Social Media Marketing is Highly Effective for Restaurants

The social media advertising that your restaurant has will make the difference between a campaign that grows your company and one that stalls it. Bright Age is the social media management company that you need on your side in order to take the profile of your restaurant to the next level. However, any social media management company can make that claim. What is the social media marketing for restaurants that Bright Age brings to the table for you?

Bright Age understands that social media advertising is more important than ever before.

The new word of mouth is the online review site. The new referral is the social media timeline. Unless you have a consistent presence on social media that is targeted to your specific audience, you will always be threatened by new entries into the marketplace. A simple change by one of your current competitors can take attention away from you if you are not careful.

We understand that social media marketing for restaurants is a special industry that deserves special attention.

Social media marketing for restaurants is different from any other kind of marketing. Your demographic and geographic analysis will be different from any other business. If you focus on either of these things like another type of business, then you may miss the customers that are coming in from out of town or the people who are just looking for something new on a whim.

Bright Age gives you the flexibility to catch these stray potential clients and turn them into loyal customers. We will make sure that you do not lose any of your core audience while you will also have the ability to reach out to new ones through remarketing strategies and appropriate keyword profiles.

Large social media profiles are more responsive than ever to social media advertising.

Social media sites in general and Facebook in particular are responding more readily to restaurants with highlighted review placement. Facebook is especially important for the restaurant industry because it is home to the 25+ person and couple with plenty of expendable income. Basically, the more that a business gets citations from outside sources that are reputable and attached to Facebook, the more that the search algorithm will pay attention to the business.

Whether you are a new restaurant or an established business, you can always improve your social media presence. The experienced and dedicated team at Bright Age wants to be the partner that helps you to do this in a smooth and consistent way. Your social media management has the ability to be your lifeline to new revenues. Do not give up this advantage and opportunity – call Bright Age today or give us an email.

Identifying Which Social Media Channels To Use


Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of running any business. There are few businesses that are growing at a fast rate today that are not using social media in some capacity. One great option for companies is to work with social media management companies to design and implement a social media strategy that fits your business. There are several things that you can do as a business to identify which social media platform will work for your business, and a good social media marketing agency can help in this search.

Know Your Audience

One of the most important aspects of picking a social media platform is knowing your audience. It is impossible to make a good decision when working with a social media agency if you do not know your audience. Different social media platforms appeal to different types of people. For example, if you have a young audience Snapchat may be a great choice. However, if your customer base is mostly older and employed professionals LinkedIn would be a better choice. Any good social media agency should be able to help in this decision.

Interpret the Data

Another important aspect to picking a social media platform is to interpret data that is available. Many times, when working with a social media agency, it is important to interpret data to make decisions on your customers. Social media marketing is all about driving traffic and dollars to a business, so it is important to be able to quantify whether your efforts are actually working. At the end of the day, a social media management company should be able to help with the data but it will be up to the business owner to make the final decision based off of it.

Know Your Competitors

Finally, understanding what your competition is up to can be a great variable to consider when picking a social media platform. If your competitors are driving business through their social media strategies, you should go out and compete in those same spaces. Bright Age is a social media management company that specializes in helping out companies that are trying to formulate a social media strategy. Working with Bright Age is a great decision for any business that is struggling to figure out their direction in social media, and can be a great option for those that want to take their social media marketing to the next level.

Finally, understand that the field of social media is always changing and you must be ready to be flexible as a business. Just in the past two to three years, there are dozens of new platforms that have come out. Be prepared to continue learning and investing in your business and its social media strategy.

The Art of the Image: Making Engaging Images for Social Media


The image is the central unit of communication for online media today, not text. We are definitely in a visual society, and when text oriented sites such as Twitter and Facebook both say that they are switching to an image and video based publication platform, then the world had better follow suit or be left behind.

Images that are meant for social public consumption can mean the difference between a successful social media campaign and a stagnant one. Here are some of the best ways to create good images that have the ability to go viral and will definitely bring across your message on the platform.

Give the users unique content.

Do not overuse memes that have already been used. Once they get to you on social media, they are likely running out of steam in the first place. Original content gets the most juice, especially if you are trying to solidify a brand or an image online.

Use high quality stuff

There is no excuse for using low quality or grainy images. This is the same to a social media user as a sentence with nothing but misspelled words and bad grammar. Invest in a prosumer camera in order to take great HD pictures with no large out of pocket expense. The investment can last you for years! Not a photographer? There are sites such as Big Stock and Shutterstock where you can purchase photography and graphics to use for your images.

Make a statement.

