market your business on social media

Which social media platform will best market your business?

When trying to figure out how to market your business on social media, the available platforms and how they function can be quite overwhelming. Each has different elements that may or may not work for your type of business.  This is why we have created an overview of a few of the top social media platforms, and how they can help your company grow.


1.) Instagram is best for businesses that have a creative element. It tends to well for those promoting food, a lifestyle, fashion, luxury or a personality. Instagram allows you to share visual content such as photos and videos. To succeed on Instagram, you should try to post at least once a day, at a time best fit to reach your target audience. The best way to figure out the best times to post is to test different times or research sites that have already collected the information for you. Also, remember to use as many hashtags as possible when posting. Unlike other platforms, the more hashtags on Instagram means the more people are likely to find and like your content. Make sure the hashtags are appropriate for your content.


2.) Every business should be on Facebook. With 1.71 billion active users, there is a market for every business. Facebook is great for sharing interesting content, events pertaining to your business and ads. It is a fantastic place to engage with customers and bring them to your website. This can be done with your creative content or by utilizing Facebook Ads. Facebook allows you to track which of your posts are the most effective while running an ad or simply utilizing a regular post. In order to succeed on Facebook, one must create a genuine page that contains curated content and interacts with customers. Also, it is best to post once or twice a day.


3.) Twitter is a fast paced and involved platform that everyone should be using. It allows for constant communication between other people and brands. In order to well on Twitter, a business must be able to post constantly. Information does not stay relevant for long considering how fast a more interesting topic can arise. Also, be sure to constantly like, retweet and be involved in conversations. Remember to use only 3 or 4 hashtags with your posts to help them perform better.


4.) Pinterest is great platform for posts related to travel, food, fashion, design and DIY. It is another creative platform that has a largely female user base. On Pinterest one can create boards of “pinned” and “re-pinned” posts, meaning photos they upload and photos they re-share from others. One should post and re-pin multiple times per day to help build a following.



5.) YouTube is used to create video content. Higher quality content with interesting titles tends to do well. Also, YouTube takes away the need to run an advertising campaign on television. It is now easier than ever for businesses to create an interesting video, then post it with no additional costs. Posting interesting content that gets people talking can cause it to go viral, thus bringing more attention to your company.


6.) Yelp is wonderful for brick and mortar stores, bloggers and reviewers. The more stars and reviews your business has, the more people are likely to use your services or visit your store. To succeed on Yelp, remember to actively engage with people who take time to review your business. Also, add as much information to your Yelp such as website links, “about us”, etc. Then be sure to update that information as changes are made.

Overall, there are many platforms that can be used to market your business on social media. The best way to figure out what works for you is to test the ones that resonate with your needs the most. Using a social media marketing company such as Bright Age can help you to strategize which platforms should be used to market your business on social media.