Mobile Marketing Grows with Drastic Increase in Mobile Users

Smartphones are changing the marketing game. Desktops are becoming less and less popular in today’s society and mobile now represents 65 percent of the time people spend on digital media. More people own desktops than mobile devices however, that is expected to change by the end of this year. Utilizing a mobile marketing agency can put you ahead of other businesses because most businesses have not made the switch to being mobile friendly. Mobile marketing is a huge market that has the potential to reach millions that you could not reach by desktops.

Many businesses today do not recognize the importance of utilizing a mobile marketing campaign. The majority of businesses still treat desktops as the number one form of marketing. However, if they continue to pursue desktops, they will fall behind. Since 2013, desktops have gone down by 12 percent and mobile has increased. People spend an average of three hours per day on their mobile devices, so businesses that neglect those people are missing out on opportunities that could increase traffic to their business.

In today’s society people respond to convenience and speed which is exactly what mobile devices do. Smartphones lets users have everything at their fingertips. Whether it’s on a social media app, communicating with their friends, or searching the web, mobile devices can do it all. Big companies made the switch to being mobile friendly which has greatly increased their usage. Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are the top three digital properties in the United States. These companies are the most successful in being mobile friendly.

mobile marketing agency

Millennials play a huge role in mobile advertising. Millennials are changing the way businesses market themselves because of the presence they have on social media and smartphones. Millennials make up a large portion of consumers today and the best way to reach them is through social media. In addition, most millennials have their phones on them at all times. Making your business mobile friendly will allow millennials to be able to access your product or service anytime and anywhere. However, it is not just millennials that use their mobile phones. Studies show that adults have also become accustomed to  the latest technologies.

Many companies are beginning to see more traffic from mobile devices and they must adjust to keep their business thriving. Smart phones are relatively new but they are growing at a very fast rate. New updates continue to dominate the market and in order to keep up with the latest trends, businesses have to continue to adjust their business marketing strategies.


Author: Alyssa Perel

Alyssa is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies with a minor in Marketing at San Diego State University. Her interest in social media and marketing has grown vastly over the years and she enjoys discovering new things about this field every day. You can connect with Alyssa via Facebook and Instagram @aperel.

Guide: Five 2016 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

As the internet increasingly advances and matures, digital marketing continues to embrace these rapid changes.  The world of digital marketing is unpredictable yet exciting due to the fact that no other industry in the world changes as quickly as this one.  While we approach the end of spring and the inevitable half way mark on our year, it’s been easy to see just how far the world of digital marketing has already come, but which digital marketing trends of 2016 are here to stay or even appear?

  1. Increase in Social Media Based Marketing

The relevance of social media in our current society is indisputable.  We use social media for everything, from communicating with friends, sharing experiences, to even planning events.  While our dependence on social media grows, marketing via these platforms will continue to increase as well.  Not only is the desire to market on social media growing, but also the availability to do so.  Instagram is soon releasing a variety of tools that will allow marketing your business on their platform to become extremely more efficient.  Another new marketing tool that will only continue to develop is Snapchat.  With the ability to create custom geofilters to market a product, the potential to reach a very specific target audience is incredible.  Social media management in Los Angeles can now look and feel very different than that of a city somewhere else in the country or even world.

  1. SEO Shifts to Content Marketing

As search engine algorithms become more advanced, the content that appears to the user after a search is becoming more relevant.  It is getting harder and harder to trick the system into marketing a product to a user that is not interested in it.  In this way, SEO is transforming into what we now call Content Marketing.

  1. More Interactive Content

Another digital marketing trend of 2016 that will continue to take off is interactive content.  The ways to interact with consumers online are transforming with the growth of technology.  A prime example of successful interactive content is the well-known business of BuzzFeed.  While BuzzFeed offers a variety of services, their primary success was achieved due to interactive quizzes.  Quizzes have turned the reading experience into an interactive one, keeping the reader focused and interested longer.  Other technologies such as virtual reality and the recently launched 360 degree videos on Facebook are also leading to increasingly more interactive ways to market to consumers.

