Instagram marketing

4 Tips to Standout When Using Instagram

Over the last couple years, Instagram has grown into one of the most powerful social media platforms.  With numerous users on Instagram, Instagram engagement is a perfect way to connect with consumers of your current or newly created brand. Read along to learn the 4 tips to make sure your brand stands out on Instagram.

instagram engagementKnow Your Niche

When it comes to any social media account, you need to understand who your audience is. If you have any trouble determining your audience, contact a social media agency to help. Once you know your audience, you can determine what type of visual content they want to see on Instagram and what type of posts will reach them most effectively. Instagram is a great platform for audiences that are international, within the age group 18-29, and who spend a greater amount of time on social media. Research has shown that Instagram users tend to spend an average of 21 minutes on Instagram, which is relatively high for a network focused on images only. If you would like to see more Instagram key demographics, check out Buffer Social.

Crowdsourcing Content is OK

We live in a day and age where people tend to base their brand popularity off the highest number of followers, likes, and comments. Brands are looking for places and ways to get their content and their name out to the masses. Instagram may be a great way get your crowd talking and your brand’s name out. The Social Media Examiner suggests to use this platform to ask your consumers for feedback, to create contests and giveaways to spread your brand name, and to create polls and surveys for your brand because customers love to have their voices heard. In the right situation, you may want to ask permission to share a picture that one of your followers posted. In the end, it is a win-win situation: your brand is being shared by them, and their work is being shown. Consumers love interaction and for their work to go noticed.


Although hashtags originated on twitter, Instagram users rely on them immensely to find relevant content they are looking for. Use these hashtags on Instagram to your advantage. Most importantly, create a brand hashtag for your own page, and then do some research and find hashtags that tend to lead you to similar pages. If done correctly, this will send those followers to your page, which will expand your exposure, followers, and engagement. Hashtags may be tricky because you can very easily use them against you. A social media agency may help determine which hashtags are suitable for your brand, but if all else fails, read the Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags.

Engagement is Key

You’re on a social media platform for a reason, to grow your Instagram engagement with consumers.  According to Invespcro, “64{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of marketers said that increasing audience engagement was crucial for their social media marketing strategy”. If you want your brand to grow, use your Instagram to talk with your consumers and show them that you care. Take a couple minutes each day to respond to your consumers with genuine and unique answers, and give each one attention. These unique answers will get you far, and will help you to obtain organic and loyal followers. If you put in the effort, the results will follow, and your brand will grow.