social media holiday tips

Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

The biggest shopping days of the year are approaching fast. Is your business ready with an effective social media marketing strategy? If not, here are a few tips that your business or social media agency can use to generate sales during the holiday season.

1.) Brand your Social Media with a Holiday Theme

Consumers love to get into the holiday spirit while shopping online or in stores. Think about the elaborate decorations you may see at your favorite retailers. How do they make you feel? Do they bring back nostalgic memories of last year’s holiday season, or seasons long ago? The same principle applies to creating holiday fueled social media posts. Consumers are more likely to share social media content during the last three months of the year. Take holiday themed photos, create videos and do not forget show your holiday cheer. Also, create your own holiday hashtags to keep the buzz going.

2.) Give Consumers a Taste of What’s To Come

Create a sense of curiosity by releasing tidbits of products or services that you plan on releasing for the holiday season. This keeps consumers engaged and more likely to return to your social media for updates.

3.) Run a Social Media Contest or Competition

It is no secret that people love to win free products or services. Running a contest or competition during the holiday season gives your business a better chance for exposure, and creates much excitement. Offer prizes such as a credit towards your business or service and even a goody bag filled with products. Encourage participants to like posts, tag their friends and re-post images to increase the amount of people you reach. You may also like to offer a daily prize draw that will keep consumers coming back to your social media.

4.) Give Back to Your Community

The holidays are a season of giving. Create ways to give back to your community and document every detail on social media. Donate a percentage of profits from sales or create a campaign collecting donations for a cause related to your brand.

5.) Snag Those Last Minute Shoppers

In December 2015, a Facebook survey showed 54 percent of respondents admitted to being nowhere near finished with their holiday shopping, and that it would happen within that month. This being said, be sure to market perfect last minute gift ideas and even expedited shipping to reach customers in time.

Overall, the main focus of your holiday social media marketing strategy should focus on spreading holiday cheer. By leveraging emotions, one can create a powerful and effective campaign. Using a social media agency such as Bright Age can help your business create the most compelling holiday themed content.