  1. Website Redesigns

Today, a website is so much more than just a place to get information.  If your website is not both easy to use and well designed, it will quickly become irrelevant.  Competition is increasing rapidly in the online world, and basic information just won’t do it anymore.  Recently, new websites are being built responsive, and will continue to be designed this way.  A responsive website is one that fits that width of the browser, no matter the size.  This allows for the user’s viewing experience to be the best possible on any device that the website is loaded on.

  1. Growth of the Video Platform

The last, but not least, of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2016 is the growth of video as a platform for content.  With over a billion users you could argue that YouTube is one of the most successful sites on the internet.  In the future, this success is only going to continue to grow, and with it, marketing.  Effective social media management in Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the country, will be taking advantage of video content.  Videos can and do engage users for longer periods of time than other standard forms of marketing, and their power should not be overlooked.

3 Tips That Will Transform Your Email Marketing

Below are some super tips for email marketing from our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles. Learn how to increase email marketing open rates and bring awareness of your content to potential consumers!

Capture the Audience

In order to motivate subscribers to click and engage with emails, know your audience and compose the subject line accordingly. The subject line should include certain keywords that create a sense of urgency that will ultimately increase read rate. However, be careful not to include clickbait words like “the secret of” or “shocking”. Remember that analysis is necessary and an ongoing process in email marketing, so pick one variable at a time with a specific sample size and test, test, test!

In regards to content, our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles suggests sticking to your brand. For example, luxury brands should focus on quality and prestige, instead of humorous messages or quirky references. While it is not bad to bring humor or a variety of emotions to emails, your company should remain consistent with its brand and mission statement in all posts and content, including email blasts. Also, test links for smooth readability before official deployment to subscribers, this includes mobile, tablet, desktop, and webmail. By verifying emails with HTML and avoiding Base64 coding, more people will be able to view emails more effectively and decrease landing in spam boxes.

Increase Subscriptions

By growing subscribers, you are able to raise awareness of your products or services. In order to successfully increase subscribers, consider adding an easy sign-up form on your business Facebook page. This will allow users to subscribe immediately, rather than having to personally visit your website. Most importantly our social media marketing agency in Los Angeles urges businesses to promote articles or deals on social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram. With more engagement, potential consumers are more likely to explore the company’s home page and opt in for emails. Finally, consider capturing email addresses from those who immediately visit your website by utilizing popup subscription forms.

Grow Inbox and Reduce Spam

If emails are unable to reach a majority of inboxes, the inbox display rate for other subscribers decreases, and the chance of appearing in a spam box increases. Not to mention, the chance of being blocked by Internet providers increases. In order to reduce the chance of entering as spam into emails accounts, monitor current subscribers and remove faulty emails, like, or phony accounts, like There are some data quality tools that will validate emails for you, such as Experian, Bulk Email Checker, or Kickbox. Another way to increase the number of valid email subscriptions is to offer easy options for users to update email address preferences. Want more advice on email marketing strategies? Contact us for a specialized email marketing plan designed just for your company.


AuthorSummer Malone

Summer is a social media marketing enthusiast with a passion for marketing analytics online, trending hashtags, and flux capacitors. Summer often feels sad for the TRex who is unable to connect to the internet. You can connect with Summer via Twitter @SummerMaloneMKT.

Facebook Messenger Ads are Coming Soon to Businesses

As of this week, TechCrunch has confirmed that the leaked document regarding Facebook Messenger Ads is in fact true. While they have chosen to keep the identity of their inside source confidential, all details regarding changes to Messenger have been released, many of them have been confirmed.

