Bright Age has obtained Google Partner Status!

Bright Age Digital Creative Agency Obtains Google Partner Status

We have some exciting news for you! Bright Age Digital Creative Agency has now qualified for Google Partner Status! What this means is that our company has met Google’s strict criteria on becoming an officially certified marketing professional.

What Is A Google-Certified Partner?

Becoming a Google-Certified Partner means that our firm has met Google’s strict proficiency standards in several key areas. To qualify for Google Partner status, a company must achieve the following:

Create a company profile – To be considered for Google Partner status, you must first create a company profile with pertinent information such as company name and description, address and telephone number. Google needs this information so they can list your company on the Google Partner search.

Obtain AdWords certification – You will need to demonstrate your proficiency with AdWords by passing an AdWords certification exam. Information on the AdWords examination process can be found here.

Meet a spend quota through managed accounts – In order to show that your company has a healthy profit margin, you will need an active AdWords manager account that has spent a minimum of US $10,000 (or the equivalent in your local currency) inside your company’s AdWords account over a 90-day period and can show sufficient financial activity over the past 60 days from the date of your application. This shows that your business will be in operation for a long time to come. NOTE: AdWords expenditure is measured as the amount of money spent since AdWords was added to your company’s manager account.

Implement AdWords best practices – You will also need to demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge of the AdWords best practices covered in the AdWords certification exams by implementing them in your Google AdWords account. Your company will be evaluated for such items as the frequency of any changes you’ve made to your AdWords account, providing excellent customer service, your ability to maintain clients, and maximizing your clients’ advertising budgets.

The Best Marketing and Advertising Services

Google-certified partners have an excellent track record for meeting strict guidelines in customer service, AdWords knowledge and cost-effective marketing. When you deal with a Google-certified partner, you can be sure that you are getting the best advertising and marketing services your money can buy.

Who Is Bright Age Digital Creative Agency

Bright Age Digital Creative Agency is an online marketing firm that specializes in Los Angeles social media management, online marketing and search engine optimization. They can help your company get discovered on top search engines, and will custom-tailor their marketing campaigns to suit your needs.