Build trust, credibility, and awareness by answering yes to these 3 questions.

  • Is your profile or avatar the same on every photo?
  • Is your header or cover image consistent?
  • Are your bios, descriptions, and URL identical?

Measure and Analyze Your Campaigns Success

As you begin to wrap up your campaign, assess the progress made on your original goals. Measure both quantitative and qualitative results. By analyzing your campaign, you may discover some new information – such as how customers are using your products post-purchase, etc. You’ll see which tactics provided the most reward and which ones were unsuccessful. This is where your social media analytics service will come into play.

Create New Goals

As this campaign comes to an end, it is time to look onto the next season and establish new goals. If you met your goals with these last 6 steps, take those strategies and translate them into monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

See where you want to be in a year, 5 years, and even 10 years. Having goals and metrics appear on paper creates accountability and the drive to complete them. Our Los Angeles social media Agency is perfect for reaching your short-term and long-term goals!

How to Use a Social Media Campaign to Enhance SEO

Ranking higher in search engines is a major key to having your business be discovered. Who you are as an entity can impact how well a page does in a regular web search. Higher web traffic and greater levels of engagement equate to improved search engine rankings.  Here you will find a few methods to enhance your search engine optimization while using a social media marketing campaign.

Method #1

Include links in your social media campaign to enhance SEO. Links published on social media are considered to be higher quality. Not only this, the more link-backs to your website contribute to a higher ranking in Googles SERPs.

Method #2

One easy way to rank better in searches is to build a high-quality following. Running a social media campaign gives you the opportunity to reach more potential followers. Keep in mind that Google can tell the difference between followers who are real or fake. Building organically-as opposed to buying followers- is a sure fire way to shoot your page to the top. As your audience grows, every social media marketing campaign becomes more beneficial to you.

Method #3

Key words are important for your social content, website, blogs etc. Not surprisingly, they are a fantastic way to enhance your SEO when utilizing your social media marketing strategy. Keywords allow your content to be searchable. Make sure to choose keywords that are as specific to your business as could be. Your intent should be clear.

Method #4

Make your campaign shareable by creating engaging social media marketing campaigns. Include high quality and creative content with catchy phrases or words-also known as “link-bait”- that resonate with your audience. Make them want to share what you are offering. Also, make sure to choose the correct content for your intended audience. This will ensure that you will receive the most value from your advertising dollars. Lastly, do not forget to include the links! Having your audience click on your links is the best way to promote the popularity of your content.

Running a social media campaign is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, customer engagement and brand affinity. Utilizing an effective social media marketing strategy can help you boost your overall SEO. As a marketer, you should be actively involved in your SEO strategy in order to maximize your customer reach. Here at Bright Age, we have extensive knowledge about building strong social media campaigns that will set your business apart from the rest.

Four Tips for Optimizing Your Business’ Google Local Search

It is important to optimize your local SEO to improve your business. More Google searches means more business and the higher you rank, the more traffic that is driven to your website. These helpful tips will improve your business’ Google local search within your area.

A social media agency can help you choose and adjust the perfect search terms and program them to your website to optimize your results.

Use a variety of search terms

Businesses must use multiple search terms in order to ensure they rank relatively high on Google. It is recommended that companies take into consideration at least three different variations of one search term. An example discussed by Moz pertained to a user searching for a dentist in Costa Mesa, California. Moz mentioned that you could expect this user to search “dentist” (with the geographic location as Costa Mesa), “Costa Mesa dentist”, and “dentist Costa Mesa”. Having these three different styled terms as your focus keywords will increase SEO and consequently display your website higher in Google rankings. Now, people looking for dentists in Costa Mesa will be prompted to visit your website because of the strong search terms programmed for local Google search.

Overall Website Experience

A responsive and engaging website will also result in a better SEO. To create the best possible user experience, having an active and easy to navigate website is necessary. This is crucial because consumers want to be able to find the most important and relevant information quickly. In addition, Google ranks websites varying on how long they can keep users engaged and active on their site.  The longer a user stays around and the more interaction that your website receives are all taken into account when it comes to SEO.

Responsive Website

Websites that are mobile-friendly are also taken into account when it comes to SEO rankings for local Google searches. Much searching is done on mobile devices, especially when it comes to local businesses. Google will rank websites differently depending on whether or not the can be easily accessed on mobile phones to provide a seamless experience for their users wherever they are. Making your business’ website mobile-friendly is critical in today’s society due to the fact that many people rely on these devices for important information. Consumers expect to view websites just as conveniently on their mobile devices as they can on their desktops.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB), is tool for companies to manage their online presence on Google. GMB is free, easy-to-use, and will benefit any and every business. According to Google, businesses that verify their information with GMB are twice as likely to be deemed reputable by users. When companies verify themselves with GMB, their phone number, hours of operation, and address are immediately accessible to the consumer which helps overall business.

