The Art of the Image: Making Engaging Images for Social Media


The image is the central unit of communication for online media today, not text. We are definitely in a visual society, and when text oriented sites such as Twitter and Facebook both say that they are switching to an image and video based publication platform, then the world had better follow suit or be left behind.

Images that are meant for social public consumption can mean the difference between a successful social media campaign and a stagnant one. Here are some of the best ways to create good images that have the ability to go viral and will definitely bring across your message on the platform.

Give the users unique content.

Do not overuse memes that have already been used. Once they get to you on social media, they are likely running out of steam in the first place. Original content gets the most juice, especially if you are trying to solidify a brand or an image online.

Use high quality stuff

There is no excuse for using low quality or grainy images. This is the same to a social media user as a sentence with nothing but misspelled words and bad grammar. Invest in a prosumer camera in order to take great HD pictures with no large out of pocket expense. The investment can last you for years! Not a photographer? There are sites such as Big Stock and Shutterstock where you can purchase photography and graphics to use for your images.

Make a statement.

Everyone loves a few words of wisdom, and pictures with witty sayings are actually more likely to receive positive social feedback in the forms of likes and reposts on all social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Give a unique look.

If you are doing social media management Los Angeles level work, then you are giving a unique brand to all of your content. This keeps people from stealing it and using it in their own campaigns as well as branding your business so that people will begin to recognize the style and look for your products on the open market.

 Make your content exclusive.

Everyone loves to think that they are on the cutting edge of something big. When you create your images, give the impression that you are telling a story that will come to fruition if the user clicks through to the website or further explores the history of images that you have on the major online media sites.

The success of social media management Los Angeles campaigns relies on the use of good images. Make sure that you follow the tips above for the best chance at creating an engaging campaign that will last for many years after its initial publication! Constantly creating content for your company or project can be a huge endeavor. Luckily, Bright Age, a social media management company located in Los Angeles is here to help. Bright Age creates, manages and posts content on all different social media platforms, making sure that your content is unique and true to your story. Contact us if you have any questions!