Why Restaurants Should Use Social Media Advertising

Reasons Why Restaurants Should Use Social Media Advertising

Continue reading for the reasons why most social media agencies believe that social media advertising is crucial for restaurants.

Directly Target Your Audience

Ever look up the best restaurants in your area? Order food online while at the office? Observe delicious photos or hashtags from foodies around the world? There are thousands of users surfing the web every day and social media advertising targets those who are looking for their next meal. With social media advertising technologies such as Facebook Custom Audiences or Lookalike audiences, businesses are able to retarget current customers, or create advertising audiences based on those who visit their website. By teaming up with a social media agency, restaurants can witness higher engagement with their target audience.

Turn Customers into Spokespeople

Now more than ever, people rush to social media platforms to share or communicate experiences throughout the day. Interacting with customers who share photos of your food or service nurtures the consumer-business relationship. Also, the more shares your advertisement receives, the longer life that ad has. Social media agencies believe that the extension of ad life allows for more outreach to friends of friends, aka potential customers. Additionally, the more buzz and mentions your company receives on social media platforms aids the Search Engine Optimization on Google, furthering increasing awareness and engagement among old and new clientele.

Boost News and Deals

Opening a new location? Offering a deal to those who Like your Facebook page? Social Media advertising is perfect for telling customers about the latest and greatest promotions. By creating a sense of urgency about certain upcoming events on social media, more consumers will visit your website or comment with questions on your social media platforms. All of this is great for strengthening your brand online and in-store. Additionally, you will be able to compare a variety of posts to see which Call To Action engages more customers. Is offering a deal causing positive chatter? Are customers excited about new menu items? All of these questions can be answered after reviewing a post’s analytics, which is usually performed by social media agencies.

Budget- Friendly

One of the best reasons why restaurants should use social media advertising is the pricing. With a variety of social media platforms, most ads are set up with a particular budget in mind, for example, spending $20/day. The pricing for social media advertisements tend to lean much cheaper and gain many more interactions than search engine advertisements. The main goal of social media advertising is not to only promote restaurant buzz, but to talk and develop deeper relationships with customers. To learn more about restaurant advertising on social media, contact us today!

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