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Social Media is surely becoming one of the most popular ways to market brands to potential customers. Whether your brand is years old or just beginning, it is crucial to understand how social media may help to contribute to its overall growth. We are going to introduce the top 5 metrics you should measure to ensure that your brand will grow through social media. We hope that you will gain the knowledge to monitor your brand’s growth, and as always you can always contact our social media agency for help. Let’s dive in!

Community Growth

When it comes to growing your social media, your content will tend to have more reach when more people follow you. Having more followers tends to give off the impression that your brand is likeable and that your brand is popular. It is important to take into consideration that your followers should be real authentic people and companies. You do not want to diminish the credibility of your brand by purchasing fake followers or paying others to follow you. It may be wise to spend some extra money, and contact a social media company to help expand your community.


An impression is the amount of times your content is displayed, while reach is the number of people who see your content. These two metrics are very important indicators to determine whether your content matches well with social media algorithms which ensure that your ads are reaching your desired market. If you are still confused on the difference between reach and impressions, feel free to check out Sprout Social to further your knowledge on each topic.


Engagement is another crucial metric when it comes to growing your brand. Engagement is one of the terms used in social media that has no distinct definition. Digital marketing agencies measure engagements by the amount of people who respond to or interact with their social media posts. For example, if you post a picture on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the amount of comments, likes, and retweets are engagements between you and your followers. These help to extend the reach of your brand, but do not use likes and comments as your only measures of success.igor-ovsyannykov-277762 (2)

Website Visits

Social Media is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. Your brand’s marketing is working efficiently when you catch your customer’s interest, and they look at your website for more information.  Social media companies may help lead more people to your website by deciding the optimal social media platforms for your brand, creating posts most suitable for your customers, and posting at times when most people are active on social media.


Conversions are the final metric that should be monitored when using social media to expand your brand. You may have a goal to have potential customers to click a link directly to your website or to like your Facebook page. Conversions would be measured based on how many people went and clicked on your website link, or liked your Facebook page. To have a high conversion rate make sure you are sending your customers directly to the page they need to be on. Your customers should not have to look around to find your page on another website they were directed to.