Why Video in Social Media Marketing is a Smart Strategy for 2015

The rapid amount of communication that social networking allows is one of its greatest strengths, but it’s also one of the its greatest obstacles. People tend to jump from one thing to the next as soon as they have finished consuming that content.

This creates a unique challenge. Effective communications must involve information that is not only easy to digest, but also able to grab the audience’s attention.

Video in social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. It can keep a person’s attention while facilitating the proper mental processes to make sales and build relationships with consumers.

How Does Video Work With Social Media Marketing?

Video allows for content to be delivered to an audience in a format that’s easily digestible while retaining an individual’s attention. The best part is that video is often easier and faster to consume than plain text content or images, which means that it is more accessible to the busiest and most desirable of consumers.

The idea behind video in social media marketing is relatively simple. You integrate it just like you would traditional content that you would post on social media platforms, except that you can publish it in multiple places for a greater reach than what most other types of content would acquire.

The effect of video marketing is markedly different from other types of marketing. It creates an accessible connection that allows the person viewing it to quickly form an emotional connection, which in turn allows the story that the video tells to be more complete and compelling in a person’s mind.

The Versatility of Video

For example, say that you have a firm devoted to social media marketing Los Angeles publishing a video for a plumbing business. It details the common problems and preventative measures that owners can take to prevent their pipes from bursting in the cold months of the year.

This content can be published to the business’s website and to other places. It may be published on YouTube to gather interaction from people with Google Plus accounts, placed on Facebook, or published to another site that can host the video directly.

The link can the places where these videos can then be cross-promoted to Twitter and other platforms. It can even be posted to a company’s Google+ profile.

Unlike other forms of content, video does not suffer a penalty when it is posted to multiple places. This makes video versatile for spreading from one platform to the next.

The Interaction with Consumers

The spread of video is something that businesses like Cisco expect to expand quickly. They estimate that more than two-thirds of all consumer traffic will involve video by 2017.

The reason video in social media marketing is so much more powerful than regular content concerns how it can “pop out” to people whom view it. There’s no need to actively try to read words to interpret images, as moving pictures and audio can illustrate a story or present a problem and a solution that someone can view in just one sitting.

The real power of video for social media marketing Los Angeles resides in this unique quality. Video can give users a reason to pause through the rapid influx of messages that most social networks are inundated with so that the consumer hears only your message for a brief time.

This allows you to foster brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and establish things that will benefit your brand in the long run both digitally and in the real world.

Is 2015 the Year for Video Marketing?

The prevalence of video marketing is on the rise. More consumers will use it in their daily lives. Even mobile device users, which have been one of the most profitable demographics, are increasingly relying on video as broadband wireless connections become increasingly more affordable.

Video will become a part of social media marketing Los Angeles in 2015. While it may not be the dominant form of content for a few years, starting now is the only way to ensure that your customers will follow your brand’s messages.

The best part is that the results of video can be felt as soon as you begin using it.

This makes video marketing a sound investment now, and an even smarter idea for the future.