So what exactly are Facebook Messenger Ads? Essentially, they are a way for companies to contact consumers directly. It’s an alternate solution to the 1-800 numbers we call here and again for customer service. Some respond to this chance with a concern for privacy, as it appears that Facebook gleans and distributes more and more of our information to Facebook advertising agencies as the days go on. However, it has been revealed that only those who have previously interacted with a companies’ public page will be receiving messages as a method of following up or coming to a solution for an expressed problem. In other words, messages will only be distributed when warranted. In a recent interview, Facebook ensures that their “aim with Messenger is to create a high quality, engaging experience for 800 million people around the world, and that includes ensuring people do not experience unwanted messages of any type.”

Another change coming is a link which consumers can use to directly message companies. This is where we see Facebook beginning to try and replace customer service numbers.  Opening links such as will now instantly enable a chat window with a business; this has been doubly confirmed in an interview with Facebook. They are calling it “Businesses on Messenger”.  If a company’s link yields a 90{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} response rate within a 24-hour period over the course of a week, Facebook will enable the link to be searchable.  While the content of these messages remains uncertain, there are many opportunities. From personally delivering ad-content to announcing sales and promotional offers to informing consumers of price adjustments, the possibilities are endless. What’s important to remember is that it appears Facebook is approaching the launch of this new service cautiously, keeping customer service a huge priority. As a Facebook advertising agency, we have widely recognized Facebook as one of the most cost effective advertising methods that yields some of the best results. However, seeing as this service has the potential to be the most effective and immediate method for businesses to reach their audience ever, rates for “Business in Messenger” could potentially be extremely expensive.

What are your thoughts? Is this Facebook trying to enhance their seamless communication or is it just another subtle form of them giving away our private information for their own monetary gain? Is Facebook becoming more of an advertising platform than it is a social media platform? As a social media marketing agency we are constantly in the know about updates and want to know what social media users prefer.

Author: Hannah Prater

Hannah-profile-bright-age-marketing-agencyHannah is currently studying Advertising and Multimedia design at Pepperdine University, with an undying fascination for the creative side of advertising. Her experience with social media has only multiplied since she downloaded Instagram the very month it came out in 2010. In response to Beyonce’s famed question “Who run the world?”, Hannah also rejoins “Girls” but only secondary to “Facebook”. You can connect with Hannah on Twitter @hanprater.


How a Social Media Agency can Enhance Your Business

How a Social Media Agency can Enhance Your Business Marketing Objectives:

Many companies possess in-house marketing teams, while other companies may need an organization outside of the business to handle their marketing needs. In either situation, social media marketing agencies can enhance businesses and their marketing objectives. Our social media agency in Los Angeles, the Bright Age Digital Creative Agency, will enrich your business’ current marketing tactics or help develop and launch new innovative campaigns.


Not enough employees, No problem

By partnering up with a social media agency, your business can grow exponentially without having to hire and train new employees. This saves your company time and money, while also reducing the stress levels of current marketing directors. Social media agencies are there to help your business during times of understaffed holiday seasons or to take care of online marketing campaigns completely. Social media marketing teams are trained to further enhance current marketing campaigns by working along with the company’s current image. Whether the social media agency in Los Angeles you hire is short-term or long-term, the agency’s assistance will certainly magnify your business’ presence online.


Experience with a variety of industries

Social media marketing does not only include posting content onto various social media platforms, but also comprises of creating vibrant, enticing posts that engage with the consumer in real-time. Does your company know where your target audience goes online and when? Does your marketing staff know how to write posts that will move potential consumers to your main website? Social media agencies in Los Angeles specialize in a wide range of industries. For example, Bright Age has worked with businesses dealing with restaurants to children play spaces to helicopter gear! With experience in a mixture of different ventures, social media marketing teams know how to target and capture each audience appropriately.


Affordability with High Quality

Partnering up with a social media management that can create and publish engaging content, while also interacting with customers sounds expensive. But in reality, social media management services are quite affordable. Even if social media agencies only launch new social media pages or just strengthen old ones, your business will be able to compete sufficiently among other companies online. Social media agencies in Los Angeles will ultimately enhance your business and provide return on investment. Social media management teams want to satisfy their associates, as they receive more clients by referral or by companies returning for more services. Check out more about Bright Age and receive a free consultation today!

