7 Ways To Turn Social Media Followers into Customers 1200

7 Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into Customers

Followers tend to add up on all social media accounts, but how is it that you can turn those followers into actual customers? If products and services are offered the same, these products and services are just seen as commodities based on which one will give the customer the lowest price. If you follow these 7 tips to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you will turn those social media followers into customers.

Extend Value in Social Media Bio

7 Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into CustomersAcross all platforms of social media, your bio is what customers will first approach to learn more about your product or service. You will want to use this first look to your advantage by telling your prospective customers why they should like your page and what the benefits they will derive from purchasing your product or service. Be up front with them and write out your company’s values and objectives. It is recommended to offer a lead magnet, which you can learn how to use if you click on the following link.

Fill Your Posts with Value

It is not recommended to flood your followers with numerous posts daily, so you need to make sure that each post is valuable. You may want to brainstorm one idea that makes you different from your competitors and then keep all your posts in line with that one idea. This will ensure your followers understand your brand’s message, your brand’s value, and your brand overall. If they understand your brand and what it has to offer to them, this may increase your chances of your social media followers turning into customers.

Posts Need to be About the Customers

You are trying to sell your products to the customer, not yourself! Make sure that you are focusing on their needs and how your product and service will benefit them. Once again, focus on your target market and brainstorm what they will find most valuable from your product. Customers want to have the best deal possible and to spend their money wisely, so show that your product is the most valuable and beneficial option offered to them.

Engage with Followers

We have all heard customers love engagement and love to have their voices heard. Build a relationship with your followers by asking them questions over posts, through surveys, or direct messaging them if it is an appropriate method to answer their question. Followers are more likely to use a service or product if they have had some relationship and interaction with the brand, instead of feeling like they are just a sales target.

Being Controversial is Okay

When finding a new customer base, you only want to find the customers that are perfect for your product or service. It is okay to post things that are only attractive to the target followers you are trying to reach. Just keep in mind, you do not want to offend any other Instagram users either. Keep all posts friendly and appropriate. Here is a quick read on how to post about controversial topics online, while be responsible.

Be Authentic

Potential customers want to deal with businesses that are honest and lay it all out to them. Do not be afraid to be real with your customers, to talk to them, and to try to build relationships with them. Show them you truly care about every individual, and that you are willing to build relationships with them. It may take more time and effort, but it will really pay off in the long run. If you are not so sure as to how to build relationships with customers, read on here to see how.

Focus on Transformation, not Information7 Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into Customers

On the  note of transformation,  you want to show how your product or service will “transform” or change their life. Many companies make the mistake of just showing and telling about the product, but do not emphasize how it will help the customer. Emphasize to your followers the benefits of your product or service, and how it will be “life changing”. It may be exactly what certain customers are looking for, and if you are hitting the right target audience, you will see a larger amount of social media followers turn into customers.