Using the right search terms, website, mobile apps, and Google My Business can raise your ranking on Google, and working with a digital creative agency can help you navigate your way through Google and their algorithms. Businesses must find a balance between these four useful tips to improve their local Google search. A digital creative agency, such as Bright Age, is a great way to achieve this much desired balancing in the world of SEO.


Author: Alyssa Perel

Alyssa is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies with a minor in Marketing at San Diego State University. Her interest in social media and marketing has grown vastly over the years and she enjoys discovering new things about this field every day. You can connect with Alyssa via Facebook and Instagram @aperel.

How to Utilize Social Media to Increase SEO

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool.  While the general population might be using it to keep up with Tim from your high school geometry class, as marketers the potential is entirely different.  If done correctly, the power of social media can be harnessed as a world class advertising tool, driving more traffic to your website, and ultimately leading to increased business revenue through search engine marketing.

Currently, there are two main ways to market your business via search engine, and while both share similarities, in only one does social media play an important role.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is a direct way to get your business placed at the top of the results in a standard search engine.  A search engine marketing agency can help with choosing the right keywords to invest advertising dollars in when focused on appearing in the paid search results on major search engines.  This is a beneficial way to advertise if your focus is catching the attention of a specific audience, and a search engine marketing agency can help you do precisely this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization also handles the focus of achieving a noticeable spot in search engine results, but goes about this process in a more “natural” way.  A search engine optimization agency can help you receive website traffic from the free, organic, and natural results on search engines.  Achieving this naturally placed advertisement can be done through a variety of ways, including both on page and off page factors.  Similar to the world of advertising, the means of increasing SEO are continuously changing, but social media remains an ever growing influence.

Utilizing Social Media

As SEO continues to become more and more complicated in the ever growing clutter of the internet, a search engine optimization agency, like us here at Bright Age, can focus on getting you the most bang for your buck.  Social media plays an influential role in the factors that search engines use to determine where your website will naturally display in the results.

Establishing a presence on social media is first necessary to assist in growing SEO.  Not only is a general presence needed, but a powerful one at that.  Having 5 followers and 2 posts will not do much good in the long run if you are focused on increasing SEO.  More followers mean more presence and also increased credibility.  Follow other accounts and engage with online users, for this will not only make your business seem more relatable, but will also get the name of your business better spread across the internet.  The more tweets, likes, and shares from others the better.

Engaging with users isn’t enough, though.  Keeping up with trends and utilizing them in your posts will maintain your business’s relevance and, at the same time, draw you more attention from other users.  A good search engine optimization agency will be using both trends and hashtags in posts that they share over social media.

Lastly, social media was created to allow connections.  While businesses might not have that same focus of connecting with Tim from geometry class, they are interested in connecting with customers.  Take advantage of this aspect of social media by getting them involved in the conversations.  Ask your customers and other online users questions, make them feel involved in your product, and also wanted.  By using your online voice and attracting others, you will be building yourself a reputation at the same time as your relevance to other search engines will become known.  Social media is an excellent way to not only get your business’s name out there, but plays a large role today in the ability to increase SEO.  With a search engine optimization agency, the natural incorporation of your business into search results on the internet should come hand in hand.

Why Restaurants Should Use Social Media Advertising

Reasons Why Restaurants Should Use Social Media Advertising

Continue reading for the reasons why most social media agencies believe that social media advertising is crucial for restaurants.

Directly Target Your Audience

Ever look up the best restaurants in your area? Order food online while at the office? Observe delicious photos or hashtags from foodies around the world? There are thousands of users surfing the web every day and social media advertising targets those who are looking for their next meal. With social media advertising technologies such as Facebook Custom Audiences or Lookalike audiences, businesses are able to retarget current customers, or create advertising audiences based on those who visit their website. By teaming up with a social media agency, restaurants can witness higher engagement with their target audience.

Turn Customers into Spokespeople

Now more than ever, people rush to social media platforms to share or communicate experiences throughout the day. Interacting with customers who share photos of your food or service nurtures the consumer-business relationship. Also, the more shares your advertisement receives, the longer life that ad has. Social media agencies believe that the extension of ad life allows for more outreach to friends of friends, aka potential customers. Additionally, the more buzz and mentions your company receives on social media platforms aids the Search Engine Optimization on Google, furthering increasing awareness and engagement among old and new clientele.