AuthorSummer Malone

Summer is a social media marketing enthusiast with a passion for marketing analytics online, trending hashtags, and flux capacitors. Summer often feels sad for the TRex who is unable to connect to the internet. You can connect with Summer via Twitter @SummerMaloneMKT.

Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Management Team For Your Business

Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Management Team for your Business

Every year technologies enhance, further connecting the digital world with our daily lives. As companies increase engagement with their clients through social media, time allocated to other business ventures goes on the back burner. Unfortunately, sharing posts with company updates and the newest trends is necessary for keeping positive customer-business relationships. Fortunately, there are social media agencies that solely take care of social media platforms for companies! Here are the best benefits of hiring a team for social media management in Los Angeles.

Building Brand Recognition

Social media agencies are capable of boosting brand image though various social media platforms. Keeping a company’s brand fluid throughout each social media hub is key to a business’ success. However, staying updated with continual and constant change to social media hubs and their audiences can be challenging. Thankfully, social media management agencies have companies covered. Some social media management teams in Los Angeles, such as ourselves, even send monthly reports with company growth, engagement, and outreach rates.

Targeting and Extending Client Rosters

Who’s your target market? One of the benefits of hiring a social media agency is their expertise in advertising to specific consumers. With access to Big Data, marketers can not only target to genders in a particular age range, but also those with a specific education level and interests. Observing advertisements and engagement rates online can be a daunting task for businesses new to the digital age, especially when it comes to accumulating all of the social media data. However, by teaming up with a social media agency, they’ve mastered outreach reporting. This way businesses can see any clientele growth or increased retention rates with current customers.

Efficient Time Management

By teaming up with a social media agency, businesses can extend their focus on other areas of the company, such as providing high quality products and services or nurturing employee relationships. Social media agencies utilize content calendars in order to post onto social media accounts with ease. Companies do not have to worry about posting onto Twitter after work hours, as posts are developed and approved days prior to publishing. Also, social media management teams analyze incoming posts frequently, enabling them to notify companies of issues or customer service inquires.

Tech Savvy

Additionally, social media agencies pride themselves with staying updated on the most online technological advantages. With their focuses on the biggest trends on social media outreach, a business can trust its social media management company and focus on other internal or external strategies. One can count on social media managements in Los Angeles to constantly research the newest apps, trends, and industry competitors. As mentioned previously, by assigning online outreach to a social media agency like Bright Age, businesses can decrease work stress by putting focuses elsewhere!

AuthorSummer Malone

Summer is a social media marketing enthusiast with a passion for marketing analytics online, trending hashtags, and flux capacitors. Summer often feels sad for the TRex who is unable to connect to the internet. You can connect with Summer via Twitter @SummerMaloneMKT.

Maximize Your Social Media Budget by Hiring an Online Marketing Agency

Maximize Your Social Media Budget by Hiring an Online Marketing Agency

If you are trying to market a brand or a product in a city like Los Angeles, then you will need all of the professional help that you can afford. Fear not; the professional help that you need to make a splash in Los Angeles is not out of your marketing budget, no matter how small your company may be. Social media marketing in Los Angeles does not have to be the downfall of your business. As a matter fact, you can minimize social media costs by outsourcing certain aspects of your marketing to an online agency.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing in Los Angeles

Content Creation

You need dynamic websites with constant new content. You also need the ability to analyze this content in order to determine the content that is having the effect that you require. This can be quite difficult to do as well is expensive. Hiring in-house content creators limits your ability to change that content if the market changes. Working with an online marketing agency provides you with the flexibility of a team rather than relying on the skills of the single person. You also gain a much more robust network for analyzing the results of your content.

