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Facebook for Businesses Improves with Launch of Unified Inbox

Managing social media inboxes and responses is a tedious task, especially when it comes to maintaining profiles for a business and maximizing the potential of Facebook marketing. This is why Facebook is attempting to solve this issue for at least a few platforms with the introduction of their unified inbox for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. This unified inbox allows you to maintain comments, responses and messages all at once. Benji Shomair, Facebook’s global head of Pages, describes the new functionality of the Facebook unified inbox “one of our most frequent requests.” The overall goal of the Facebook unified inbox is to help businesses to manage their social media and better respond to customers.

Before the Facebook unified inbox, users had to sign into and open separate apps. Benji Shomair also added, “There were some people even carrying multiple phones so that they can quickly respond to all the different things coming in.”  This is a tedious and time consuming task considering social media interactions are instant. Spending time on just one platform can take away from the possible connections of another. It will soon be possible to respond to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram information from the Facebook Page Managers app. The app will stream all content including comments on Facebook posts, posts on pages, messages and comments on Instagram and videos. One will be able to quickly scan through their content so as to never miss any important announcements. There are also tabs that will focus on individual channels meaning you can still maintain each channel individually if you choose to do so.

Although the inbox is not out yet, the release will be coming soon. It is currently being tested by multiple companies who specifically use the Pages Manager app (on iOS and Android). Already early testers have said that the updated inbox has allowed them to streamline their workflow which in turn has saved their time by around 12{3257b6ea9729d50d0ff0b2d66dfbc71319303295fd3654295ddeccd44865dc00}. Working with a social media marketing agency such as Bright Age can help you company properly utilize and understand the unified inbox and the platforms it supports.