Social Media Marketing Tips: The Joy and Cheer Holiday Edition

Read here for Social Media Marketing Tips, Joy, and Cheer!

The holiday season is a phenomenal time to spice up your social media marketing efforts. This is the time of year when people not only are in their best moods, but are actively monitoring companies’ social media profiles for deals and steals. Take advantage of this joyous time of year by giving your social media marketing strategies a major holiday boost. Here are some social media tips that will inspire joy and cheer.

Get an Early Start – Major retailers will begin planning their holiday social media strategy as soon as May. Even if you aren’t a major company like Macy’s or Best Buy, you can still be ahead of the game by getting a head start on your holiday social media strategy. Small businesses would be wise to start planning in early fall.

Be Cheerful! – This is the time of year when cynical consumers who might otherwise roll their eyes at blatant cheeriness are willing to ignore their inner pessimist and get into the holiday spirit. When it comes to your holiday social media efforts, the name of the game is to be cheerful. Bright colors, inspiring text and lots of pep and cheer will be warmly received by your customers this season.

Have Fun, But Be Genuine – Holiday social media marketing needs to be fun, but remember to be genuine. Remember, this is the season where consumers are willing to try retailers that are new to them in the hopes of getting great deals. If your genuine about your product and the specials that you are offering for the holidays, you may win new regular customers. However, if you try to oversell your consumers or are disingenuous about your company’s holiday deals, you might turn away some potential new loyal customers.

Pin, Pin, Pin Away! – Pinterest has really proven itself a worthy competitor to companies like Twitter and Facebook in the social media marketing landscape. Pinterest is also great because it allows you to promote content not necessarily related to your business without seeming sleazy. Feel free to share great holiday recipes and other holiday pins that people will want to spread. Just be sure that your business name and contact information is easily spotted on your Pinterest dashboard.

Focus On Those Great Deals – From Black Friday to post-New Year’s sales, this is a season where consumers are looking to spend. However, the new retail landscape is one where consumers let deals and specials truly influence their purchasing decisions above anything else. Once your have determined your holiday deals, don’t be afraid to spread the word across all of your social media pages. Just remember to do it in a way that is cheery and upbeat.

The holiday season is a great way to promote you brand. Above all else, remember to have fun with it and to get into the holiday spirit yourself. Genuine enthusiasm is attractive to consumers and your customers will be able to feel your excitement and holiday cheer.