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Facebook Advertising Capabilities Increase with More Retargeted Ad Options

The primary reason why 50{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of new businesses last only 4-5 years is because of a lackluster and incompetent advertising campaigns, which would be vastly improved with the assistance of a social media agency. A great product or service is useless without effectively informing your ideal market. Having an effective advertising campaign is not only essential to a new business, but a lifeline for any business to stay relevant and operational. Facebook has launched “dynamic ads” to maximize reach and potential. These dynamic ads are retargeted promotions that are displayed in newsfeeds after someone looks at a product on a retailer’s website or mobile application. They offer different options on who they want to target and how they want to target them. Here’s how it works and what it can do to optimize your advertisements.

How It Works

The dynamic ads are simple, it lets advertisers target more Facebook users based on their web activity. For example, if someone has searched “social media agency in Woodland Hills” or “social media company in Los Angeles” and has additionally liked Facebook pages or posts on social media agencies, then retargeted ads based on this web activity could show up on their newsfeed. In this example, they might have us, Bright Age, show up on their newsfeed!

Facebook Algorithms

The algorithms used by Facebook is an interesting subject within its own right. It makes output for advertisers and their advertising companies more efficient and capable. Combined with great creative content, these algorithms serve as an exceptional way to reach a potential target market that you may have missed. Advertisers upload a different array of products that they want to promote. They would then select an audience that they want to target. The algorithms then look at traffic patterns on retailers’ mobile sites and apps as well as information on Facebook to automatically serve a targeted promo to users. If performed correctly, brands will be able to create sales beyond people visiting their mobile app or website, especially with new customers.

A Great Acquisition Tool

What makes this such a great acquisition tool is that advertisers can target people who are interested but have not looked at a certain product online. This gives social media agencies and companies a tool to reach as much people as possible while staying relative. There are two main things it can do to optimize your advertisements:

  1. “It automates the process of who it can show its products to” – This simplifies the trial and error period of targeting consumers manually.
  2. “Brands are essentially creating one, extremely efficient advertisement” – In a simplified example, to sell 1,000 products you would have to create 1,000 different ads to reach different people for these products. This tool would create one advertisement that would satisfy your requirements.

With the increase in the capabilities of Facebook advertisements, there is also a drastic increase in what a social media agency or company can do for your brand. Here at Bright Age, we can maximize your brand’s digital and creative potential to create a more than effective advertising campaign!