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7 Tips That Will Improve Your Business’ Social Media Marketing Strategy

With 1.7 billion monthly active Facebook, 400 million Instagram and 313 million Twitter users; how could you not be inspired to create engaging content in order to help you reach your business objectives? Whether you seek brand awareness, page post engagement, or video views; developing an effective social media marketing strategy is the key to social media success. Here you will find 7 tips that will improve your business’ social media marketing strategy.

1.) Target Your Ads for the Correct Audience

Nothing wastes more time and money than creating a fabulous marketing campaign, only to share it with a group completely opposite of whom it should have been intended for. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter integrate geo-targeting to help you reach the correct customers. When creating an ad, maximize your social media marketing strategy by adding specific locations, ages, and genders.

2.) Be Active

No matter the industry, people love to have a personalized experience. By actively engaging with your customers, you are creating those connections that allow people to earn you trust. Social media marketing agencies or other business’ can stay active by replying to content pertaining to their client or company. Replying to content may include positively responding to a question, comment or idea. You may also engage on the profiles of the people who follow you.  Remember that in order to actively engage, it is important to properly read and listen to what the customer is trying to tell you.

3.) Create Quality Content

With the sheer amount of available photography, research and editing tools; there is no excuse for posting sloppy work. People respond well to creative and engaging quality content. Also, make sure to re-read everything before you post. Nothing says unprofessional as much as misspelled words or abhorrent grammar.

4.) Try Paid Ads

Ads are a fantastic way to engage people and reach your business’ objectives. For little money, you can test different advertisement campaigns to figure out what people respond to. One can never go wrong with a high quality, targeted ad.

5.) Add Exciting Videos

Video marketing has been proven to not only be more persuasive, but also allow a business to build better credibility. By building credibility, you create trust within your audience, which can lead to more people wanting your product or service.

6.) Offer Added Value

In addition to what your business may initially offer, it is important to add incentives. It is no secret that people love free products, services or discounts. Creating high energy posts pertaining to discounts or free products/services is a great way to create excitement.  Generating an advertisement pertaining to your added value will do the same.

7.) Collaborate

A great way to maximize your social media marketing strategy is to collaborate with those having experience or knowledge within your craft. Collaborations may include having an individual with a large social media following to promote your product or ideas. You may also offer an affiliate program to reward those who bring your company business.

Finding your niche in the social media marketing world is a process of trial and error. By utilizing a solid social media marketing strategy, you are sure to find success within your social media marketing agency or business. Working with an experienced social media marketing agency such as our team here at Bright Age, will allow your business to always be one step ahead of the curve.