Community Management

Keeping up with your best customers and cultivating a community is hard work. This is the one aspect of growing a business that must be attended to by humans. This human cost is usually beyond budget of all but the biggest companies. However, if you take advantage of the crowd sourcing that outside agencies can provide for you, then you basically gain the advantage of having a team work on your community management without having to pay full price for it.


Your ads need to be available to your target market in real time and flexible enough to turn on a dime. You should not have to watch every ad as well as test ads to see which one is performing the best. Your focus should be on improving your product and expanding your brand. If there is one aspect of social media that you need to outsource, it is the technical aspects of dealing with ads. There are simply too many rule changes to keep up with the marketing landscape and provide your customers with the best product that you are capable of providing.


The way that you analyze your social media efforts will have a great effect on the amount of success that you achieve from them. The best social media analytics tools are usually based on a subscription service that can be quite expensive. Instead of paying these ongoing subscription costs, losing access to your data if you ever miss a payment, outsource this effort to an online marketing agency that you trust. Your data will be safe, you will have access to the same analytics and you spread your budget among an entire team without having to pay the overhead costs of a subscription service.

Make your social media marketing in Los Angeles the best that it can be by partnering with the right social media company. Once your social media marketing in Los Angeles is under control, you will be able to focus on the aspects of your business that you enjoy with greater results for everyone involved!

4 Things You Should Know About Instagram Carousel Ads

4 Things You Should Know About Instagram Carousel Ads

A social media marketing campaign today is hardly complete without a presence on Instagram. Carousel ads are available for purchase on the popular social media site, and businesses are missing a golden opportunity if they fail to take advantage.

Social media management specialists have been quick to understand this new ad space on Instagram. Bright Age Digital Creative Agency is a leading firm for online marketing in Woodland Hills to help novice business owners navigate this new ad opportunity. Like all new social media marketing opportunities, it’s important to gain as much knowledge as possible, about the placement, the audience, the potential impact, and the best way to make use of reader response.

Here are 4 things for a successful ad campaign on Instagram for online marketing in Woodland Hills:

1. Understand how the new ads on Instagram work.

Instagram users who see an ad have the opportunity to interact with it. If they swipe left, they will be presented with up to four additional images, as well as a link to the advertiser’s website. Retailers can use this space as an opportunity to show a collection of images or a series of related products.

Consumers who are not interested in a specific ad can simply scroll past it without browsing the carousel.

2. Recognize the impact your ads may have.

Early data indicates that Instagram carousel ads have exceptional reach, and are helping brands take large strides in increasing ad recall and improving brand awareness. Guided by knowledgeable social media management, some larger advertisers have run early trials, and Instagram determined that sponsored ads showed a sharp increase in ad recall over traditional online advertising.

3. Learn how to cater to a new consumer audience

The online space has challenged advertisers to think differently about advertisers for decades. As social media marketing opportunities become more prominent, advertisers are again being tasked with understanding how consumers interact with their ads.

With Instagram ads, it’s important for advertisers to recognize that ads do more than offer a simple “Shop Now” button. Four different button options let retailers build an ad that makes the most sense for their product and campaign initiative: “Learn More”, “Install Now”, “Sign Up” and “Shop Now”.

4. Understand how to create an effective Instagram ad

For quality online marketing in Woodland Hills, Bright Age understands the importance of eye-catching visuals, impactful layout and attention-getting text.

Your ad has only a split-second to capture the attention of readers before they swipe left or scroll past. The right social media management understands the balance of providing enough information, but not too much. Perhaps most importantly, it’s critical that ad designers understand which page on your website is the right one to which consumers should be directed.

Bright Age Digital Creative Agency Obtains Google Partner Status

We have some exciting news for you! Bright Age Digital Creative Agency has now qualified for Google Partner Status! What this means is that our company has met Google’s strict criteria on becoming an officially certified marketing professional.

What Is A Google-Certified Partner?