Boost News and Deals

Opening a new location? Offering a deal to those who Like your Facebook page? Social Media advertising is perfect for telling customers about the latest and greatest promotions. By creating a sense of urgency about certain upcoming events on social media, more consumers will visit your website or comment with questions on your social media platforms. All of this is great for strengthening your brand online and in-store. Additionally, you will be able to compare a variety of posts to see which Call To Action engages more customers. Is offering a deal causing positive chatter? Are customers excited about new menu items? All of these questions can be answered after reviewing a post’s analytics, which is usually performed by social media agencies.

Budget- Friendly

One of the best reasons why restaurants should use social media advertising is the pricing. With a variety of social media platforms, most ads are set up with a particular budget in mind, for example, spending $20/day. The pricing for social media advertisements tend to lean much cheaper and gain many more interactions than search engine advertisements. The main goal of social media advertising is not to only promote restaurant buzz, but to talk and develop deeper relationships with customers. To learn more about restaurant advertising on social media, contact us today!

AuthorSummer Malone

Summer is a social media marketing enthusiast with a passion for marketing analytics online, trending hashtags, and flux capacitors. Summer often feels sad for the TRex who is unable to connect to the internet. You can connect with Summer via Twitter @SummerMaloneMKT.

A Social Media Marketing Agency’s Strategy to Organic SEO

A Social Media Marketing Agency in Los Angeles’ Strategy to Organic SEO


First Page Importance

Why is ranking as one of the first three websites on Google essential? According to DigitalTrends, 68.75{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of the global search engine pie is occupied by Google and billions of searches are being processed per day. The most preferable spots a company wants to show up on Google is one the top three organic links or at least appearing on the first page. Click-through rates increase the higher a company lands on Google, which is why landing in the top three is essential. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is essential for businesses to raise awareness of their products, services, and brand image. By partnering up with a social media marketing agency in Los Angeles, SEO techniques are strategized and implemented, magnifying a business to its fullest potential.


Organic SEO tips and tricks

While companies can pay to appear first on Google’s paid advertisement spots, appearing on the first search page organically is the best way to generate traffic to its websites. The first approach to organic SEO is to take advantage of popular search keywords or phrases. By implementing these keywords into company websites, title tags, and meta description tags, Google recognizes the correlation between searches and website content, boosting a company’s website ranking. Another technique our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles practices are backlinking important companies, such as Google, to raise credibility of articles. Additionally, companies should check content and website links and ensure that everything clickable sends users to correct pages. This procedure will help Google crawlers navigate through a business’ website faster, allowing more traffic to hit the website, while decreasing bounce rates.


Be Truthful

Give your audience the content they are looking for. As a social media marketing agency, we know that fooling the search engine by misleading users to see a company’s content, even if it is irrelevant to them is bad news bears. This method is also known as “cloaking”, is frowned upon in the industry and will result in a ban from Google. Another no-no social media agencies in Los Angeles must recognize is the overuse of keywords, also known as “keyword stuffing”. Repetitively using phrases or keywords on a page actually decreases page rank, and could resulting in banning as well. One rule of thumb suggests using the keyword every 100 words or so.


Get Social

The best way to appear on the first page of Google organically is to incorporate social media platforms. Does your business have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn? How about a YouTube channel? By integrating social media platforms, there is more content available to users about your company. Not to mention, online engagement among consumers boosts search results, as individuals are interested or fascinated with what they are talking about. Contact our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles and let us strategize your organic SEO plan today!


AuthorSummer Malone

Summer is a social media marketing enthusiast with a passion for marketing analytics online, trending hashtags, and flux capacitors. Summer often feels sad for the TRex who is unable to connect to the internet. You can connect with Summer via Twitter @SummerMaloneMKT.

Top Five SEO Benefits of Blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often marked as arcane subject akin to calculus that only the initiated are privileged to fully grasp and put to use. While SEO may be difficult to understand, it is vital to ensure the success of business bloggers in Los Angeles. The benefits of blogging are manifold, from building trust among your customers to sharing information to establishing yourself as an expert in a particular field. Boosting your SEO rankings is the key to ensuring a vibrant site that makes it to the top of search engine results. Below are five methods you can use to help improve your search engine optimization.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be an extremely beneficial way to increase your SEO rankings if you work with individuals wh o are experts in their fields. The popularity of these writers will help drive traffic to your website and boost your rankings. In order for guest blogging to be a viable option, you will need to thoroughly screen potential bloggers with interviews and “background checks” to ensure that they are trustworthy.


Keywords were once the magic key to achieving the highest rankings with search engines. Extreme keyword densities, purposely misspelled keywords and awkward keyword phrases were commonly observed phenomena in the SEO world. With the advent of the new Google algorithms, however, keywords no longer have the same punch as they once did. Keywords are now required to serve some purpose. Instead of keyword stuffing, focus on offering real information and using keywords naturally.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that Google returns social media in its search results? Connect your blog to your social media accounts to give your website another “hook” for search engines to snag. Use search terms in your meta descriptions and titles to ensure that your search engine optimization through social media listings is increased as well.

