Tips to Rock Your Blogger Outreach Strategy

A smart, effective blogger outreach campaign can transform your digital marketing strategy. When you are ready to rock your blog with fresh ideas and dynamic copy, reaching out to guest bloggers or linking to industry experts can help you turn a critical corner in successful blogging.

Below are a few tips to help ROCK your blogger outreach marketing strategy:

Experts can keep you ahead of the curve: Reaching out to professional bloggers through online sources such as Technorati or Huffington Post by commenting on their blogs or sending them emails praising recent posts can build rapport and smooth the way for a future business relationship. Through these channels, you can create your own stable of experts to help boost your blog’s message. I would also recommend using the Blogger Outreach Dashboard BlogDash.

Pingbacks can work wonders: Linking to another professional blog or website can attract the attention of a blogger or source you would like to work with. Take the time to read through blogs written by those who could effectively carry your own message. Link to the blog entries and see whether you can build a relationship through mutual support.

Use social media regularly as a resource: This can work in two ways. Clever tweets and Facebook posts promoting your blog can attract attention from your peers, as can direct messaging to people you would like to work with. You can build expert source lists through Twitter and Facebook from which to access professionals quickly when seeking a guest blog. Pinterest also is an emerging resource for valuable audience-building strategies through strong visuals.

Keep track of results: Blog sites typically give you simple snapshot profiles of how your blog is doing in terms of readership. It is important to monitor results to see how topics and timing affect your posts. For a little extra money, you can get more detailed analysis that may even drill down to who is reading your blog on a regular basis. You may discover that you can build essential audience profiles from this data.

Stay on task: Your iCal or Google Calendar needs to be updated regularly to show what you have scheduled to run with your network of bloggers. In this way, you can spot content holes when it comes to business promotions or see whether themes need to rescheduled or different topics covered on your site. Variety and consistency in terms of quality from your various bloggers will keep your audience plugged in to follow each update.

For more expert guidance, contact Bright Age, a Los Angeles digital marketing agency that can easily meet your social media promotional needs, freeing you to focus more on your overall business strategy. Call today to find out how we can bring new life to your existing blog’s performance and create a plan that works for your business.

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