Everyone loves a few words of wisdom, and pictures with witty sayings are actually more likely to receive positive social feedback in the forms of likes and reposts on all social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Give a unique look.

If you are doing social media management Los Angeles level work, then you are giving a unique brand to all of your content. This keeps people from stealing it and using it in their own campaigns as well as branding your business so that people will begin to recognize the style and look for your products on the open market.

 Make your content exclusive.

Everyone loves to think that they are on the cutting edge of something big. When you create your images, give the impression that you are telling a story that will come to fruition if the user clicks through to the website or further explores the history of images that you have on the major online media sites.

The success of social media management Los Angeles campaigns relies on the use of good images. Make sure that you follow the tips above for the best chance at creating an engaging campaign that will last for many years after its initial publication! Constantly creating content for your company or project can be a huge endeavor. Luckily, Bright Age, a social media management company located in Los Angeles is here to help. Bright Age creates, manages and posts content on all different social media platforms, making sure that your content is unique and true to your story. Contact us if you have any questions!


10 Ways to Step-Up Your Facebook Engagement

Simply being on Facebook isn’t enough to attract potential customers for your small business. Engaging them in a fun and compelling way is important if you want to sell your brand effectively. Unfortunately, social media management Los Angeles can be complex to tackle for inexperienced business owners. So, here are 10 ways to help you become better at engaging with prospects via social networks.

 Decide Who You’re Targeting

It can be hard, if not impossible, to convey your business concepts or brand message if you don’t know who to focus on. Keep in mind that you have limited time and perhaps limited content, and there is a very specific group of people you want to reach. Facebook mostly caters to young parents and grandparents. Depending on your target’s age group, you may have to widen your brand exposure on other social networks.

 Stick With One Handle

Social networks require a so-called “handle”, which is basically the username displayed on your profile and what others will view you as. Because you are a business, it is important to keep your handle professional and consistent. Go for a name that is catchy and sticks to a consumer’s head. Whatever name you pick for your account, it should be used on other social networks including Twitter and Instagram.

 Build Networks

To win the hearts of people on social media, you have to become immersed in its culture as well. Set aside at least 15 minutes every day to go through your news feed and to check the profiles of people, both consumers and other businesses. Building this into a habit will allow you to gather important data from your target consumer, which you can then use to adjust your business strategies.

 Be Part of the Trend

Every social media environment has its own trend and every industry enveloped by social media has their unique online presence. Try to be a part of your community instead of trying to fight it.

 Keep Doing What You’re Doing

An hour per week dedicated to growing your social network can have a big impact on your small business. A neat trick to do is use Facebook’s scheduling tool, which allows you to save up to six months worth of content and automatically post them when it’s scheduled.

 Have a Strong Call-to-Action

Without one, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a customer to buy your product/service no matter how long you stick with the program or how valuable your content is. Get assistance from social media management Los Angeles professionals like Bright Age. The company is a specialist in web-based services including graphic design, search engine optimization, and creation of high-value social media pages.

 Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Ideas are what runs every industry. Avoid being mediocre and try to experiment on new business ideas within a controlled group of consumers.

 Be Precise on Your Data Analysis

Make sure to track the correct analytics and numbers. You do not want to be wasting precious business resources like time and capital on strategies that are not up to par.

 Keep Your Page Simple

No complicated content divisions or flashy web design. Keep the meat of the page simple. Too many design features and elements can be irritating on the eyes.

 Keep a Human Presence

Don’t talk to customers like you’re a robot that is preset to respond. Keep conversations lively and with a personal touch.

5 Ways To Connect With Your Audience On Social Media

Social media is a marketing platform that can no longer be ignored. To be a truly successful business, companies must create social sites and keep them integrated with other marketing materials. In order to ensure your social sites are selling both your company and your product, consider a few tips from Bright Age, a social media management agency in Los Angeles, to synchronize your sites.


1. Think About Your Voice

Social sites aren’t about posting topics or ideas a robot could have devised. It’s about showing your customers that no how big your business, you’re still a real-live person. Your online voice should show who you are and what you are selling. If your product is the type of product that would use the word “like” in a sentence, go ahead and use it in your copy (just not too often). Showing people who you are helps them connect with you on a higher level.


2. Respond to Your Customers

When someone posts on your social sites, never ever ignore a comment. People do not post on social sites because they want to be ignored. Even if they are saying “thank you”. A simple, “Hey Laurie! We’re so happy you love our new pina coladas! Like us to get 10 percent off your next purchase!” goes a long way.