Becoming a Google-Certified Partner means that our firm has met Google’s strict proficiency standards in several key areas. To qualify for Google Partner status, a company must achieve the following:

Create a company profile – To be considered for Google Partner status, you must first create a company profile with pertinent information such as company name and description, address and telephone number. Google needs this information so they can list your company on the Google Partner search.

Obtain AdWords certification – You will need to demonstrate your proficiency with AdWords by passing an AdWords certification exam. Information on the AdWords examination process can be found here.

Meet a spend quota through managed accounts – In order to show that your company has a healthy profit margin, you will need an active AdWords manager account that has spent a minimum of US $10,000 (or the equivalent in your local currency) inside your company’s AdWords account over a 90-day period and can show sufficient financial activity over the past 60 days from the date of your application. This shows that your business will be in operation for a long time to come. NOTE: AdWords expenditure is measured as the amount of money spent since AdWords was added to your company’s manager account.

Implement AdWords best practices – You will also need to demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge of the AdWords best practices covered in the AdWords certification exams by implementing them in your Google AdWords account. Your company will be evaluated for such items as the frequency of any changes you’ve made to your AdWords account, providing excellent customer service, your ability to maintain clients, and maximizing your clients’ advertising budgets.

The Best Marketing and Advertising Services

Google-certified partners have an excellent track record for meeting strict guidelines in customer service, AdWords knowledge and cost-effective marketing. When you deal with a Google-certified partner, you can be sure that you are getting the best advertising and marketing services your money can buy.

Who Is Bright Age Digital Creative Agency

Bright Age Digital Creative Agency is an online marketing firm that specializes in Los Angeles social media management, online marketing and search engine optimization. They can help your company get discovered on top search engines, and will custom-tailor their marketing campaigns to suit your needs.

Social Media Management: Why It’s Important and How to Choose the Right Agency

As Companies Using Instagram is Set to Double, a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help You.
An interesting report found at shows that the number of businesses having presence on Instagram is likely to double within a year. The report suggests that the timing is perfect businesses to jump the social media bandwagon and become part of a platform that is likely to receive a lot of growth in the coming year or so.

This directly translates into new opportunities for businesses that make a timely leap toward the photo- and video-sharing platform that is currently owned by Facebook.

Interesting, Instagram has also announced its plans to make its advertising features available to all businesses. In the past, Instagram has worked very closely with a select group of companies from different industries to serve ads to its visitors. It is only recently that Instagram has extended its advertising platform to every website user.

Local businesses in Woodland Hills can especially benefit from a targeted social media presence within the region. As the social media landscape gets more and more competitive, local businesses are missing out on a lot of potential opportunities by not having presence across different social media platforms that are most relevant to their target audience.

If you are not familiar with Woodland Hills social media management tips & tricks, you should consider looking for a professional social media marketing Woodland Hills agency to help you achieve your social media marketing objectives. Choosing the right Woodland Hills social media management agency can be a difficult decision.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Marketing Agency Woodland Hills

Study the Social Media Marketing Agency Woodland Hills’ Website: A website offers a lot of information about the marketing agency. Identify the strengths of the marketing agency. The core competencies of the company will help you determine if it is a good fit for your needs.
Have a Conversation with the Agency: Get in touch with the social media marketing Woodland Hills agencies that you’re considering. Ask the company to clearly explain the services they can offer and the results you can expect from those services. Inquire about their previous clients. Find out if they have any demonstrable experiences in managing social media clients in a niche related to your business. It always helps to find an agency that has serviced clients in a related niche. This lends relevant industry experience to the agency and puts them in a better position to achieve similar, if not better, results for your business.
Contact their Previous or Existing Clients: It is a good idea to get in touch with some of the advertising company’s past clients. Find out if the clients are benefitting from the social media presence built by the agency.
Social media management requires a lot of time and effort. With a professional social media agency, such as Bright Age, you can leverage your presence on different social media to forge strong and meaningful relationships with your clients.