social media for ecommerce

How to use Social Media to Grow E-Commerce Sales

Social media for E-Commerce is essential for helping build brand awareness and loyalty. Doing so can help grow sales in the present and the long run. Here are a few different ways to utilize social media for E-Commerce that can benefit your brand.

Use Hashtags

Platforms such as Instagram have over 500 million followers plus an average of 95 million pieces of new content posted per day. Therefore one needs to consistently utilize hashtags for a better chance of being discovered and not buried under posts. Keep in mind that different social media platforms handle hashtags differently. For example, Instagram posts do better with about 11 related hashtags. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest do best with only two.

Try Paid Advertising

If you have not yet tried paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Snap, now is the time. Organic brand visibility has slowly been on the decline due to the amount of competition. Creative and tailored content can help your brand receive the visibility it requires to grow. Prevent the waste of ad dollars by being as specific as possible when targeting your demographic, location and behaviors of the audience you wish to capture.

Interact with Customers

Social media has become an easy way to include customers in your decision making processes. Build credibility for your brand by responding to questions/comments, thanking customers for their loyalty and creating questions to generate discussion. Building credibility means customers are more likely trust your brand which can increase sales.

Utilize the Best Platforms for Your Brand

Choosing the correct social media platforms can be difficult because there are an abundance to pick from. When deciding on platforms it is crucial not to choose every option possible. One would need additional time and resources to maintain a number of platforms. Therefore try to choose two that can be most beneficial to your brand and then start to build a following. Two platforms with a large amount of followers and interactions carries far more weight than 5 platforms with minimal followers or engagements.

Working with a social media marketing agency such as Bright Age can help you utilize social media for E-Commerce and build your brand.