Facebook’s New Hyper-Local Ads will Target People within a Mile of a Business

Facebook’s mobile omnipresence and drive for location sharing abilities has manifested with their new launch of super-targeted local advertising and virtual location targeting that’s geared towards getting consumers to visit nearby brick-and-mortar stores. Before long, physical businesses will have the capability to target ads to potential customers that are within a certain distance of their store’s location, which is essentially known as location targeting. Advertisers can predetermine a radius of their location as small as a mile if they wish and their ads will display on consumer’s web browsers or mobile phones. These new and innovative Local Awareness advertisements will be ready for business owners in the U.S. shortly and worldwide over the upcoming months.

Facebook’s hyper-targeted local advertising has been in the works for a while now. It obtained Rel8tion back in January 2011, which already implemented this type of ad targeting. Then, VP Carolyn Everson had the notion in June 2012 that location-conscious mobile phones could possibly one day facilitate hyper-targeted local Facebook ads, and so the plan took root and moved forward. Although the ads are in real-time, ultimately brick-and-mortar businesses could have the ability to pre-bid to hyper located audiences and reveal them to potential customers as they enter the targeted area.

Today, with more than 1 billion mobile phone users, several of which provide Facebook complete access to their specific location along with laptop users who volunteer key information including their location through their IP address and the city they currently live in, has easily provided Facebook all the information it needs to turn hyper local advertising into a reality. Thanks to its latest launch of its ‘Nearby Friends’ feature, Facebook advertising also has real-time location access on people using that particular tool.

Businesses can select an address from their Facebook page or simply key in their address, set up their radius, age range, gender, add a message and photo, and Facebook advertising will route the targeted ads to people close by. They can even choose to add directions in their ad through a unique button that will automatically launch a map app on the user’s mobile phone.

How easy would it be to simply walk down the block and receive an ad for a nearby clothing store or bar-and-grill that’s located right around the corner from where you are? Undoubtedly the ads wouldn’t be as effective if they included the whole city. But by focusing on consumers within just a mile, Facebook advertising can literally drive people to nearby brick-and-mortar businesses leading to actual sales. That’s cutting-edge marketing and something that local businesses are very interested in and currently can’t get anywhere else.

Ultimately, Facebook could potentially combine its ad network and retargeting capabilities with hyper location targeting so that virtually any business you frequent could target you with a relative ad in Facebook or even another kind of app when you’re close by. But for now, that’s in the future. As always, Facebook continues to seek new and better ways to make money.

It’s crucial to stay on top of the latest social media changes in order to successfully stay in the game. Facebook and other social media platforms are constantly changing. Therefore, if you need help effectively managing your social media platform, let Bright Age help.

Instagram now being used as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Instagram Is Now Being Used as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing site that has high potential as an effective social media marketing tool. Instead of only shared daily experiences passed between friends, Instagram can also alert a business’s customers to new sales specials, events or even how-to information related to a certain niche. Instagram paid advertising is now available for business owners as an option for increasing online visibility.


Instagram’s Effect on Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing Los Angeles, an Instagram account can serve as a localized advertising platform for companies in this city and its surrounding boroughs. The main effect of Instagram on social media marketing is the proof that a strictly image-based rather than a mainly text-based social site can be an effective advertising platform. A well-timed and interesting snapshot can catch visitors’ attention just as well as a typed slogan or comment.


How Instagram Reaches Targeted Audiences

Instagram users who follow a business’s profile will receive the latest posts from this company, including images and short video clips. While a good percentage of Instagram users access the site through their smartphones or tablets, a desktop version of the site is now available for potential customers who would like to view it with their web browsers. Just as with other forms of social media promotion, a company’s Instagram posts will reach the highest visitor numbers when those posts arr tightly targeted. Background research about a target market’s preferences, likes and common Instagram habits needs to be a high priority.


Benefits of Joining Instagram as a Business

Joining Instagram and building a strong profile allows both small and large businesses to reach a wider online audience with a high number of social media savvy members. Word-of-mouth recommendations through Instagram can carry a great deal of weight with frequent Instagram users who have large numbers of followers. Instagram also has features that allow business owners to build and encourage follower engagement. Some popular examples of engagement on Instagram include hosting photo contests, giving out Instagram-exclusive promo codes and sharing followers’ Instagram posts.

