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How to Utilize Social Media Demographics

Marketing today is harder than it has ever been. We are straying away from traditional television advertising and heading towards complete digital interaction. Social media and social media demographics has become the epicenter for marketing specialists and the main platform for marketing strategies. As always, businesses must identify their target audience and create the right […]

7 Tips for Marketing Your Business This Spring

Whether you’re starting a social media campaign or doing some spring cleaning, your business can always use some useful social media marketing tips. A Los Angeles social media agency such as Bright Age is perfect for getting your business on the right track. With our social media marketing tips, your campaign will reach your target […]

The Benefit of Instagram Stories V Snapchat Stories for Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an ever-changing landscape and brands must be able to adapt to ongoing trends and innovations. Every social media marketing agency should provide the most engaging way for viewers to interact and gain interest in their product. Instagram and Snapchat stories can do just that and much more. These stories provide live and […]

Facebook Advertising Capabilities Increase with More Retargeted Ad Options

The primary reason why 50% of new businesses last only 4-5 years is because of a lackluster and incompetent advertising campaigns, which would be vastly improved with the assistance of a social media agency. A great product or service is useless without effectively informing your ideal market. Having an effective advertising campaign is not only […]