3. Connect Social Media to Other Sites

Make sure your social sites and website are connected. The whole point of social sites is to get people to try your service or product. If people see your social sites and want to know more, make sure you have something to show them. Linking your social sites to your website will help attract more business and help your clients get a better understanding of who you are. Just make sure that your social sites and website are working together—not against each other. The voice and style of all of your sites should be cohesive.


4. Reply to Mistakes in a Real Way

Many companies make the mistake of taking the defensive side of the line when it comes to customer complaints. Social media is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can help brand and grow your business, but when someone is unhappy, all your customers will see these comments. When a customer makes a complaint on a social site, the worst step you can take is to ignore these comments. The second worst mistake is getting defensive. When a customer complains, acknowledge their displeasure and show you’re the bigger person by responding with ways to fix their problem.


5. Use Photos to Tell Your Story

That age-old adage that a picture can tell a thousand words? It’s there for a reason. Photos can paint a picture of who you are and what product you’re selling. Giving your customers as much information as possible in a cohesive manner will allow them to understand your company and interact with your employees and your product in a way simple written copy never could.

By tweaking your social presence just a little through the help of Bright Age, you can bring in a whole new group of clients that will help drive your business—and help spread the word about your amazing products and services. Bright Age is a social media management agency located in Los Angeles.

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Essential for Social Media Marketing Success in 2015

Understanding video marketing and social media management in Los Angeles is essential for any new start up in the area or surrounding region. Understanding the importance of video marketing and video advertising is essential to move forward with Bright Age and understanding the importance of social media management Los Angeles is also important.


1) The Popularity of Video is Skyrocketing

With the popularity of video media streams skyrocketing it is important to consider the outlets you have available for the content, products or services you have to share. Using both video marketing and social media marketing is one of the best tools to get the content you need shared to the right audience or demographic, regardless of what you have to offer.2) Video is being watched by All DemographicsVideo is one of the most streamed and watched formats of movies and television shows both online and off. Understanding video marketing and social media marketing can quickly become complicated and overwhelmed if you are unsure of the audience or demographic you want to reach. Once you have a targeted age and group in mind it is much easier to move forward with proper promotions and advertisements for the program itself.3) Videos are Catchy and Likely to be Shared

Using videos to build a reputation online is no longer taboo or unheard of within the Internet. Instead, it is now possible to implement video advertising as well as social media marketing with the use of videos released on official websites and communities dedicated to sharing various tools. Taking full advantage of social media is possible with a catchy news story title that is compelling and refreshing to those who are still following your feeds online.

Staying involved as much as possible with your video updates and new shares is a way for you to engage more with others who are following your brand or that believe in your company. The more honest and open you remain when working with new clients and potential customers online, the easier it becomes to handle any potential returns or backlash you may receive in the future. Making a connection with potential clients is essential, as it can often lead to even more tenants who are in need of space.

4) Videos create fun and engaging content

Video advertising with the help of Bright Age is a way to have more fun when creating and delivering content to your users and those who are genuinely interested in following your brand and its products. Working together with Bright Age is one way to ensure you are delivering the video content your users and our potential clients or customers may need in the future.

When you are capable of delivering a video that is relevant and also humorous to those it is intended to be watched by, you are much more likely to receive future customers and clients who wish to return. The more relevant your print, television and radio ads are for the services you have to offer, the less likely you have to worry regarding the type of clients you are able to find, as you will often have plenty to choose from before moving forward.

5) Video is Multi-Purposed

With the help of social media management Los Angeles services and tools, it is much easier to share your videos and productions with potential clients and those interested in your work and what you have to offer. Social media management Los Angeles is a way for you to get the video promotion you need regardless of the audience or demographic you are trying to reach on your own.

Snapchat Launches Promoted Snaps: New Social Media Advertising

What’s Up Snapchat?

Social media is an advertiser’s dream: a huge, actively engaged audience that’s sorted by demographic and lifestyle choices. This weekend another platform called Snapchat will take the plunge into social media advertising, permitting paid advertisements to users.

Snapchat works by allowing users to take and send pictures to each other that will appear for up to 10 seconds. Then, theoretically, the picture disappears forever. These “view-once” pictures are not necessarily deleted off the phone, however, a revelation that caused controversy when recently discovered. They’ve also come under fire for facilitating sexting by creating the illusion of temporary photos.

Up until now, Snapchat has only used social media advertising to promote itself, sending out periodic updates to users that highlight new features and perks. But they’re now launching ads to users that will appear in the “recent updates” section.

