Instagram Carousel Opens Up New Possibilities for Advertisements

Sometimes one photo is not enough to tell your whole story. Instagram has released a new feature where you can share multiple photos at once. This feature known as “carousel” lets you post up to 10 photos and videos into 1 swipeable post. A social media company such as Bright Age is perfect for capitalizing on this new feature. Instagram essentially wants users to share their experiences to its fullest extent from beginning to end. Imagine cooking your favorite dish and creating a carousel showing your followers step by step how to make it. Or maybe a carousel on a tree in your backyard as it goes through the seasons. This is sort of a side step from the Instagram stories feature and is modeled after Snapchat. New features like this give more opportunities for social media marketing services to expand your brand. Here is how it works and what it can do for your product/service!

How It Works

Instagram has always improved their software by enhancing the features of their competitors. This time is no different. Instagram has become more than just a social media platform, it has become a lifestyle and business that connects personalities around the world. A social media company can capitalize on this and market a brand to its fullest capabilities.

The feature itself is relatively easy to learn. When users post to their feed, they’ll see a button for selecting multiple photos. They can then edit up to 10 photos and videos individually, add a filter if they please, choose the order, and tag the appropriate friends. The location, caption, likes, and comments will apply to the whole post and will follow the same format as a regular Instagram post. Social media marketing services will have endless possibilities with this new feature.

If you’re still a little confused on how this might look, click here for an example of a carousel post.

Use It For Your Brand!

Instagram has always been perfect for marketing and creating brand awareness but never really captured Snapchat’s concentrated marketing scope. One of the main difficulties was that the Instagram story was not the center of the experience like Snapchat. You’d have to scroll up on Instagram to view stories vs. Snapchat where it is the main experience.

Social media marketing services will use this new feature to market products and services in more detail. Brands will be able to show the full extent of their services instead of being limited to creating brand awareness. This feature could showcase the before and after effects of their product insisting on how the consumer will be better off after using their product. 10 pictures/videos give a lot of room for creativity and brands can market their product in more detail giving consumers a more in depth view.  Simple photo editing and filters can accentuate this so the possibilities are endless.  A social media company like Bright Age can utilize this new feature and showcase your product or service!