Just as with any social media platform, keeping Instagram followers engaged is the best way to keep those followers. The social photo-sharing site allows behind-the-scenes glances at a company, particularly at conferences and trade shows. Photos customers and fans post and hashtag with a business’s name can be some of the best forms of Instagram advertising.

Instagram Social Media Tool

Instagram Social Media Tool

Foursquare Changes Now Benefit Social Media Marketing Professionals

Social Media Marketing: Foursquare Splits App into Two Separate Experiences

Foursquare is one of the most widely used social media apps worldwide. Since its inception, people have used it to check into their favorite social networks and show off where they have been. The owners of Foursquare have monitored how this app has been used and have perfected it so that it can benefit both social media marketing professionals and average everyday users alike.What Changes Have Been Made?Historically, Foursquare used to be an app that allowed people to share their locations with others on social networking sites. When users went to their favorite stores, restaurants, tourist attractions, malls and parks, they could let their friends know by using their tablets or phones. The app would use these devices’ location tracking features to determine where users were located, and then these individuals could select the option to share. Now, Foursquare has redesigned its app to allow for two different experiences, sharing locations and receiving personalized location recommendations based on users’ preferences, likes and previously visited locations. The name of the portion of the app that is to share locations is called Swarm. Swarm will work like Forsquare did previously before the changes were made. The Forsquare portion of the app, on the other hand, will provide users with personal recommendations.

How Foursquare Changes Benefit Social Media Marketing Professionals

The changes have made social media marketing easier than ever before because companies are able to better promote their brands to individuals who are searching for what they want or need and meet target markets. Let’s say, for example, that a company wants to reach out to prospects in the Los Angeles area, this company will then need to contact marketing experts who will engage in providing social media management in Los Angeles. A top quality firm that specializes in social media management in Los Angeles will need to use social networks to target users who frequent places in that town or who reside there. Bright Age digital creative agency in Los Angeles is a fine example of an outstanding marketing firm that will offer such a service to businesses needing to effectively and efficiently reach their clientele. Once targeted ads have been placed and marketing firms have used other techniques to reach out to people in a specific geographic location, the app can recommend these companies to people who actually want to do business.

How the Changes in Foursquare Benefit Average Users

Average users will not have to look far to find the things they want or need. All they have to do is use Swarm to check into all of their favorite places and set preferences in Foursquare, and the Forsquare portion of the app will allow desired places to show up according to preference. Users will always have a good experience and will be more likely to do business with recommended companies because these recommendations will be shown according to taste.

With these mutual benefits, average everyday people will always find what they desire, and they will not have to be bombarded with annoying advertising. Marketing experts will reach their goal of meeting their targeted market much quicker and easier than they ever imagined. No longer are advertising dollars going to be wasted on people who have no interest in a particular product or service.

Bright Age digital creative agency in Los Angeles is a full service firm that specializes in providing social media management services to a multitude of clients in a variety of industries. Company owners who are in need of expert social media management in Los Angeles can contact one of our friendly customer service representatives and receive optimal marketing solutions that will dramatically increase profits. Bright Age digital creative agency in Los Angeles offers exceptional quality services at unbeatable prices. Our professionals are highly trained and make providing social media management in Los Angeles their number one priority. It is our guarantee that nobody walks away unsatisfied.

Using Snapchat as a Social Media Marketing Tool

In order to market successfully online using social media, it is important to continuously evolve a marketing strategy to improve results. Since the field of internet marketing is constantly changing with new technology, it is important for businesses to keep up with these latest trends. Snapchat has emerged as one of the leading photo messaging applications available in the marketplace. It allows users to share photographs and videos with their friends, which are commonly referred to as “snaps”. Users can then socially chat about each photo and video in order to pass the message on to friends. Since an increasing number of users are utilizing Snapchat today, it is growing in importance as a social media marketing tool.

Advantages of Snapchat

Businesses that adopt Snapchat will get to take advantage of an emerging marketplace where customers might be participating. As a growing social media network, it currently has 500 million videos and photos being shared on the channel each day. As proof of the platform’s potential value, Facebook offered $3 billion for the platform in November 2013. Additionally, Google offered the company $4 billion for a buyout. Both times, the company refused to accept the sale and instead took venture capital a month later. In face of being offered such large sums, the confidence of the company’s founders shows that the social media marketing tool is worthy of notice for businesses looking for growth opportunities today.