What sets this social media advertising campaign apart from others is that users have the option to choose to view the ads or not, and the ads will disappear after they’ve been viewed. It’s a sort of subtle indictment of the advertising campaigns of neighboring Facebook and Twitter, which forces users to see ads in their newsfeed. Snapchat even added in a company blog post that forcing users to see ads would be “totally rude.”

They also won’t be using members’ data to find the best target audience for ads, saying instead they hope to create a fun throwback to an era before “creepy and targeted” ads.

This new advertising platform has the potential to revolutionize Los Angeles digital marketing. As Snapchat pointed out, creating ads that are less targeted and more generalized requires greater creativity and innovation. Los Angeles social media users will also have the ultimate power to view or ignore ads, which will swing the pendulum away from the advertisers and back towards the users.

According to Tech Times, about 50 percent of Snapchat users are under the age of 17. Los Angeles digital marketing firms will now be tasked with creating content that appeals to younger users without alienating the other, older half of the audience. With over 700 million stories sent daily, there’s certainly plenty of audience to go around.

The rise of Snapchat from a 2011 startup to one of the most popular social media platforms today is evidence of a revolution that will dramatically affect Los Angeles digital marketing. Day by day, Los Angeles social media marketing is rising to the forefront of the most effective ways for advertisers to reach their audiences. Instead of relying on traditional print media, social media platforms will be the advertising medium of the future.

Companies like Bright Age will be the go-to places for advertisers looking to access the Los Angeles social media advertising market. As a digital creative agency passionate about social media, search engine optimization and digital marketing, Bright Age has the social media experience to build online brand awareness and engagement.

Facebook’s New Hyper-Local Ads will Target People within a Mile of a Business

Facebook’s mobile omnipresence and drive for location sharing abilities has manifested with their new launch of super-targeted local advertising and virtual location targeting that’s geared towards getting consumers to visit nearby brick-and-mortar stores. Before long, physical businesses will have the capability to target ads to potential customers that are within a certain distance of their store’s location, which is essentially known as location targeting. Advertisers can predetermine a radius of their location as small as a mile if they wish and their ads will display on consumer’s web browsers or mobile phones. These new and innovative Local Awareness advertisements will be ready for business owners in the U.S. shortly and worldwide over the upcoming months.

Facebook’s hyper-targeted local advertising has been in the works for a while now. It obtained Rel8tion back in January 2011, which already implemented this type of ad targeting. Then, VP Carolyn Everson had the notion in June 2012 that location-conscious mobile phones could possibly one day facilitate hyper-targeted local Facebook ads, and so the plan took root and moved forward. Although the ads are in real-time, ultimately brick-and-mortar businesses could have the ability to pre-bid to hyper located audiences and reveal them to potential customers as they enter the targeted area.

Today, with more than 1 billion mobile phone users, several of which provide Facebook complete access to their specific location along with laptop users who volunteer key information including their location through their IP address and the city they currently live in, has easily provided Facebook all the information it needs to turn hyper local advertising into a reality. Thanks to its latest launch of its ‘Nearby Friends’ feature, Facebook advertising also has real-time location access on people using that particular tool.

Businesses can select an address from their Facebook page or simply key in their address, set up their radius, age range, gender, add a message and photo, and Facebook advertising will route the targeted ads to people close by. They can even choose to add directions in their ad through a unique button that will automatically launch a map app on the user’s mobile phone.

How easy would it be to simply walk down the block and receive an ad for a nearby clothing store or bar-and-grill that’s located right around the corner from where you are? Undoubtedly the ads wouldn’t be as effective if they included the whole city. But by focusing on consumers within just a mile, Facebook advertising can literally drive people to nearby brick-and-mortar businesses leading to actual sales. That’s cutting-edge marketing and something that local businesses are very interested in and currently can’t get anywhere else.

Ultimately, Facebook could potentially combine its ad network and retargeting capabilities with hyper location targeting so that virtually any business you frequent could target you with a relative ad in Facebook or even another kind of app when you’re close by. But for now, that’s in the future. As always, Facebook continues to seek new and better ways to make money.

It’s crucial to stay on top of the latest social media changes in order to successfully stay in the game. Facebook and other social media platforms are constantly changing. Therefore, if you need help effectively managing your social media platform, let Bright Age help.

Instagram now being used as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Instagram Is Now Being Used as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing site that has high potential as an effective social media marketing tool. Instead of only shared daily experiences passed between friends, Instagram can also alert a business’s customers to new sales specials, events or even how-to information related to a certain niche. Instagram paid advertising is now available for business owners as an option for increasing online visibility.


