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7 Tips for your 2017 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Present day, social media for business is one of the best ways to differentiate your brand from competitors by allowing you to post creative and tailored content. Here are 7 tips for 2017 to help your company fully utilize social media for business.

1.) Maintain Your Relationships with Current Followers

As we know, it is far more expensive to gain new customers or followers than it is to retain current ones. In saying this it is important to maintain the relationships between your loyal followers. This can be done with thoughtful posts where attempt to get your customers involved in your decision making process for new products or services. Ask questions that engage your audience and start a discussion. You may also feature “customer appreciation days” where you giveaway prizes or offer discounts. When making these posts make sure to truly acknowledge the appreciation you have for those customers.

2.) Use More Discretion When Posting Content

I have come across countless social media business pages that post content completely unrelated to the products or services they offer. When posting 2017 make sure to ask yourself these questions before posting in order to determine if you are going to receive the most value from your post:

1.) Is this valuable information?

2.) Is this information entertaining or practical to my audience?

3.) Does this post relate to my brand?

4.) Will this post help my audience to connect with my brand?

5.) Have I included a call to action?

3.) Take Advantages of Trends

Social media trends come and go but if you catch on within the right amount of time they can help boost your relevance factor as a brand. Constantly educate yourself on upcoming technology or topics people are discussing. Then try to incorporate these ideas into the content you post.

4.) Try Color Psychology

92.6{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00} of people say visual stimulation was the reason they pushed the “buy now” button. Colors have been proven to affect marketing because they affect the subconscious are of the brain. Color psychology works because it taps into our emotions. Refer to the guide below when creating colorful posts so you can figure out which emotion you may want to evoke pertaining to your brand.

color psychology

5.) Create 360 videos and images

Consumers more than ever want to feel included in your brand experience. Instead of posting simple videos or images about an event pertaining to your company, try utilizing 360 videos and images to fully immerse them in the experience.


6.) Utilize Social Media Advertising

If you have not yet tried paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Snap, now is the time. Organic brand visibility has slowly been on the decline due to the amount of competition. Creative and tailored content can help your brand receive the visibility it requires to grow. Prevent the waste of ad dollars by being as specific as possible when targeting your demographic, location and behaviors of the audience you wish to capture.

7.) Focus on One Social Media Platform

We are all familiar with the divide and conquer strategy relating to social media platforms. Without a sufficient amount of funds, developing every social media platform is costly and time consuming. Focus on and refine the social media platform that best relates to your brand and then utilize your resources accordingly. One strong social media platform with a huge following and engagement carries far more weight than 5 different evenly spread platforms.

Social media for business is crucial to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Working with a social media marketing agency such as Bright Age can help your business create a marketing plan for the upcoming 2017 year.