Using Snapchat

As part of a social media strategy, Snapchat offers businesses a way to share photos and videos of products in a place where customers will visit. By participating in this new channel, businesses can develop closer relationships with their potential and former customers. As part of a social media strategy, businesses should share new product updates, fun activities around their office, and participation in community events. By keeping the tone of posts and other content conversational in nature, businesses will likely be able to reach their target market by using Snapchat. This has the potential to make for more effective social media management in Los Angeles and around the country.


One great advantage of marketing with Snapchat is that it has extensive features that can potentially enable businesses to geotarget customers. By using a feature called geofilters, businesses are able to add a customized sticker to photographs that can only be seen by people within a specific geographic area. This means that images can be customized to an extensive degree to enable businesses to connect with customers in a specific area. By utilizing this effectively, businesses will be able to reach their target market locally at several different places at a time. For example, this could be used for social media management in Los Angeles to display specific photo elements only in the geographic area.

As an effective social media marketing tool, Snapchat will only grow in importance in the coming years. Businesses engaged in social media management in Los Angeles should start taking advantage of this new digital marketing strategy today in order to gain a competitive advantage over business rivals.

The Role of Social Media Marketing in Very Small Businesses

If you’re running a small business and you’re not taking advantage of social media marketing, you’re missing out on a virtual gold mine of new customers. If you are using social media marketing but you’re not doing it effectively, you’re even worse off- at that point, you are investing something which is doing nothing for your business- and may even be hurting it.

Deciding whether or not to outsource your social media marketing may be a tough choice to make, but it can rapidly increase profits for you and easily pay for itself if you pick the right company, like Bright Age, who is an expert in social media Los Angeles. They are able to create a buzz about your business and get people interested in it. If you can get likes on your Facebook page or followers on your Instagram or Twitter accounts, you’re exposing yourself to more potential customers, and if you’re putting quality content on those pages, it won’t be long until those potential customers turn into full-fledged customers.Social media is one of the most powerful tools that businesses in the modern age have. And it would be a shame to waste that tool. When it comes to social media Los Angeles, there is nobody better suited for the job than Bright Age. Running a successful social media marketing campaign takes alot of time, effort, and carefully executed decisions. By outsourcing, you’re getting a company that dedicates all of their time to social media- they know the ins and outs of all the websites, and they are the first people to learn all about the new big players in the social media world. The days of Facebook and Twitter being the only social media sites on which you can get business are long gone. And with a social media Los Angeles company helping you out, you can ensure that you have a strong presence on each and every one of them.So give Bright Age a call today and talk about what they can do for you. Once they get to work, you’ll quickly see how unbelievably powerful social media can be for getting more customers or clients to contact your small business. Just like your business is undoubtedly one of the best in your field, so too is Bright Age. They will get you more customers specifically through their mastery of the social media world, and it will only cost you a fraction of the profits that you will end up making simply because they gave you a helping hand.

The Best Times of the Day to Post on Social Media

Most people post on their social media accounts spontaneously and without thought. There is an increasingly efficient way of posting updates and all you have to do is post at the right time of the day. There are times of the day when more people are on their social media accounts and that is when you want to post an update on your account in order to allow it to be seen by as much traffic as possible.

Different social media websites have different times when traffic is at its highest. The information below shows the best and worst times to post on various social media accounts. This can be used as a general guide even though all users are different.

Here are the best possible times of the day to post on all of your social media accounts!

Pinterest: Saturday from 2p.m.-4p.m. and 8p.m.-11p.m.

Twitter: Weekends from 1p.m.-3p.m.

Facebook: Weekdays from 6a.m.-8a.m. and 2p.m.-5p.m.

Google+:  9a.m.-11a.m.

LinkedIn: 7a.m.-8:30a.m. and 5p.m.-6p.m.

Blog: Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11a.m.

In addition to best times, here are the worst times to post on your social media accounts!

Pinterest: 5p.m.-7p.m. and 1a.m.-7a.m.

Twitter: 8p.m.-8a.m.

Facebook: Weekends and 10p.m.-4a.m.

Google+:  6p.m.-7a.m.

LinkedIn: Monday and Friday, 9a.m.-5p.m.

Blog: 11p.m.-8a.m.

Look below to see detailed graphs showing the best and worst times of the day to post on various social media websites!