Instagram’s Effect on Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing Los Angeles, an Instagram account can serve as a localized advertising platform for companies in this city and its surrounding boroughs. The main effect of Instagram on social media marketing is the proof that a strictly image-based rather than a mainly text-based social site can be an effective advertising platform. A well-timed and interesting snapshot can catch visitors’ attention just as well as a typed slogan or comment.


How Instagram Reaches Targeted Audiences

Instagram users who follow a business’s profile will receive the latest posts from this company, including images and short video clips. While a good percentage of Instagram users access the site through their smartphones or tablets, a desktop version of the site is now available for potential customers who would like to view it with their web browsers. Just as with other forms of social media promotion, a company’s Instagram posts will reach the highest visitor numbers when those posts arr tightly targeted. Background research about a target market’s preferences, likes and common Instagram habits needs to be a high priority.


Benefits of Joining Instagram as a Business

Joining Instagram and building a strong profile allows both small and large businesses to reach a wider online audience with a high number of social media savvy members. Word-of-mouth recommendations through Instagram can carry a great deal of weight with frequent Instagram users who have large numbers of followers. Instagram also has features that allow business owners to build and encourage follower engagement. Some popular examples of engagement on Instagram include hosting photo contests, giving out Instagram-exclusive promo codes and sharing followers’ Instagram posts.

Just as with any social media platform, keeping Instagram followers engaged is the best way to keep those followers. The social photo-sharing site allows behind-the-scenes glances at a company, particularly at conferences and trade shows. Photos customers and fans post and hashtag with a business’s name can be some of the best forms of Instagram advertising.

Instagram Social Media Tool

Instagram Social Media Tool

Foursquare Changes Now Benefit Social Media Marketing Professionals

Social Media Marketing: Foursquare Splits App into Two Separate Experiences

Foursquare is one of the most widely used social media apps worldwide. Since its inception, people have used it to check into their favorite social networks and show off where they have been. The owners of Foursquare have monitored how this app has been used and have perfected it so that it can benefit both social media marketing professionals and average everyday users alike.What Changes Have Been Made?Historically, Foursquare used to be an app that allowed people to share their locations with others on social networking sites. When users went to their favorite stores, restaurants, tourist attractions, malls and parks, they could let their friends know by using their tablets or phones. The app would use these devices’ location tracking features to determine where users were located, and then these individuals could select the option to share. Now, Foursquare has redesigned its app to allow for two different experiences, sharing locations and receiving personalized location recommendations based on users’ preferences, likes and previously visited locations. The name of the portion of the app that is to share locations is called Swarm. Swarm will work like Forsquare did previously before the changes were made. The Forsquare portion of the app, on the other hand, will provide users with personal recommendations.

How Foursquare Changes Benefit Social Media Marketing Professionals

The changes have made social media marketing easier than ever before because companies are able to better promote their brands to individuals who are searching for what they want or need and meet target markets. Let’s say, for example, that a company wants to reach out to prospects in the Los Angeles area, this company will then need to contact marketing experts who will engage in providing social media management in Los Angeles. A top quality firm that specializes in social media management in Los Angeles will need to use social networks to target users who frequent places in that town or who reside there. Bright Age digital creative agency in Los Angeles is a fine example of an outstanding marketing firm that will offer such a service to businesses needing to effectively and efficiently reach their clientele. Once targeted ads have been placed and marketing firms have used other techniques to reach out to people in a specific geographic location, the app can recommend these companies to people who actually want to do business.

How the Changes in Foursquare Benefit Average Users

Average users will not have to look far to find the things they want or need. All they have to do is use Swarm to check into all of their favorite places and set preferences in Foursquare, and the Forsquare portion of the app will allow desired places to show up according to preference. Users will always have a good experience and will be more likely to do business with recommended companies because these recommendations will be shown according to taste.

With these mutual benefits, average everyday people will always find what they desire, and they will not have to be bombarded with annoying advertising. Marketing experts will reach their goal of meeting their targeted market much quicker and easier than they ever imagined. No longer are advertising dollars going to be wasted on people who have no interest in a particular product or service.

Bright Age digital creative agency in Los Angeles is a full service firm that specializes in providing social media management services to a multitude of clients in a variety of industries. Company owners who are in need of expert social media management in Los Angeles can contact one of our friendly customer service representatives and receive optimal marketing solutions that will dramatically increase profits. Bright Age digital creative agency in Los Angeles offers exceptional quality services at unbeatable prices. Our professionals are highly trained and make providing social media management in Los Angeles their number one priority. It is our guarantee that nobody walks away unsatisfied.