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How to Organically Increase Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

While buying followers or running paid ads can result in more exposure for your company, it can begin to rack up a hefty sum of money.  In order to achieve organic growth across all social channels, it is important for digital marketing agencies, like Bright Age, to understand how to appeal to users and keep them engaged, while avoiding overspending. The overarching goal is to create better content in order to gain more quality followers, which will result in higher levels of engagement.  By following these four tips, you can organically grow your user base and create more engagement on your posts organically, without breaking the bank.

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Every company wants their site to be one of the first you see when you perform a Google search. By using SEO marketing, you can drive traffic to your site, therefore increasing impressions, sales, exposure, or whatever your companies’ goal is. By using keywords and making sure your websites are SEO compatible, you can ensure that your pages will be seen by a great audience. Many digital marketing agencies, like Bright Age, offer assistance in SEO strategies.


If you are seeking greater interaction on your social platforms, you must encourage people to want to interact. There are many different tactics you can use that are all going to result in organic growth. You can share others’ posts that are relevant to your social channels in the hopes of them returning the favor. Join groups of people you think would be interested in your product or service. Respond to people who comment on your posts, even if it is just a simple “thank you!” Asks questions to your audience or even introduce a contest or giveaway. Tag important people in the field or a celebrity/influencer you think may be interested. Most importantly, digital marketing agencies recommended to USE HASHTAGS. Hashtags are the easiest way for someone to search for something they are interested in. Stay up to date on trending hashtags and participate in those conversations.

Promote Across All Accounts

Organic growth stems from within, so what better way to achieve that growth than self-promotion? If your company has more than one social platform (which it should!), you have the opportunity to share across all platforms. What you’re posting on Facebook should also be posted on your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  Make sure your social channels are linked to your website to encourage traffic. In addition to sharing content across all platforms, you can even send email newsletters that detail what is new in the company and new on your social networking channels, for those users who are not as active on social media. Sharing across all platforms is simple to do and will result in more exposure.

Quality over Quantity

It is not about having the most followers, but having the best followers. One interactive follower is better than 10 unengaged, ghost followers. Those who interact with your accounts are the ones who are likely to buy your product, use your service, etc. Seek followers who have characteristics that fit with your brand because they are the one’s who will interact with your content. Organically gaining followers is more beneficial than buying followers because they may be fewer in number, but they will generate more buzz.

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