The Benefits of Using a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency

Power Up Your Business With A Digital Marketing Campaign By Working With A Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency

Everybody has a web presence. Whether you’re a college student, have a great product idea, but lacking an audience or small business owner you can share what is happening in your world through Facebook, Twitter or even your own personal blog. For a business, a strong web presence can make or break a company’s prospects for success. As business owner you’ve probably got your hands full managing your staff, handling customer service and keeping your supply chains flowing. Do you really have time to engage in a full-court digital marketing campaign? That’s why you should be thinking about partnering up with a Los Angeles digital marketing agency to launch and maintain your online brand.

Consider these benefits of working with a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Firm:

All the Expertise

You’ve probably put a lot of effort into learning all aspects of your individual business. Did you think you needed to become a web wizard, too? Actually, you don’t have to when you hire an experienced digital marketing agency. They’ve already done the homework for you! The moment you partner up a Los Angeles digital marketing firm you’ll be getting expert advice about online marketing strategy. You won’t have to understand the various platforms you’ll need your campaign to adapt to or the frequency of SEO keywords in your content. They will also be on the cutting edge in terms of what new technologies can be adapted to your brand. Most importantly, an experienced digital marketing agency will stay ahead of the social networking trends. They’ll be 100{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} plugged into what is trending 24/7. That means your business will be plugged in, too!

All the Time Benefits

There is a reason why you hire outside vendors to handle certain aspects of your business. That would be the time factor, as in you don’t have enough time in the day to do everything. Keeping up with digital marketing is a time intensive process. As a Los Angeles digital marketing agency will tell you, you’ve got to be aware of the best times of the day to launch a Facebook post or send out a Tweet. If your business is national or global then you have to adapt to all of those time zones. Do you want to be sending out an update at 2:00 a.m.? That’s what a Los Angeles digital marketing agency is for: to save you time but still provided you with all the power from a strong web presence.

All the Profits

Along with all that expert advice and more time to focus on your business, working with a Los Angeles digital marketing agency is going to set you up for greater success. You can’t run your business in a vacuum. You’ve got to get the word out. As of this writing, there are over a billion Facebook users and over 500 million Twitter uses. That doesn’t include all the LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Digg and dozens of other social media networks. Wouldn’t you like to tap into just a fraction of all of that traffic? Working with a Los Angeles digital marketing agency can pull some of that traffic your way. All you’ll have to do then is stand back and watch your business grow.

Contact us to learn more about our customized digital marketing services.


Facebook Marketing for your Businesss

There are quite a few things businesses need to be doing nowadays when it comes to marketing, promotion, and more, but one of the first things that they need to do is be aware of how they can use Facebook Marketing to improve your business outlook and financial health in the long run.

While a discussion of business and Facebook Marketing can get unnecessarily complicated over time, social media in Los Angeles and digital marketing in other major areas of the country makes it clear that any small or medium sized business needs to have a presence on Facebook if they hope to attract new fans and improve their business opportunities over time to ensure that they get the most out of their work and their reach.

Facebook Means You Can Broadcast to Many Different People

The more Fans you have and the better presence you have online, the larger of an area of people that you can broadcast your information towards online! If you’ve got thousands of Fans, those people can move your message along faster and share it on their own Facebook pages, than somewhere or someone who may only have 100 or 200 Fans to their name, and you can improve sales in turn.

Facebook Can Improve The Reputation Of Your Brand and Company

It doesn’t really matter what industry you happen to be in, reputation and branding, is really, really critical, right? When it comes to Facebook Fans, then, this is no different; in fact, in Facebook, the amount of Fans you have helps your brand and reputation over time as you work to develop a persona online.

For organizations that have a great deal of Facebook Fans, their brands are better off as opposed to organizations who have very few Facebook Fans or other issues. Build your reputation with more Facebook Fans, and watch your influence in this sphere grow!

Facebook and the Fans Make You Look Damn Good – And That Matters!

The more fans that you have at your disposal can help make you seem and look like an influencer, and a serious person who deserves to be trusted and listened to about any sort of topic. Fans help make your brand and organization legitimate, as you work and move ahead in getting to the bottom of your Facebook needs and strategies, and thousands of Fans can provide for you an amazing sense of accomplishment and a great option for growing your business and brand.

