3 Tips That Will Transform Your Email Marketing

Below are some super tips for email marketing from our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles. Learn how to increase email marketing open rates and bring awareness of your content to potential consumers!

Capture the Audience

In order to motivate subscribers to click and engage with emails, know your audience and compose the subject line accordingly. The subject line should include certain keywords that create a sense of urgency that will ultimately increase read rate. However, be careful not to include clickbait words like “the secret of” or “shocking”. Remember that analysis is necessary and an ongoing process in email marketing, so pick one variable at a time with a specific sample size and test, test, test!

In regards to content, our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles suggests sticking to your brand. For example, luxury brands should focus on quality and prestige, instead of humorous messages or quirky references. While it is not bad to bring humor or a variety of emotions to emails, your company should remain consistent with its brand and mission statement in all posts and content, including email blasts. Also, test links for smooth readability before official deployment to subscribers, this includes mobile, tablet, desktop, and webmail. By verifying emails with HTML and avoiding Base64 coding, more people will be able to view emails more effectively and decrease landing in spam boxes.

Increase Subscriptions

By growing subscribers, you are able to raise awareness of your products or services. In order to successfully increase subscribers, consider adding an easy sign-up form on your business Facebook page. This will allow users to subscribe immediately, rather than having to personally visit your website. Most importantly our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles urges businesses to promote articles or deals on social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram. With more engagement, potential consumers are more likely to explore the company’s home page and opt in for emails. Finally, consider capturing email addresses from those who immediately visit your website by utilizing popup subscription forms.

Grow Inbox and Reduce Spam

If emails are unable to reach a majority of inboxes, the inbox display rate for other subscribers decreases, and the chance of appearing in a spam box increases. Not to mention, the chance of being blocked by Internet providers increases. In order to reduce the chance of entering as spam into emails accounts, monitor current subscribers and remove faulty emails, like heather@gmal.com, or phony accounts, like email@email.com. There are some data quality tools that will validate emails for you, such as Experian, Bulk Email Checker, or Kickbox. Another way to increase the number of valid email subscriptions is to offer easy options for users to update email address preferences. Want more advice on email marketing strategies? Contact us for a specialized email marketing plan designed just for your company.


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