Keep It Fresh

According to Google, “Search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven…are best when they’re fresh.” One of the main benefits of blogging is that you have the opportunity to offer regularly updated content for search engines to feed on. Large amounts of new content are signals to Google that your blog is up-to-date and therefore more relevant than those that aren’t updated regularly. Try to update your blog with fresh content at least once a week to ensure that your website receives a high ranking.


Images are another tool that search engines use to rank sites. Be sure to name them according to relevant search terms/keywords. Do the same with the alt-text to ensure that those who are unable to see the images on their screens receive a relevant image description.

Search engine optimization can be a daunting task for those whose schedules do not allow them the time to do it well. If you’re in this situation, consider Bright Age. We are a social media management company in Los Angeles that assists clients with their websites and blogs. Trust us to help you with any SEO-related questions or social media marketing needs you may have.

Google Plus One for Business

Google Plus One for Business

Some companies like Bright Age Marketing have been harping on the need to set up a Google Plus One page for businesses. In the light of what has been happening with online marketing Woodlands Hills businesses should seriously ponder over whether they should review the entire strategy.

While most businesses have understood the power of social media in Los Angeles, many have remained constrained to Facebook, Twitter and of late Pinterest. It has to be noted that effective online marketing Woodland Hills businesses and those in all other districts of Los Angeles need to capitalize on Google Plus One.

There can be several benefits of creating such a page but many businesses have been questioning or rather speculating if Google Plus is a little too late to the party. A concept that companies like Bright Age Marketing has been basing their argument on is that the two most professional social media Los Angeles businesses could benefit from are Google Plus and LinkedIn. It is not subject to any debate that these two platforms are the most professional. Most other social networks and social media are either aimed at personal networking or to create a bridge of social communication, not something diligently focused on business domains or industries.

While getting more followers, the power of brand exposure and having omnipresence in the virtual world are obvious benefits of creating a Google Plus One page for your business and its marketing in Woodland Hills, the larger picture or the larger reward is much more satiating and desirable.

Google Plus is an integral product of the Google family. Almost everyone would have seen how Google has brought together its web search, news, maps, YouTube, Google Plus and all other specific products or services onto the search engine home page. It is an initiative and a very well planned one to bring about a paradigm shift of monopoly in the world of internet.

SEO or search engine optimization is at the core of any strategy using social media for Los Angeles businesses and it is without an iota of doubt that Google plays the most extensive role in online searches. Content on Google Plus page of a business, its brand exposure and following on such a platform would invariably get more significance and promotion through Google searches and other services of the company.

A Google Plus One page of a business would get a ranking that no page of any other social network or media would ever manage to get.

Click here to set up a Google + Business Account.

Bright Age Digital Marketing Agency offers an array of customized Online Marketing services that fits your businesses unique needs. We provide service throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area specifically Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and the San Fernando Valley.


Use Search Engine Optimization to Attract Customers Organically

Strong search engine optimization is crucial for the success of your businesses website. One of the most important tools used by marketers, businesses and individuals to market their products, reach their customers and interact regularly is the internet. This powerful medium of communication and interaction is one of the best ways and one of the most affordable means by which small businesses and all other businesses can advertise their products, market their services and promote their brands. This basically is one of the most effective means of advertising and is very reliable because it reaches out to a large community of internet users with millions of potential consumers. It is much cheaper in Woodland Hills to make use of the internet so as to get organic results rather than paid up advertisements or placements.

In order to get organic search results using search engines, a business will need to market using SEO friendly processes. There are various procedures and if properly applied will see a business make the top ten list on the first page of search results generated by an internet search engine. When coming up with such a strategy, it is important to consult an internet marketing professional in order to come up with a successful strategy. Businesses within the city of Los Angeles will be well advised to consult a local internet marketing professional in order to successfully launch their online marketing campaign.

The first step basically is to come up with a professionally designed, attractive and presentable website. A web design firm can be contracted to develop such a website. The costs are within reasonable limits and will usually include design of logos, placement of products, texts and presentation of various designs so that a final product is adopted. A successful campaign leading to organic results will include the identification and use of certain keywords within text contained in the website. The keywords are important and can be formulated by brainstorming, discussion and trials between the business owner and the internet marketer.

It is important to also make use of other practical internet tools such as links. There are various types of links such as back links, inbound links and internal links. Back links redirect traffic to a particular website from other websites. Internal links will link the different web pages within a website. All these links are important and the more links, the better but for as long as the links are of great quality. All these services will help improve the organic results using search engines and can be affordably provided by Los Angeles internet marketers.

Bright Age is a Los Angeles based full-service digital creative agency specializing in social media management and search engine optimization.