Facebook Marketing provides a stellar opportunity for businesses that are looking for something reliable but also worthwhile and incredibly effective in connecting fans and more. For that, then, it’s critical that you make it a point to work with Bright Age Digital Marketing other social media opportunities in Los Angeles to ensure that your digital marketing needs are taken care of and adequately represented in a professional way on Facebook to get the most out of your account and sales numbers in due time.

Digital Marketing Using Foursquare to Build Customer Loyalty

When it comes to digital marketing your business with social media tools and techniques, there are literally hundreds of things out there that you can do. But if you are like most people, you just don’t have the time to do every single one, and take advantage of every single site and account.

So how do you choose between them, and how do you make it a point to get the most out of your social media marketing in Los Angeles or elsewhere, without running out of time and money doing it? Here are just a few things you can do with one of the hottest new sites out there today – Foursquare – a location based site that allows users to “check in” to places and locations and develop through their social networks a more complete understanding of where they are.

Using Foursquare to market your business is ideal first and foremost because you can use it to attract people who are already nearby you and your location. If you are in Woodland Hills and digital marketing is something you need, for example, you can use Foursquare to attract people who have checked in already nearby your location.

These people see your location on Foursquare, and they can seamlessly read reviews and see what others have to say about your business based on their friends’ recent check-ins on the social media site. In turn, then, you get the most out of this experience because you can attract these customers in and in turn use them to promote your business for you.

Many small businesses have success marketing their organization through Foursquare and gaining customer loyalty when they work to incentivize Foursquare check-ins in the first place, too. That means, for you, to encourage people to check in to Foursquare when they are at your business by giving them a reason to do it.

If you, say, own a coffee shop – it could be a free small cup of coffee for every time they check in and review you well on Foursquare, or something similar. In turn, then, not only do you attract new business and encourage people to come after you and your company using digital marketing means and ways, you also encourage customers to evangelize your business for you, and promote it to their friends on their Foursquare feeds for the entire world to see and use.

Foursquare, then, becomes your platform to digitally market your brand and to attract new customers based off the happy reports and reviews of their friends, who are your current customers.

For people seeking Woodland Hills digital marketing help, or social media marketing in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we can do a great deal, too, when it comes to getting the most for you out of your Foursquare presence. While it can be difficult to figure out, there is no excuse not to work with a professional digital marketing business to improve your company’s digital presence and sales numbers!

Creating a Powerful Infographic For Your Businesses Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Using Infographics

Infographics are here to stay, and as social media has become an unstoppable force for digital marketing, infographics will only be here for the long haul, get on board now, and learn how to use them to improve your brand and business today!

People love pictures. Increasingly, too, people on the Internet need pictures and images, instead of lots of words and text that just blend together and lose people over time. Infographics, then, have become wildly popular as far as tools that can teach and convert people using social media marketing techniques and massive potential within search engine optimization, digital marketing and elsewhere online.

We know that infographics are amazing, and that many people in the social media marketing world rave about them and the potential that they hold for brands, companies, businesses, and more. But what makes infographics so special, anyways? And what do you need to do when you create one to ensure that you truly get the most out of your infographic and improve your business in doing so?

Digestible Information

First and foremost, people just don’t have a lot of time online any more. For that reason, and perhaps that reason alone, it is critical that you are direct and digestible with all of your information online. Instead of long-winded blog posts, use an infographic to get your point across, and make it imminently digestible and more as you move forward knowing that you are going to provide a great service to people in a wide variety of ways and means.

Fascinating Graphics and Attractive Design

Infographics allow people to use fascinating graphics and attractive design on a daily basis. In doing so, you can easily catch people’s eyes, and improve their retention of the information you are promoting on your infographic itself. That’s huge for people who are looking to improve their reader base and even grow their customer lists over time – and infographics can help make that happen as they work to attract people and retain and impress them in time.

Shareable on Social Media

Infograhpics and other images like it are incredibly shareable on social media, and that’s a great thing! For search engine optimization and social media marketing, infographics can do wonders when it comes to not only improving your place in social and search sites, but also in getting the most out of your audience and getting them to react, read, and share things that you have created.

For people looking to use a Los Angeles digital marketing agency to create and improve your infographics, too, it’s imperative that you understand and enjoy the potential that we have in providing for you top-notch and high quality infographics that can truly help you turn the corner, profit, and more. In doing so, you can not only save money on advertising and marketing, but also better retain customers and more over the long haul in your business.